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John Williams - Duel Of The Fates (Live Performance Recording)

Blockbuster holding midnight Star Wars Kinect event

Ahead of the release of Kinect Star Wars next week, Blockbuster has confirmed its intention to run a special midnight event on the night of Monday April 3rd.

Held at its Clapham store (24-28 Clapham High Street), the branch will – as well as selling both the game and the Limited Edition Star Wars console – will hand out the R2-D2 themed hardware for free to the first five people in the queue. The next 45 punters will get a free Star Wars Blu-ray boxset to join their purchase of the game. Furthermore, customers will have the chance to buy the game for just 99p if they trade-in one of the following – Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, FIFA Street 4, Street Fighter X Tekken, Twisted Metal, Ninja Gaiden 3, Asura's Wrath, Ridge Racer Unbounded or Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13. “Here at Blockbuster, we are huge Star Wars fans and we know our customers are as well,” games boss James Morton stated. “That’s why we’re delighted to be offering such fantastic deals and running this special midnight…

Monkey Island Theme On Guitar

A nice rendition of the Monkey Island theme performed on the guitar.

@forcecast Saw this today and thought of you guys. Had to buy it. #starwars

If you listen to the Forcecast podcast you will smile at what I bought today while out shopping.  Just need a Kitster figure now and my journey will be complete.

Ben Quadinaros

Go to to listen to the best Star Wars podcast on the interweb.

The Bearded Trio

Photo: #StarWars The Empire Strikes Back Fight Rehersal

High Resolution Image Of Star Destroyer #starwars

Click image for larger version and again for the full version. 2000x1179 or right click on image and click "open image in new tab."

Red Tails to Take Flight on Blu-ray in May

Fox and LucasFilm have revealed a May 22 release date forRed Tails on Blu-ray and DVD, just ahead of Memorial Day. The film chronicles the efforts of the Tuskegee Airmen during World War II as they fight Nazis in the air and discrimination on the ground. Produced for roughly $58 million, Red Tailshas earned $49.6 million at the box office thus far.
The robust Red Tails cast includes David Oyelowo, Nate Parker, Elijah Kelley, Tristan Wilds, Method Man, Ne-Yo, Michael B. Jordon, Leslie Odom, Jr., Marcus T. Paulk, Kevin Philips, Andre Royo, Daniela Ruah, Gerald McRaney and Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston.
Red Tails on Blu-ray will include the DVD version and be presented in 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio and 1080p video. Bonus features include:

Double Victory: The Tuskegee Airmen at WarGeorge Lucas: Executive ProducerAnthony Hemingway: DirectorTerence Blanchard: ComposerThe Cast of Red TailsMovie MagicTHX Media Director

One giant Star Wars 'Tie Fighter' for sale for just $150

Up for sale on Craigslist is a one-third size Tie Fighter, famously used by the evil Imperial forces on the Star Wars films and a snip at just $150 (£95). It’s eight-feet wide and eight-feet high and even comes with laser cannons – although they will only fire ‘standard party poppers’.

Other features include wheeled casters for maneuverability and a cockpit easily capable of holding one small stormtrooper.
The specs of the Tie Fighters in the George Lucas franchise are slightly higher according to fan site Wookieepedia. Thoughtful design: The replica Tie Fighter breaks down into five pieces for easy transportation May the force be with you: The cockpit can hold one small stormtrooper

Read more:

Star Wars Kinect - Rancor Mode Gameplay!

And a little bit more...

Blizzard Finally Admit The Force Is Strong With The Old Republic

World of Warcraft Senior Producer John Lagrave admits that the recent dip in subscribers is at least partially attributable to the popularity of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

World of Warcraft is still the top banana in the MMO bunch but it's definitely seen a slide in subscriber numbers over the past year. After peaking at 12 million in late 2010, user numbers were down to 10.3 million at the end of September 2011, still a huge amount but a significant loss nonetheless. Much of that drop, according to Lagrave, has to be attributed to EA's Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO that launched in December.

