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My Thoughts On Ready Player One - Rob Wainfur

A Review Of Ready Player One By A Fan Of Steven Spielberg Ready Player One has hit the big screens and don't worry, it's good.  Phew!   From the first moment the screen fades in with the now associated 'Jump' by Van Halen to the final climatic scenes with the UPS van under attack, accompanied by Back to the Future soundtrack cues, this film is a dream for anyone who is a fan of popular culture especially from the 1980's. But, you probably knew that anyway.  After all, retro is most definitely in and this film has retro references by the Big Trak load.  Some references are obvious but others are a blink and you'll miss it.  Look out for the "Re-Elect Mayor Goldie Wilson" campaign poster, a tip of the hat to Terminator with the thumbs up and of course plenty of Back to the Future references with Alan Silvestri's original soundtrack. Movie Or The Book? The movie version of Ernest Cline's Ready Player One is different to the book but tha

Colin Trevorrow To Direct Jurassic World 3

It's been revealed that Colin Trevorrow will return to direct Jurassic World 3.  THR reported the story.  They tell us: He is currently working with Pacific Rim: Uprising scribe Emily Carmichael on the script for the feature, which was announced last month by Universal and given a June 11, 2021 release.  Trevorrow and Carmichael will exec produce, along with franchise patriarch Steven Spielberg. Frank Marshall and Pat Crowley are returning as producers. Trevorrow was first tapped by Spielberg to direct the first installment in the rebooted franchise that hit theaters in 2015, going on to gross $1.6 billion at the global box office. Jurassic World sequel, Fallen Kingdom will be in theaters on June 22nd.  Lets not forget that if the sequel doesn't set the world on fire the third movie may not happen.  A lot of weight on the sequel to do well.  The box office takings will be an interesting watch when Fallen Kingdom comes out. Rob Wainfur @thebeardedtrio The Bear

Photo of the Day - Harrison Ford As A Carpenter

Our photo of the day today is a rare, retro one.  Yes that is Harrison Ford as a carpenter doing his...carpentering thing.  Nice hat! The Bearded Trio - The Site For Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, John Williams and a whole lot more. THE BEARDED TRIO ON FACEBOOK THE BEARDED TRIO ON TWITTER THE BEARDED TRIO ON GOOGLE+ THE BEARDED TRIO ON PINTEREST CLICK HERE FOR FACTS ON STEVEN SPIELBERG CLICK HERE FOR FACTS ON GEORGE LUCAS CLICK HERE FOR FACTS ON JOHN WILLIAMS

Two New Featurettes Released For Ready Player One. Watch Here

Ready Player One hits cinemas today and to celebrate Warner Bros. UK  have released two brand new featurettes for the movie that some critics are already calling, a Spielberg classic. The Story and The High Five featurettes look at the world and characters created by novelist Ernest Cline and brought to life by director Steven Spielberg, exploring the motivations and goals of those chasing Halliday's egg and ultimate control of the OASIS. The Story Featurette The High Five Featurette You can read our review of Ready Player One here . The Bearded Trio - The Site For Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, John Williams and a whole lot more.

Job Advert At EA Reveals Star Wars Open World Game In The Works

Fancy playing an open world AAA Star Wars video game in the same style as Mass Effect or Fallout 4?  Imagine how awesome that would be?  Well, that might just be what's in the works at EA.  We know this due to a recently discovered job advert on their website.  The job listing , discovered by GameSpot  opens with the words "Lead a team to deliver Online features for a Star Wars Open World project." EA own the rights to Star Wars at this time and their recent track record hasn't done themselves any favours with gamers.  Star Wars Battlefront II was weighed down with micro transactions which were not just cosmetic but important for progression in the game.  Past Star Wars games have also been announced only to be cancelled months later.  For those two reasons I'm not going to get too excited over this recent news.  I don't want to see my heart broken, not again.  Not after Lucasarts' 1313.  I can't go through that kind of break up again. Rob Wainf

Movie Review: "Ready Player One" Is a Classic Spielberg Thrill Ride

READY PLAYER ONE Starring Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cooke, Lena Waithe, Ben Mendelsohn,  Simon Pegg  and Mark Rylance Screenplay by Zak Penn and Ernest Cline      Based on the Novel by Ernest Cline Directed by Steven Spielberg Out of Four Steven Spielberg specified at the SXSW premiere of  Ready Player One  that his new sci-fi blockbuster is "movie", not a "film". As silly as some might find the distinction, it's one we've long accepted, and it's important to keep it in mind when watching Spielberg's latest. He just gave us a great "film" with The Post,  a deep, relevant and meaningful drama. Of any film film in Spielberg's filmography, Ready Player One most closely resembles the original Jurassic Park : it's a piece of escapist entertainment that takes us somewhere we've never been and gives us an entirely unique experience. The criticisms that are being levelled at it are the same ones that faced Jurassic back i

