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Some Rare Star Wars Photos You May Not Have Seen

Here are some rare Star Wars photos you may not have seen. Incidentally did anyone spot the George Lucas look-a-like in Super 8? He was in the crowd and looked very much like the classic Lucas just like the one below. It was the scene when they were having a police conference. If I find a photo I will post here for you.

Carrie Fisher - More Classic Photos

Its the weekend so what better way to celebrate the days off but with some more classic photos of Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher.)  Okay its a poor excuse but hey she was my first crush.

Star Wars Characters in Plasticine

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away … a host of rebels, bounty hunters and Imperial guards were overshadowed by the more glamorous antics of Luke and Leia. That's the cheeky premise of Elliott Quince's new book, which fleshes out the lives of lesser-known Star Wars characters in modelling clay • Plasticine Tatooine: Stories from the Star Wars Second String.

The Star Wars Blu-ray Drinking Game

To celebrate the imminent release of Star Wars on Blu-ray I have come up with a way to enhance the experience.  Best played with two or more players.  Drink responsibly (don't spill any.) You open up the box set and lay all the discs out and read all the leaflets and pamphlets before even playing one.  Down a drink You think “Wow!  How amazing does that look in high def” take a swig. You think “Wow!  That sounds amazing in 6.1” take a swig. You go straight for the deleted scenes.  Down a drink. You go straight for one of the documentaries (Star Warriors, Anatomy Of A Dewback etc.) Down a drink. You watch the concept art gallery.  Take a sip. You decide to do this properly and start with the first disc. Take a sip. You’ve got mates around and decide to have a geek night.  You better take a sip and take it slowly.  You’re probably going to be drunk by the end of disc one. George Lucas is wearing a cap.  Take a swig. George Lucas is wearing a lumberjack shirt

Things I Loved About Super 8

Super 8 was everything I wanted it to be. I was a kid all over again watching the Spielberg greats of the seventies and eighties. Here’s a list of why the movie Super 8 worked so well for me. No glamour. It makes a refreshing change to watch a movie where the main characters of a movie not aimed at kids are kids. No models, no teenagers running around semi naked moaning that X hasn’t broken up with Y because Z said they shouldn’t etc. A Proper script with three dimensional characters and played by relatively unknowns. No big name actors. It Was Made With A Low Budget. Super 8 cost fifty million dollars to make. In comparison to other movies this is extremely low. Michael Bay has reportedly added thirty million dollars to the Transformers 3 budget alone just to get the 3D right. By having a low budget a good story and script had to be the biggest priority. Back in the seventies and eighties the BBC had very low production budgets in comparison to other TV com