"We certainly do look at [where WoW players go], and we have a very smart bunch of guys who do our analytics for us," he told Eurogamer. "Of course people are trying Star Wars - our development team are trying Star Wars! I'm one of the few people who's still playing it actually, but yeah we've seen a dip in subs."…

Michael Bay Confirms TMNT Movie Is Called Simply Ninja Turtles

Michael Bay has defended the latest change to the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Movie.

“Paramount marketing changed the name. They made the title simple,” Bay wrote overnight on his website. “The characters you all remember are exactly the same, and yes they still act like teenagers. Everything you remember, why you liked the characters, is in the movie. This script is being developed by two very smart writers, with one of the original creators of Ninja Turtles. They care VERY MUCH about making this film for the fans. Everyone on this team cares about the fans. Just give them a chance. Jonathan the director, is a major fan of the whole franchise. HE’S NOT GOING TO LET YOU DOWN.”
Here in the UK we are used to the name changing of TMNT.  When the cartoon and toys first came out in the eighties it was called Teenage Mutant HERO Turtles over here as it was thought Ninja was too violent.

The Bearded Trio

Surprise Surprise Netflix Says No To Terra Nova.

As I predicted a while back Netflix has said NO to Terra Nova. It seems every time a show gets cancelled Netflix express an interest in saving the show. It stinks of easy free exposure to me. Well that's that then. Terra Nova is officially extinct

One source has claimed that the talks broke down because international buyers may have been concerned about the lack of mainstream television or cable network support for the show.

Nice excuse.

The Bearded Trio

Terminator, Indiana Jones, Ghostbusters in Animated Short Film

Synchronize is a tribute to the powerful effect movies can have on our imagination. This short film takes the viewer through the dream of a videostore clerk whose vision is formed by the movies he sees and hears.

Dutch film student Elise The crafted the distorted stream-of-consciousness scenario, which plops Harrison Ford in the same vision as Ghostbusters — each competing for attention in a 1980s dreamscape.


Synchronize from elisethe on Vimeo.

SWTOR devs attempt to balance the Force through nerfs

Friday was another community Q&A for The Old Republic.

Today's topics begin with a discussion about why some advanced classes, such as Commandos and Mercenaries, lack an interrupt. This wasn't an oversight, the devs revealed, but "a purposefully designed weakness in their ability arsenal" to keep them balanced in the game -- especially in PvP.

"Balance" was an answer to another issue as well, specifically the nerfs to some of the healing specs. Lead Combat Designer Georg Zoeller realized that folks were going to rail against it, but the team thought it was necessary: "I know trying to 'sell' a downwards adjustment (AKA nerf) to anyone affected is like selling the need for a tax increase to people. When you are on the receiving end of it, you're not going to be happy about it."

Other questions revolved around rage timers, looping the game's music, cross-faction communication within the same guild, and legacy system specifics.

Old Republic Veterans Launch Kickstarter Project

The latest in the surge of Kickstarter-funded games is a title called The Banner Saga, to be developed by a three-man team called Stoic which worked on illustration, concept art, and combat programming for Star Wars: The Old Republic. The Banner Saga, should it reach its $100,000 goal, will be a role-playing and turn-based strategy game about Vikings, which is probably the most convincing sales pitch imaginable.

Stoic plans to make The Banner Saga DRM free, and will use crowdfunding to make the game the way they want it to be made. Additional funding past the goal will be put towards porting the title towards more platforms such as iOS, Kindle Fire, XBLA, PSN, and maybe the Vita. Localization to Europe and Japan are also possibilities, as well as general increases to the scope of the game.

The team aims to make The Banner Saga a fresh experience, with strategic combat that emphasizes tactics over grinding and brute force. The alpha battlefield looks chess-like, which will likely tie i…


THE Queen was given a private screening of War Horse yesterday after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge sang the film’s praises.
Director Steven Spielberg flew in for the special showing at Windsor Castle, where one of the plush state rooms was transformed into a cinema.
A giant projector screen was set up in the vast wood-panelled Waterloo Chamber, with surround sound and seating for about 100 people in luxury ­upholstered armchairs.
William and Kate returned from the glittering premiere on the eve of the Duchess’s 30th birthday in January giving it rave reviews but, despite it coming out months ago, the Queen has been too busy to see it.
The royal “premiere” was ­arranged so household staff could also enjoy the movie, with its ­director on hand to answer any questions about what went on behind the scenes.
A royal source said: “The Queen loves horses and is a keen supporter of the military so it was only natural that she should want to watch War Horse.”

