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George Lucas exhibit opening

From staff reports The Daily News Published May 22, 2009 HOUSTON — Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer, but at Space Center Houston it means a new season featuring “The Cinema of George Lucas,” a visual biography of the life and career of the mastermind behind “Star Wars.” The exhibit will feature nearly 50 props, costumes and awards from his blockbuster films as well as “Live the Adventure,” where visitors can shoot, run and climb their way through scenes from movies such as “Star Wars,” “Indiana Jones” and “American Graffiti.” “The Cinema of George Lucas” will showcase movie artifacts from Lucas’ private collection, including his original handwritten manuscript and notes from the first “Star Wars” film. Tickets purchased online at through May 31 will be sold for half off the regular general admission through the H.O.T. program. Those tickets are valid Saturday through Sept. 20. Space Center Houston is open every day except Christmas. Ad

Sky subscribers to get Spielberg-produced war drama

Subscribers to Sky's broadband, telephone and television packages could soon be enjoying a new TV series that claims to be a "companion piece" to an award-winning 2001 war drama. Produced by Angels & Demons star Tom Hanks and legendary Hollywood director Steven Spielberg, The Pacific follows the exploits of a group of World War II soldiers. As the show is from the same team that brought the multiple Emmy and Golden Globe-winning Band of Brothers to the screen, the series is likely to be highly-anticipated and the network will be showing it on Sky Movies with an option to watch it in high definition. Expected to premiere later in spring, the ten-part mini series comes from the Home Box Office - or HBO - stable that has also brought hit shows including Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Sopranos to US and UK audiences. Ian Lewis, director of Sky Movies, explained that having seen the previews in advance, audiences can expect a level of cinematography and effects that
Steven Spielberg has spoken out to The Guardian about the future of the games industry and why he thinks consoles will soon go " the way of the Dodo. " Spielberg thinks that just as most arcades and " videogame parlors " died out a while back, so too will conventional gaming consoles - to be replaced by virtual reality devices that allow gamers to interface directly with their TVs. (2020 update.  VR is here but consoles still lead the market by quite a way.  We have a long way to go before we get the Oasis in Ready Player One.  I wonder what happened to that project? - Rob) "In the short term I would love to start seeing 3D games developed where with a good pair of glasses we get a real three-dimensional experience in front of an appropriate monitor that is designed just for 3D ," he said. " After that, will certainly be virtual reality, which just like 3D came and went in the 1950s, and now it's here to stay in movies. " " I re

Spielberg scoops Martin Luther King Jr biopic for DreamWorks

DreamWorks h as received permission to produce a biopic on the life of the late African-American civil rights leader Dr Martin Luther King Jr, to be produced by American director Steven Spielberg, according to Variety. African-American entertainment executive Suzanne de Passe and American novelist Madison Jones will co-produce the film with Spielberg. The King Estate has given DreamWorks full access to King’s copyrighted speeches, books and other famous works for the film. afp

Darth Vader 'comment' to Luke Skywalker is most misquoted film phrase

A comment supposedly made by Darth Vader to Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars trilogy has topped a list of phrases most often misquoted by film fans. Darth Vader's dramatic disclosure does not appear in the film The words "Luke, I am your father" are familiar to millions of fans of the George Lucas films. They are widely believed to have been uttered by Darth Vader when he confronts Luke Skywalker in the Empire Strikes Back - but in fact they do not feature in the film. Second place in the poll was taken by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, with the evil Queen's quote 'Mirror, mirror, on the wall - who is the fairest of them all?'. The actual line begins 'Magic Mirror, on the wall'. In third place in the poll of 1,500 film fans, by, was Dirty Harry - played by Clint Eastwood - saying "Do you feel lucky, punk?" In fact, he says "Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya punk?" And while &

Spielberg: Selling to EA was 'the smartest and dumbest thing I ever did'

According to Steven Spielberg, selling his Dreamworks Interactive studio to the publisher was both "the smartest and dumbest thing I ever did". Speaking to Reuters , the director of Schindler's List, Raiders of the Lost Ark and many, many other great films, has been recounting his experiences making games on the eve of Boom Blox: Bash Party's release. The game is the second title he has produced with the company under a multi-game deal to produce action and family titles. But it's not his first encounter with the firm - it also published the Medal of Honor games, which it took over after acquiring Dreamworks Interactive, spun out of his Dreamworks movie production studio. "The smartest and dumbest thing I ever did was to sell my company to EA," said Spielberg. "Medal of Honor was almost done and we made the decision to sell Dreamworks Interactive to Electronic Arts and had we not sold, we would have been able to stay in business just based o

Ford gave LaBeouf Indy's hat

Harrison Ford had a very special wrap gift for his movie son after completing 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' - he tossed Shia LaBeouf his sweaty hat. Ford, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg - the moviemakers behind the Indiana Jones franchise - have dismissed reports LaBeouf will be taking over as Jones, but the young star has the movie icon's hat! He said: "It has his sweat stains from the whole movie in it. We were way out somewhere at an airplane hangar on the last day of shooting, and he took the hat off his head, signed it and handed it to me. "When I looked at the hat I saw he had written something with a silver Sharpie (pen). It said, 'It's all yours now, kid - Harrison.'" But LaBeouf is quick to point out that he won't be taking over from Ford any time soon: "It's easy to perceive that as his handing the reins over to me on a franchise or whatever... that's not it. "It was his way of sa