KENOBI: A Star Wars Story. Fan Made Trailer

Are we all fed up with waiting for a  Kenobi movie?   It's all still up in the air of course and no official news but that hasn't stopped some clever Star Wars fans from putting this rather impressive trailer together. Alex Luthor posted this clever video over on his Youtube channel and you can watch it below.  He tells us: This is the Kenobi trailer you are looking for. Enjoy this concept trailer for what a Obi-Wan Kenobi film could be like.... The Bearded Trio - The Site For Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, John Williams and a whole lot more. THE BEARDED TRIO ON FACEBOOK THE BEARDED TRIO ON TWITTER THE BEARDED TRIO ON GOOGLE+ THE BEARDED TRIO ON PINTEREST CLICK HERE FOR FACTS ON STEVEN SPIELBERG CLICK HERE FOR FACTS ON GEORGE LUCAS CLICK HERE FOR FACTS ON JOHN WILLIAMS

'The Kid Who Loved Indiana Jones' Youtube Series Will Make You Smile

I was browsing YouTube the other day and came across this gem from the talented Minimum Wage Entertainment channel .  It's a series called 'The Kid Who Loved Indiana Jones' and there's 12 episodes in total and each one lasts about a minute with the longest one being just over two minutes.  It is obviously made by Indiana Jones fans and will take you back to when you played Indy as a kid.  It's perfect viewing during your lunch break.  I particularly like the use of the authentic sound effects.  The creators tell us: From creators Erin Gould (Casters) and Greg Tulonen (Ragged Isle) comes a web series for kids and for those that remember what it was like to be a kid.  A show that has been called “A Sunday comic strip brought to life!” (Erin’s mom) and “Calvin & Hobbes meets Indiana Jones” (Greg, one of the co-creators), it’s THE KID WHO LOVED INDIANA JONES. If you have a web series or you know one we should feature then get in touch and we're get i

Steven Spielberg Thinks Movies Released On Streaming Services Should Not Be Eligible For An Oscar

The Oscar-winning director sat down with ITV News Arts Editor Nina Nannar to talk about his upcoming VR movie, Ready Player One - and how thanks to technology, we are all living in something of a VR world now. Steven also discusses Netflix movies and the whether movies released on streaming services should be eligible for an Oscar.  As much as he thinks TV today is the best it's ever been, the biggest issue is movie studios being safe and releasing blockbusters based on huge franchises.  The small movies not getting the finance they need as a result so turn to Hulu, Netflix and Amazon to get released and generally on the small screen.  He is concerned for the cinema goers and the future. The Bearded Trio - The Site For Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, John Williams and a whole lot more.

Zak Penn Reveals George Lucas Visited Spielberg On Set Of Ready Player One.

The Ready Player One promotion circuit hit Wondercon yesterday and a panel of Ernest Cline, screenwriter Zak Penn, Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cooke, Lena Waithe, Ben Mendelsohn, Philip Zhao, and Win Morisaki were in attendance to promote the Steven Spielberg movie.  Ernest Cline revealed that Ready Player One was his favourite Steven Spielberg movie ever and Ready Player One would never have happened if it wasn't for the bearded director. An interesting story was told by screenwriter Zak Penn.  He remembers when George Lucas showed up on set and gave Spielberg a hard time for shooting on digital.  Zak said it was like watching two 10-year-old friends arguing. Also paying a visit to the set was Tom Cruise remembered by Olivia Cooke who embarrassingly recalls "that she blacked out, but that she was told that she bowed as though he were royalty." Tye Sheridan praised Steven Spielberg and said he’s a child — he’s a film nerd...That’s why there’s so much camaraderie among

SNL Celebrate Jurassic Park's 25th Anniversary With Celebrity Fake Auditions

NBC's Saturday Night Live decided that a comedy sketch of fake auditions for Jurassic Park would be a good way to celebrate the movie's 25th anniversary.  It's actually pretty funny.  Ever wondered what it would be like if Hugh Grant auditioned for the movie?  Well wonder no more.  Other fake auditions are Jodie Foster, Roseanne, Adam Sandler and Al Pacino. NBC’s Saturday Night Live got into the fun with a comedy sketch of fake audition screen The Bearded Trio - The Site For Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, John Williams and a whole lot more.