The film, starring Benedict Cum…

Star Wars Death Star appears over Copenhagen

The Death Star was recreated by filmmakers as part of a viral advert for childrens' store Toys 'R' Us in Denmark.

Scroll down for video

2100 piece Star Wars Lego R2-D2 set is revealed

Lego and Star Wars fans often go hand in hand, which is why we're sure the imminent arrival of an official Lego Star Wars R2-D2 set will be welcome news for many a brick-stacking, droid-loving geek.

Wired spotted the 1ft tall droid over at, which states that the 2,100-piece set can be picked up for £150 when it hits shelves in May.

The fully assembled Lego R2-D2 droid features a retractable third leg as well as a cutting disc and interface arm, both of which are hidden behind a built-in door.

Check out the video of Artoo in action below and get saving. You know you want to.

Jenna-Louise Coleman in 'Doctor Who': First official picture released

The first official Doctor Who photograph of Jenna-Louise Coleman has been released.

© BBC The British actress, who is best known for her previous role as Jasmine in Emmerdale, was recently announced as the latest female sidekick for the Time Lord.

In the image - revealed on BBC America's Tumblr page - Coleman can be seen wearing a multi-coloured jumper and standing in front of the legendary TARDIS.
Coleman was born in Blackpool, Lancashire. She attended Arnold School in Blackpool where she was Head Girl and gained straight A's in her A-levels. Whilst discussing her role on Emmerdale, Coleman states that part of her regretted not having a conventional university experience stating "part of me feels sorry I'm missing that but I'm living the life I want." Whilst filming Emmerdale she initially shared a flat with actress Julia Mallam, who played Dawn Woods.
While at school Coleman was a member of a theatre company, 'In Yer Space' with whom she performed at …

Ray Winstone missed out of Star Wars role due to being drunk

The actor revealed that he turned up to auditions for the Phantom Menace a little worse for wear. Ray Winstone has revealed that he missed out on the chance to star in the Star Wars franchise after turning up drunk to auditions.

The hardman actor could have starred alongside Liam Neeson and Ewan McGregor in The Phantom Menace, in the role of the father of the princess, but he turned up for the meeting with director George Lucas a little worse for wear.

Talking to Total Film, the actor said, "It didn't go well. Had words and that was that. But that's OK. I've worked for George since and he was fine. He didn't remember. Or if he did, he didn't take it to heart.

"I was up for the Princess' father, or something like that. I was p**sed (drunk) anyway. I'd been out all night and I turned up and he knew I was wrong for the part as soon as I walked in, but instead of saying that, he relayed the message to me through someone else and I took umbrage at that.&…

Burglar jailed after Star Wars figures burglary

A BURGLAR who stole more than £4,000 worth of goods from three houses in the space of two weeks has been sent to prison.

Christopher Spry, 44, of Gigant Street, Salisbury, broke into a house in Woodbury Yard on January 16 and stole jewellery, cash and watches to the value of £1,500.

On January 28 he stole 11 Star Wars Clone Wars figurines worth £550 from a house in North Street and the following day he broke into a house in Woodbury Lane and stole items, including a laptop and jewellery, worth £2,500. Recorder Richard Onslow sentenced him to 12 months in prison when he appeared at Salisbury Crown Court on Friday. DC Tom Ellerby of Wiltshire Police said after the sentencing: “Spry was caught as a result of swift movement from Salisbury’s priority crime team after inquiries. “I hope the multiple victims of his burglaries receive a measure of closure now that he has been brought to justice. We will continue to target and bring to justice people who commit these offences. I would like to ta…


After the announcement that LEGO Minecraft was real, and that even a LEGO Lord of The Rings game could be on the cards, as well as the announcement that LEGO Batman 2 is coming, you could be forgiven for thinking that maybe LEGO are going all out with the gaming sphere.
It seems that the next project on the cards is a LEGO series of toys that are inspired by BioWare’s MMO gameStar Wars: The Old Republic – which is currently having a free to play weekend.
From the 28th July, UK fans can get their hands all over the plastic blocks and build themselves a Red Talon Starfighter, or a Fury Class Interceptor. The models are priced at £39.99 and £79.99 respectively.
These aren’t the first set of Star Wars LEGO to come to market, with Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, The Clone Wars and sets based on both film trilogies being released.

