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Goonies Wallpaper - by Beardedtrio

Hope you like this.  This is my first attempt at a Goonies wallpaper.  More to come.

Celebration V: Friday - Ralph McQuarrie Raiders of the Lost Ark drawing

This image is Ralph McQuarrie's only contribution to the film Raiders of the Lost Ark . This pen drawing depicting the power of the Ark was used to create the illustration for the prop bible in the film. For the figures in the foreground, he took reference photos of several ILM employees. The staining on the right is where the oversized image was taped together, and no, the text on the page doesn't actually translate into anything. At the time it was created, Ralph never could have imagined that people might someday have the opportunity to stand within inches of the drawing to actually try and read it. Seen at A Gallery of Imagination: The Star Wars Art of Ralph McQuarrie at Celebration V.

We Ask Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett) Some Quick Fire Questions

The Bearded Trio were fortunate enough to ask Jeremy Bullock some quick fire questions on himself and his career. Here's what he had to say. What was your favourite Star Wars moment? The first day on the set was very exciting What was your least favourite moment? The last day when it was time to say goodbye. What is the most unusual thing you have been asked to do by a fan? To sign my name on their arm before going to get it tattooed Although you have worked with so many superstars over the years, is there still someone you would love to work with? Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, Gene hackman & Clint Eastwood What is your favourite soundtrack? Star Wars & Dances With Wolves What is your favourite Food? Indian food or anything made by my wife because she is a wonderful cook. Favourite Drink? A good beer or a glass of wine Favourite TV Programme? The CSI shows Do you have any Star Wars collectables? If so what is your favourite? I have a few Star Wars collectables and

Top Ten Annoying Things In A Cinema

Going to the cinema is fun experience, we all love it.  But admit it before we go in there are a few things that go through our head that we hope are not going to be there or happen.  Here are my top ten annoying things in a cinema in no particular order 1 - Groups of kids who are obviously not there to watch the movie Its so annoying.  They sit at the back while some may sit at the front and laugh and giggle all they way through the movie.  Argggg!!!!  Why did they waste their money?  Just to annoy the rest of us?  Now I normally try to find an "over 18 only" showing of the movie. 2 - People texting and checking their phone. Its so distracting.  It doesn't matter whats happening in the movie my attention will always go to that glowing screen someone is holding.  Switch it off!  The world is not going to end. 3 - The cinema being too cold or warm  I don't expect to pay money and have a draft sweeping across me for two hours and at the same time I don'

The Top Ten Steven Spielberg/George Lucas Related T-Shirts

Its fashionable to be a geek.  Its even more fashionable to announce your geekiness to other geeks with a good T-shirt.  I'm not talking about the t-shirts that shout geekiness by having huge movie logos splatted all over them like the popular Ghostbusters logo t-shirt or Superman emblem t-shirts.  No!  I'm talking about subtle geekiness t-shirts that only other geeks would get. So here are my top Spielberg/Lucas t-shirts for Geeks. (Okay two I cheated a bit.) 1 - Back To The Future hill Valley High School 2 - Close Encounters Devil's Tower  3 - Raiders Of The Lost Ark - Raven Nepal 4 - Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom 5 - Jaws Amity Island 6 - Jaws - Amity Police 7 - Jaws- Quints Fishing 8 - The Goonies Lighthouse Lounge 9 - Ghostbusters 10 - National Lampoons Vacation All the T-shirts above are available from "Last Exit To Nowhere" website.   Just ordered the Close Encounters one. 11 - ILM Night Crew 12 - Star W

Toy Story 3 Pixar Logo - Wallpaper

Click the image, to have supesize click again and then right click and save.  Makes a great wallpaper

Gwent Music Support Service performing Star Wars In My Dinner Break

So I was on my dinner break and all of a sudden I heard an orchestra playing. The Gwent Music Support Service performed John William's Star Wars. A really well done rendition too. This performance was part of the new MUSIC FOR ALL campaign that aims to get more students engaged in music making. Turned out to be a perfect lunch break. (Maybe the service could arrange a tribute to John Williams evening hint hint!)