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John Williams: Indy V Score To Start Recording In "1-2 Weeks"

Indy V Score Recording Incoming Thanks to the lovely folks over at JWFan.Com we find out that John Williams is set to start recording the score for Indiana Jones V in "1-2 weeks" but of course it won't be until next year we get to hear it.  It's kind of comforting to know that more John Williams music is on the way. JWFan tell us: John Williams will start writing the music for the new Indiana Jones film “in 1-2 weeks” according to reports from fans who attended his first of three concerts in Berlin, -although “you’ll still have to wait until next summer to hear it”, he said, adding that the movie was “on schedule, despite [Harrison] Ford’s injury”. Williams also joked that he never knows what Spielberg is doing next, and that “Indiana Jones is changing by the second.” Are you excited for another Indiana Jones soundtrack from John Williams?  Let us know in the comments. Source: JWFan.Com The Bearded Trio - The Site For Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, John Williams

BOOK REPORT: The Man Who Shot Luke Skywalker Volume 3: 1983-85

Much of Star Wars is based on the trilogy format, whether it is films or publishing. In the case of "real world" Star Wars, the format still applies, and applies most effectively. Kim DM Simmons was a toy photographer for Kenner throughout a much-beloved era, the original trilogy era. A couple months ago, he published his third book detailing some of his terrific work for the Star Wars Kenner line, this one aptly named Volume 3: 1983-85, which covers the Return of the Jedi toy line as well as Power of the Force (POTF) and the short-lived Droids and Ewoks lines. Like his first two volumes, which covered Star Wars and the Empire Strikes Back, Volume 3 features well-known and never-before-seen examples of his photography during the last years of the original Kenner Star Wars toy line. The book was part of a Kickstarter program, which I happily supported. Myself and around 300 others supported the publishing of this book, and we were gifted with another wonderful bundle of nostal

The Bearded Trio Gift Idea #1 - Luke Skywalker's Tauntaun Magnet

Christmas Gift Idea - Tauntaun Fridge Magnet. Christmas gift ideas?  I know it's only October but starting early gives everyone time to prepare and have a little less stress in their life.  So, here's our first gift idea for fans of The Bearded Trio.  It could be from Star Wars, Indiana Jones or any movie related to The Bearded Trio.  We may even include a soundtrack or two and that may not even be a John Williams score because I know you are all lovers of movie scores in general.  Also, we're only going to include gifts that are available to all and we are going to keep it realistic.  So don't expect us recommending a Star Wars-themed holiday for $6000.  These will likely be stocking-fillers and not break the bank.  Lastly, these are genuinely recommended by us and not us trying to get freebies or had the product for free.  If we did, we will let you know and then we will only recommend it if we think it's any good. Anyway, to kick things off we have a gift idea fr