Star Wars: The Old Republic answers questions on 1.2 and priorities

With patch 1.2 on the horizon, most Star Wars: The Old Republic players have questions, which makes it a good thing that the game is still hosting a weekly community question-and-answer session to give players answers to those questions. This week, we've been granted a confirmation that more character slots are being planned, an assertion that new crafted items will still use existing high-end materials, and the promise that a "barber shop"-style feature is in the planning stages (even if it's not in 1.2).

That last answer leads into a discussion of how the development team prioritizes updates, the pace of those updates, and what players can expect as each update goes live. As outlined in the answer, the big question is how much work any given feature is expected to take, which has to be juggled so that big features are coming out regularly without forcing development to stagnate. That means that some features have to wait for future updates -- but it seems like the …

Colin Powell meets George Lucas and would like a lightsaber, please

George Lucas (left) and Colin Powell appeared together Tuesday at the Building a Grad Nation Summit at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel (Photo courtesy of America’s Promise Alliance).

"Star Wars" director George Lucas and former secretary of stateColin Powell are both education activists and appeared together Tuesday to conclude the Building a Grad Nation Summit at the MarriottWardman Park Hotel. Before getting to the meat of his speech, Powell, a founding chairman of the America's Promise Alliance, the event's sponsor, had some business to attend to.

He would like a lightsaber, thank you very much.

Powell began by mentioning, fondly, a trip he once took to visit Lucas atSkywalker Ranch. "This is where all this creative geniuses are dark rooms," Powell laughed. "It was back there where I saw them playing with the lightsabers, do you remember the lightsabers?...and it was so fascinating to have these lightsabers displayed for me."

Then Powell …

Wood You Believe It? E.T. In A Tree

PENSIONER Ken Dobson got an extra-tree-restrial shock when he was cutting wood at the weekend.

Ken, who is in his 70s and lives with wife Janet in Chiseldon, couldn’t quite believe his eyes when he blew off sawdust and saw the face of 80s movie phenomenon ET emerge from beneath.

The face is almost identical to that of the star from the popular Steven Spielberg film, whose catchphrase “ET phone home” captured the hearts of movie-goers around the world.

Another Free Weekend This week on The Old Republic

Those kind people at The Old Republic have decided to do ANOTHER free weekend pass this weekend.  If you haven't tried TOR yet then now's your chance.  Here's what they have to say

Over the last weekend, people had the opportunity to take part in the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Weekend Pass Free* Trial. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and we are incredibly grateful to everyone who took part. However, we also understand that not everyone has had the opportunity to play the game. To that end, we are excited to announce that individuals who did not take part in the first Weekend Pass Free Trial will have another opportunity to live out their very own Star Wars™ saga, for free, with the second Star Wars: The Old Republic Weekend Pass Free Trial! Participants in the previous Weekend Pass Free Trial and any other free trials are not eligible for this upcoming Weekend Pass Free Trial period.

Like with the first Weekend Pass Free Trial, players will be able to experience…

Keltie Cochrane designs reach for the stars

A North East creative firm are set to see their work go global, when their designs for the front cover and online trailer for the latest series of Star Wars novels are finally unveiled.

Later this month Lucasfilms Ltd is due to release ‘Apocalypse’ , which will signal the end of a four year illustrations project for Keltie Cochrane, who designed the covers for all nine novels in the series, as well as the animated trailer.

Keltie Cochrane were headhunted to pitch for the design by Random House New York and Lucasfilm Ltd in San Fransisco, and were eventually chosen for their unique approach and innovative ideas.

Keltie Cochrane creative director Ian Keltie said: “We are very privileged to have worked with Star Wars; it’s been a dream come true.

