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Sky subscribers to get Spielberg-produced war drama

Subscribers to Sky's broadband, telephone and television packages could soon be enjoying a new TV series that claims to be a "companion piece" to an award-winning 2001 war drama. Produced by Angels & Demons star Tom Hanks and legendary Hollywood director Steven Spielberg, The Pacific follows the exploits of a group of World War II soldiers. As the show is from the same team that brought the multiple Emmy and Golden Globe-winning Band of Brothers to the screen, the series is likely to be highly-anticipated and the network will be showing it on Sky Movies with an option to watch it in high definition. Expected to premiere later in spring, the ten-part mini series comes from the Home Box Office - or HBO - stable that has also brought hit shows including Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Sopranos to US and UK audiences. Ian Lewis, director of Sky Movies, explained that having seen the previews in advance, audiences can expect a level of cinematography and effects that ar
Steven Spielberg has spoken out to The Guardian about the future of the games industry and why he thinks consoles will soon go " the way of the Dodo. " Spielberg thinks that just as most arcades and " videogame parlors " died out a while back, so too will conventional gaming consoles - to be replaced by virtual reality devices that allow gamers to interface directly with their TVs. (2020 update.  VR is here but consoles still lead the market by quite a way.  We have a long way to go before we get the Oasis in Ready Player One.  I wonder what happened to that project? - Rob) "In the short term I would love to start seeing 3D games developed where with a good pair of glasses we get a real three-dimensional experience in front of an appropriate monitor that is designed just for 3D ," he said. " After that, will certainly be virtual reality, which just like 3D came and went in the 1950s, and now it's here to stay in movies. " " I re

Spielberg scoops Martin Luther King Jr biopic for DreamWorks

DreamWorks h as received permission to produce a biopic on the life of the late African-American civil rights leader Dr Martin Luther King Jr, to be produced by American director Steven Spielberg, according to Variety. African-American entertainment executive Suzanne de Passe and American novelist Madison Jones will co-produce the film with Spielberg. The King Estate has given DreamWorks full access to King’s copyrighted speeches, books and other famous works for the film. afp

Darth Vader 'comment' to Luke Skywalker is most misquoted film phrase

A comment supposedly made by Darth Vader to Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars trilogy has topped a list of phrases most often misquoted by film fans. Darth Vader's dramatic disclosure does not appear in the film The words "Luke, I am your father" are familiar to millions of fans of the George Lucas films. They are widely believed to have been uttered by Darth Vader when he confronts Luke Skywalker in the Empire Strikes Back - but in fact they do not feature in the film. Second place in the poll was taken by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, with the evil Queen's quote 'Mirror, mirror, on the wall - who is the fairest of them all?'. The actual line begins 'Magic Mirror, on the wall'. In third place in the poll of 1,500 film fans, by, was Dirty Harry - played by Clint Eastwood - saying "Do you feel lucky, punk?" In fact, he says "Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya punk?" And while &

Ford gave LaBeouf Indy's hat

Harrison Ford had a very special wrap gift for his movie son after completing 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' - he tossed Shia LaBeouf his sweaty hat. Ford, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg - the moviemakers behind the Indiana Jones franchise - have dismissed reports LaBeouf will be taking over as Jones, but the young star has the movie icon's hat! He said: "It has his sweat stains from the whole movie in it. We were way out somewhere at an airplane hangar on the last day of shooting, and he took the hat off his head, signed it and handed it to me. "When I looked at the hat I saw he had written something with a silver Sharpie (pen). It said, 'It's all yours now, kid - Harrison.'" But LaBeouf is quick to point out that he won't be taking over from Ford any time soon: "It's easy to perceive that as his handing the reins over to me on a franchise or whatever... that's not it. "It was his way of sa