Listen To "Pure Imagination" From The Ready Player One Trailer by Ghostwriter Music

I absolutely love the version of 'Pure Imagination' from the Ready Player One trailer, so I was happy to find the version on YouTube.  It was written by Ghostwriter Music and based on the original version which was originally written for the movie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which was released in 1971. This version starts off slow but builds up to a climatic finish mixed with some wonderful 8-bit sound effects.  I just had to share it on here, put your headphones on and enjoy. Rob Wainfur Music by: Ghostwriter Music Composed by: Bryan Nguyen  Vocals by: Merethe Soltvedt  Music from: Ready Player One Trailer - Come With Me  Listen to this track on loop:   Support Ghostwriter Music:   Follow Ghostwriter Music: The

Interview - Freelance Artist And Spielberg Fan, Paul Shipper

Paul Shipper is an English-born freelance artist who admits to being inspired by the one sheets he saw in cinema lobbies throughout his childhood.  He's also a big fan of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas which is pretty evident from his previous work.  Just take a look at his artwork for Indiana Jones, E.T. The Extra Terrestrial, Star Wars and other movie classics from the bearded directors. Paul also recently did the incredible cover for Empire magazine which featured Steven Spielberg and a number of his movies.  A few weeks ago we contacted Paul to ask him a few questions. TBT - To mention Drew Struzan, he has produced some of the classic posters over the decades and in movie history. These days when I see a similar piece of artwork that captures the subject matter, be it a TV, movie or person it seems you are that artist. It’s so pleasing to see that you are continuing that tradition of making posters that ignite one’s imagination. How do you bring a wonderful piece

Movie Review: "Pacific Rim: Uprising" Is Good Turn Off Your Brain Fun

PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING John Boyega, Scott Eastwood, Jing Tian, Cailee Sapeny, Rinko Kikuchi, Burn Gorman, Adria Ariona, Zhang Jin and Charlie Day Story by Steven S. DeKnight and T.S. Nowlin Based on characters created by Travis Beacham Screenplay by Emily Carmichael and Kira Snyder and Steven S. DeKnight & T.S. Nowlin Directed by  Steven S. DeKnight   Out of Four Jake Pentecost (John Boyega) and his Jaeger are ready for action. (Images Courtesy Legendary Pictures and Universal Pictures) 2013's Pacific Rim is one of those films that either really works for you or doesn't work at all, and it doesn't seem like there's a lot of in between. For the crowd that doesn't get it, it's important to point out that it came out in a summer made up of films ranging from so-so to terrible:  Man of Steel, World War Z, After Earth and The Lone Ranger. Let's face it : even the most the most satisfying and well reviewed films like  Star Trek Into Darkne

Epic Games, ILMxLAB and NVIDIA Show Off Star Wars Video Using Real Time Raytracing

Can you imagine what the graphics to a triple A video game release is going to look like in ten, even five years time?  Well this short video will give you an idea of what we can expect.  The clever folks at NVidia, ILMxLab and Epic Games have collaborated and brought us this short Star Wars demo using the Unreal Engine.  It really is like watching a scene from The Last Jedi.  The idea of the demo is to show off the new real time raytracing.  Tim Sweeney of Epic Games tells us: “Ray tracing is a rendering process typically only associated with high-end offline renderers and hours and hours of computer processing time, film-quality ray tracing in real time is an Unreal Engine first. This is an exciting new development for the media and entertainment linear content worlds—and any markets that require photo-realistic visualization.” Over on Artechnica they tell us how much the equipment currently costs to bring us such an impressive life like video: Getting a “cinematic” 24fps w

Remastered Star Wars Original Motion Picture Soundtracks To Be Released On May 4

 Since the release of the first Star Wars movie 40 years ago, the Star Wars saga has had a seismic impact on both cinema and culture, inspiring audiences around the world with its mythic storytelling, captivating characters, groundbreaking special effects and iconic musical scores composed by John Williams. On May 4th, Walt Disney Records is set to release the original motion picture soundtracks for the first six Star Wars films: A New Hope (1977), The Empire Strikes Back (1980), Return of the Jedi (1983), The Phantom Menace (1999), Attack of the Clones (2002) and Revenge of the Sith (2005). With scores composed and conducted by Academy Award®-winning composer John Williams, each album has been remastered, features new artwork and a collectible mini-poster. The soundtracks were reconstructed from new hi-resolution (24/192) transfers supervised by Shawn Murphy and Skywalker Sound. In addition to physical, each soundtrack is also available digitally. John Williams is well known for sc

Is Saying "It's Not As Good As The Book" Unfair On Movies?