“The brand being so huge worldwide has been a fantastic profile builder, however it has also meant there was an immense amount of pressure on us to deliver something that the dedicated fans would appreciate.

By not taking the traditional sci-fi art …

Official Kinect Star Wars Achievements List

Wookiee Life Debt (40 points)
Completed all Kashyyyk missions in a single session, alone or with a friend. Who’s Keeping Score? (25 points)
Completed all Providence missions in a single session, alone or with a friend. Felucia In a Flash (25 points)
Completed all Felucia missions in a single session, alone or with a friend. Savior of Coruscant (50 points)
Completed the Jedi Adventures: Dark Side Rising campaign, alone or with a friend. Two-For-One Discount (10 points)
Defeated at least two droids with a single use of Force powers, alone or with a friend. Teras Kasi (10 points)
Defeated an enemy by kicking them off a ledge, alone or with a friend. The Force That Binds (20 points)
Completed a co-op Jedi Adventures ground combat mission with neither player being knocked out. You May Fire When Ready (20 points)
Destroyed all shield arrays in a single pass on Felucia Mission 5, alone or with a friend. Don’t Get Cocky (40 points)
Completed all four Space Combat missions without restarting, alone or with a f…

The Wampug Strikes Back Video. Try To Watch This Without Laughing A Little. @StarWars

Well this is different.  I want that Wampug.

A re-enactment of the Wampa scenes in The Empire Strikes back featuring Chubbs the Wampug. In the original scenes Luke Skywalker chops off the Wampa's arm after using the Force to retrieve his lightsaber. In the Wampug Strikes Back, the Wampug has a surprise in store for Luke Skywalker.

This Is Still One Of My Favourite Star Wars Videos #JohnWilliams

Duel Of The Fates Video.  One of my all time favourites from the master that is John Williams.  Combined with the video this is one of the best Star Wars videos.

A Classic.  (Although they need to replace puppet Yoda in the video.)

John Williams - Binary Suns (Coyote Kisses Remix)

Fancy a change of pace?  This is a great remix of Binary Suns.  It has a nice retro feel to this.  Enjoy.

Senate bill could stunt Oklahoma film industry

State law has prevented an apocalypse in Tulsa, and Oklahoma film professionals are less than enthused.

Tulsa missed out when the makers of Steven Spielberg’s “Robopocalypse” — a film about a postapocalyptic Tulsa — chose Canada as a filming location over Tulsa because the Oklahoma Film Enhancement Rebate Program had reached its $5 million-per-year tax rebate cap.

Now, local filmmakers say a bill pending debate and a vote on the Oklahoma state Senate floor could spell the end of Oklahoma film altogether.

“We’re not just a bunch of petulant teenagers trying to rage against the machine,” Sean Patrick Eaton, chair of Professional Filmmakers of Oklahoma and a location manager based in Oklahoma City, said. “This is our industry.”

Eaton, an organizer of Save Oklahoma Film, said Oklahoma Senate Bill 1623 could soon cut tax rebate rates in half for filmmakers who choose to produce movies within the state.

The bill, authored by Sen. Mike Mazzei, R-Tulsa, and House co-author Rep. David Dank, R-…

Skywalker Sound Chooses Streambox to Improve Collaboration with Clients on Post-Production Projects

Streambox, Inc. today announced that Skywalker Sound has chosen the Streambox platform to improve communication efforts of their post-production workflow by leveraging the industry-leading IP-based solution to send video and audio. This enables Skywalker Sound to collaborate with clients located anywhere in the world, facilitating real-time feedback and approval on projects to yield high quality end results, but without wasting valuable production time on traveling. The end-to-end Streambox solution allows Skywalker Sound to align 7.1 audio against video picture for the editing phase of post-production projects that require delivery over less than ideal public Internet connections. Using Streambox 9300 Encoders and Decoders, Skywalker Sound is able to achieve 2-second latency with 15 Mbps over an encrypted VPN. Providing high quality video and audio to their clients lets Skywalker Sound interact simultaneously while obtaining the precise feedback involved in all facets of the post-pr…