Spielberg makes videogames to keep his family happy

RALEIGH, North Carolina (Reuters) - Oscar-winning film director Steven Spielberg was so frustrated that no videogames catered for all of his seven children that he did what a entertainment maestro might do -- made his own game. "Boom Blox" was the first in a multi-franchise deal between Spielberg and videogame publisher Electronic Arts and has sold close to one million copies globally since it was released for Nintendo's Wii last May. On May 19, EA releases Spielberg's second game, "Boom Blox Bash Party." Spielberg, who said he plays just about every game that comes out, is a big fan of Nintendo's Wii console and its motion-sensor controls that involved physical interactivity. "It's been very, very good for a parent like me who wants our kids not to be couch potatoes, but to get up and move th

Gene Siskel Film Center honors George Lucas

Evening to be Guest-hosted by Actor, Director and Writer Jon Favreau The Gene Siskel Film Center of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago proudly presents "An Adventure with George Lucas," in honor of Academy Award-nominated director and writer George Lucas on Saturday, June 13, from 6 to 10 p.m. at The Four Seasons Chicago (120 E. Delaware Place). Lucas will engage in a discussion led by guest-host – actor, director and writer – Jon Favreau. Tickets are now on sale. A highlight of the evening will be the presentation of the "Gene Siskel Film Center Visionary Award for Innovation in Filmmaking" to Lucas by SAIC President Wellington Reiter. "It is a true privilege to have an icon of Lucas' stature as our honoree this year," says Jean de St. Aubin, executive director, Gene Siskel Film Center of the SAIC. "Lucas' pioneering and daring spirit has helped to transform Hollywood into a high-tech, modern enterprise which very much reflects the

More Monkey Island?

Destructoid just released info that LucasArts intends to use E3 as an opportunity to bring back one of their great, classic game franchises. Which franchise is unknown, but 'Grim Fandago' was mentioned as a possibility, as was the 'Monkey Island' series. Of course, this rumor could also be referring to a new Indiana Jones game in the vein of the old Atlantis one. Whatever the truth is, the news that LucasArts is bringing back one of their old greats is certain to send the gaming community into shivers of gleeful anticipation. Some of the best games ever made were LucasArts adventure games. If they can recapture the same spirit that went into the original games, they'll have a cash-geyser on their hands. source - Tags: monkey island , lucasarts

Steven Spielberg And Drew Barrymore Working On 'E.T.' Sequel?

Steven Spielberg And Drew Barrymore Working On 'E.T.' Sequel? Steven Spielberg and Drew Barrymore are in talks to bring legendary movie alien E.T. back to Earth in a big budget Hollywood sequel. Twenty-seven years after a six-year-old Barrymore melted film fans' hearts playing little Gertie, a girl who befriends an extraterrestrial visitor, and director Spielberg wants to reunite the pair. According the National Enquirer, Barrymore and Spielberg have met to discuss the project, which will show E.T. returning to Earth to rejoin the now-adult Gertie. A source tells the tabloid, "Steven and Drew are being very secretive about this baby. But they want to do this project and work together. Steven has an incredible story in mind for the sequel that will bring E.T. back to earth." Never going to happen! (2020 Update - Still waiting.  Just goes to show, don't trust "a source told the tabloid" story.)

George Lucas proposes large digital film studio in Marin

Filmmaker George Lucas is seeking permission to build a 262,728-square-foot building to house a digital film production studio and other amenities at the former Grady Ranch in Lucas Valley. The proposed building would be built in the Mission style resembling St. Vincent's School for Boys, with two 85-foot-tall towers. It would include administration offices, a restaurant, a general store, a wine-tasting room, screening rooms, costume storage, dressing rooms, 19 guest suites and basement parking. The project calls for 223,770 cubic yards of excavation and the creation of a knoll for a vineyard. The project is part of a master plan unanimously approved by Marin County supervisors in 1996. Under that master plan, Lucas was granted permission to build facilities totaling about 456,000 square feet at the 1,000-acre Grady Ranch and about 185,000 square feet at the nearby Big Rock Ranch. Lucas finished construction of the Big Rock complex in 2002, but completion of the Grady portion of t

Jack Nicholson's Shining example

Jack Nicholson apparently lived up to his reputation when asked to pose for a special photoshoot in the 20th anniversary edition of Empire. Director Steven Spielberg was invited to guest edit the magazine and thought it would be a nice idea to ask his Hollywood friends to pose with their favourite film prop, The Daily Telegraph reports, but when Empire knocked on Jack's door he wanted the personal touch. A source said: "He said he wouldn't be photographed unless Spielberg himself asked him to do so - after many phone calls, they eventually managed to get through to Spielberg, who was on holiday with his family". When Jack was finally convinced to take part in the photoshoot he was asked which prop he would use. The mischievous star replied: "I've got the axe from The Shining upstairs, which I could get, but I ain't gonna." Tags: steven spielberg , jack nicholson , empire

Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle shoes!

Squeeeee! I want these more than life itself. Some enterprising Spanish Lucasarts fan has copied scenes from Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle onto Converse sneakers. Best Shoes Ever!!! Tags: lucasarts , shoes , retrofinds , monkey island , day of the tentacle