'The Kid Who Loved Indiana Jones' Youtube Series Will Make You Smile

'The Kid Who Loved Indiana Jones'
I was browsing YouTube the other day and came across this gem from the talented Minimum Wage Entertainment channel.  It's a series called 'The Kid Who Loved Indiana Jones' and there's 12 episodes in total and each one lasts about a minute with the longest one being just over two minutes.  It is obviously made by Indiana Jones fans and will take you back to when you played Indy as a kid.  It's perfect viewing during your lunch break.  I particularly like the use of the authentic sound effects.  The creators tell us:

From creators Erin Gould (Casters) and Greg Tulonen (Ragged Isle) comes a web series for kids and for those that remember what it was like to be a kid.  A show that has been called “A Sunday comic strip brought to life!” (Erin’s mom) and “Calvin & Hobbes meets Indiana Jones” (Greg, one of the co-creators), it’s THE KID WHO LOVED INDIANA JONES.

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Rob Wainfur

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