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10 Best Star Wars Alien Races - Guest Post by Hrvoje

10 Best Star Wars Alien Races Star Wars is one of the rare science-fiction franchises that actually bothered to introduce a large chunk of its fictional universe, which – in this case – encompasses the whole known universe. Although we certainly haven’t seen the whole Star Wars universe, George Lucas and the other authors that have participated in the creation and development of the franchise have given us a solid look into the universe of Star Wars , into its different world and its races. In today’s article, we are going to be bringing you a list of the ten best alien (i.e., non-human) races in the fictional universe of Star Wars , so enjoy! 10. Bith The Bith race might not be the first to come to mind when you’re thinking Star Wars , but this race is actually quite famous and it is one of the “oldest” ones, as it was introduced in A New Hope . So, who are the Bith? Remember the iconic Mos Eisley Cantina scene and the jazz band? Well, the big-headed aliens who produce some me


It's been a long year for everybody, but slowly, signs of normalcy are starting to return to our world. Projects that have encountered delays are finally coming to fruition. Among those projects is the next work from the great Steven Spielberg. During Sunday night's broadcast of The Oscars, the official teaser trailer for West Side Story debuted.  View the full trailer here: The teaser seems to perfectly capture the 1960s cinematic atmosphere of the original, released in 1961. The music appears to be fairly typical 21st century era movie trailer music, but to me, that is no indication of the kind of music we're sure to get in this film. West Side Story is scheduled to hit theaters on December 10. Brad Monastiere I live in Michigan and have been an unconditional fan of Star Wars and Indiana Jones for decades. Follow me on twitter @bmonastiere The Bearded Trio - The Site For Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, John Williams and a whole lot more.

BLOG POST: The Opening Of ‘Superman The Movie’ by Michael Heather

Superman The Movie (1978) was one of the first films I saw at the cinema, my mother had taken me and my brother to see ‘Grease’ but it had sold out. I had seen Star Wars in that year as well and loved it but (shock & horror to anyone that knows me) I gravitated more towards Superman in 6 years old I was already familiar with superheroes and, besides, it looked more fun dressing up in a red cape than a dull farm boy tunic. In the school playground we played ‘swaps’ with our Star Wars & Superman bubblegum cards (it was one or the other, the inferior Black Hole cards wouldn’t turn up until a year or two later) and it was always a win to get a good shot of Superman himself as opposed to a rather dull Lex Luthor image (no offence to the wonderful Gene Hackman) The appeal of a Valerie Perrine image wouldn’t occur to me until much later. Now, after 40+ years, the film still holds a wonderful place in my cinema-loving life. Generally speaking Superman II probably gets more lo

Photo of the day - Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford take a break from filming Indiana Jones and Last Crusade.

Let's be honest, we've all had a day like this where you feel all washed out and drained.  It's been a busy day on the set of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and tomorrow looks like it's not going to be any different.   Tilbury Docks then on to  Campo San Barnaba, Venice! The Bearded Trio - The Site For Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, John Williams and a whole lot more.


Lucasfilm released some big news at noon EDT Friday regarding our favorite archaeologist. LFL announced the official release date for Indiana Jones 5 as July 29, 2022. The film's original release date had been July 10, 2020, but COVID-19 scuttled those plans, as it has so many other projects around the world.  John Williams, the only film composer the Indiana Jones film franchise has ever had, will return to score the final movie in the series. I wasn't taking his involvement for granted, and I had it in my head that perhaps Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019) would be the last time we'd see The Maestro command the baton for a motion picture film.  Given that James Mangold is set to direct the film and not Steven Spielberg, I wasn't ruling out Indy 5 having a different composer. Thankfully, Williams will be back. What is super cool for a numbers nerd like me is this will mark the eighth different decade Williams will have handled the score for a film. EIGHT DIFFER

Photo of the Day - Karen Allen Has An Itch On Set Of Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Photo of the Day: Karen Allen (Marion Ravenwood) on set of Raiders of the Lost Ark. When you have an itch just out of reach, this will do nicely. Karen Allen commented on the impressive sets and locations that she was introduced to while filming Raiders of the Lost Ark. In an interview with Cryptic Rock back in 2019, Allen tells us: I had never done a film like Raiders of the Lost Ark. We were in London at Elstree Studios with these extraordinary artists building these sets. I had never really seen anything like that. I had never done a film that had that kind of scope. I was away for around 4 1/2 months. We were in the Sahara Desert in Tunisia and were shooting at this beautiful film studio, which sadly doesn’t exist anymore. If you think of old-fashioned Hollywood and the kind of films I grew up watching, it was closer to that experience than any of the other films I had done up until that point. As mentioned, the other films were pretty much shot on the street, they weren’t fantas