With the release of Ready Player One the phrase "it's not as good as the book" is something I've heard frequently in the last few weeks.  This is even before critics have seen the movie.  Anyway, that's beside the point.  What I want to point out is that it doesn't matter if the book or original content is better than the movie. You should still enjoy both. Yes, you may be a little disappointed that a certain scene that played out in your imagination thanks to the author's talented way of painting a picture in your mind has been left out of the movie version but, and this is the big question, shouldn't we be taking movies for what they are, a movie? That sounds pretty obvious but what I'm saying is that movies get a lot of criticism because it's the easy target.  Saying the movie wasn't as good as the book instantly makes the person saying it feel superior.  They read books, that's great.  They knew about the story before the mas

Book Review: "The Last Jedi" Novelization Is A Terrific Read - MAY CONTAIN MILD SPOILERS

Star Wars: The Last Jedi By Jason Fry Based on the story and screenplay by Rian Johnson Reviewed by Patrick Gibbs  Out of Four Author Jason Fry  I grew up on novelizations. As a dyslexic who struggled with reading , my love of movies and the ability to relive the story I again in detail gave me incentive to work harder at it. I could only afford to see most films in the theater once (and in some cases, not at all, as I remember reading the novelization of Willow long before seeing the the film in discount theaters.). There was a point where I felt the need to read the novelization of big every movie I really loved, though as I got into my mid teens I was finding my reading interests branching out more and more, and also finding that the quality of these movie tie ins was decreasing. They were still decent ways to relive the story, but little more than that. The best of the genre always left you feeling like you had an added insight into the story and gave you sequence


MICKEY, DONALD, GOOFY - THE THREE MUSKETEERS Composed and Conducted by BRUCE BROUGHTON INTRADA ISC 399 Musically, I chose to write the theme and much of the score in a classically heroic, dashing swashbuckler style, something that would befit an Errol Flynn flick.         -- Bruce Broughton, composer For the latest release from the rich catalog at Disney, Intrada presents the premiere of Bruce Broughton's score from the 2004 animated adventure,  Mickey, Donald, Goofy - The Three Musketeers. While a song album was initially released, the rollicking score had not been included.  Now some 14 years later, Intrada has enhanced the presentation to include both the songs and Broughton's extensive score.  In fact, this score is one of Broughton's own favorites.  As he stated above, the score recalls an earlier time of swashbucklers, with the likes of Adventures of Robin Hood and The Sea Hawk found embedded in the score's heroics.  As for the songs -- the original sco

Steven Spielberg Confirms Indy V Will Be Shot In The UK At Empire Awards. The Last Jedi Picks Up Multiple Awards.

Steven Spielberg was handed the 'Legend of our lifetime' award at the Rakuten TV Empire Awards last night and took the opportunity to mention the 'Time's Up' movement. “It’s been a rich and diverse year for film and for gender and for race, and for speaking out. Thank you, Time’s Up. We were very much on board from the very beginning. This is more important than any of us can ever really realise.” He also confirmed that the fifth Indiana Jones movie will be shot in the UK which was met with a huge applause from the audience. During his speech Spielberg took the opportunity to thank the special collaborators he's had the fortune of working with over the years.  These included film editor, Michael Khan who Spielberg has worked with for 42 years.  Other mentions were Janusz Kamiński, Joanna Johnston, Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall and of course, John Williams. Star Wars did well at the awards picking up best actress for Daisy Ridley in The Last Jedi an

Steven Spielberg’s War Horse and Three Other Highly Emotive Equine Movies

Steven Spielberg’s War Horse was an emotional tour de force. Released in 2011, it became an unsurprising box office hit, wringing tears of both happiness and sorrow from the most hardened of movie-goers. Appealing to our universal love of animals, the film brought to life the transcendental magic between man and beast; the love that stirs our hearts and brings out the best in every one of us.     It was a formula for success from the word go. Already a hit novel and a massively successful theatre production, War Horse had a legion of fans who were all too happy to see it realised on the big screen, and Steven Spielberg did them proud. He was not the first – nor the last – to do so, as this list of amazingly emotive equine movies goes to show. If you’re looking for something in the same vein, here are a few of the films we suggest you check out… Black Beauty (1994) Black Beauty is probably the most famous fictional horse in existence. First imagined by Anna Sewell in her no

Review - Is 'Surviving Mars' The Sim City Of The Future?

Have you ever thought you could do a better job than Elon Musk?  Do you wish you had your own space agency like SpaceX?  How about having millions of dollars at your disposal and a vision of getting to Mars?  Well, Surviving Mars may just satisfy your urge to get to the red planet. Surviving Mars is a construction and management game for PC, Xbox One and PS4 that sees you launching a mission to Mars with the ultimate intention of getting people up to the red planet and self-sustained.  The game looks gorgeous and is an extremely polished game.  Well, that’s no surprise as it’s brought to us by Haemimont Games and those clever people brought us the Tropico series. You start out with decisions to make.  Mission Sponsors will govern your starting budget and what perks you receive.  Choose International Mars Mission as your sponsor and you will start with a bucket load of money but choose SpaceY and you have less money but get an extra rocket to launch supplies.  SpaceY obviously be