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10 Years Of The Bearded Trio: Robert MacNaughton Answers Our Quick Fire Questions

10 Years Of The Bearded Trio - Robert MacNaughton Answers Our Quick Fire Questions The Bearded Trio is 10 years old this year so we've become a little nostalgic and decided to post some of our favourite posts from over the years.  To kick us off we have our short interview with E.T. The Extra Terrestrial's, Robert MacNaughton (Elliott's older brother, Michael.)  He kindly answered our "quick fire questions."  This was a feature we ran regularly with questions that kind of replicated the quick fire round that James Lipton would ask his guests on "Inside The Actor's Studio." I met Robert at London Film & Comic Con in 2013 and he kindly agreed to answer my questions.  I said to not think about them too much and tell me the first thing that comes to mind, hence the short answers.  Here we go: You're stuck in a swamp on Dagobah. What one movie, TV show, album and book would you take? MY movie would be The Fighter and TV show - Survivor (S

Happy Birthday John Williams. Here's 15 Facts On The Iconic Composer

15 Facts On John Williams It's John Williams' birthday today so to celebrate the maestro's 90th Birthday, we've compiled fifteen facts on the iconic composer that you may or may not know.  Happy Birthday John, keep swinging that baton. 1 - John William's son, Joseph Williams, became the lead singer of the band Toto who you may know from the song, “Africa” 2 - There have been three Steven Spielberg theatrical movies that have not had a John Williams score.  "The Color Purple" (which was composed by Quincy Jones, who also produced the film) "Bridge of Spies" (composed by Thomas Newman) and Ready Player One (composed by Alan Silvestri.) 3 - With 51 Oscar nominations, Williams currently holds the record for the most Oscar nominations for a living person, and is the second most nominated person in Academy Awards history behind Walt Disney's 59. Forty-six of Williams's Oscar nominations are for Best Original Score and five are for B

Fan Gives His Home Office An Impressive Indiana Jones Theme

This Indiana Jones Themed Home Office Has Plenty of Fortune and Glory Indiana Jones fan, Scott Rox contacted us and was eager to share a few photos of his latest home office setup.  You have to admit that is a rather cool Indiana Jones themed office.  Scott told us: It's been a hobby of mine for the past 30 years.  Each time we moved I would set up a different display and this is what we came up with this time. The figure has undergone several changes as well with a new body this time around.  My first head was more like a caricature sculpt that a lady from New York did for me.  It was an okay likeness but not like this one.  I had a second head made which was from latex and looked okay but this was the latest that a guy had made from plaster then I had it painted by an artist.  Eventually you have to say good enough otherwise you can go crazy over this stuff. We decided to add a sports theme to the theater and move the Indy theme to my home office.  I'm a chemistry pro

How many Spielberg signature shots are hidden in his first 35mm film?

The Lost Key: Amblin‘  Exclusive guest post by Joerg Breitenfeld For an ever-long time, Spielberg's first foray into cinematic terrain remained a mystery. Only a small circle of people had seen his 35mm short film during its short-lived theatrical run in December 1968. Even fewer had access to a film recording. Amblin' was never broadcast on television or sold on disc or otherwise. Compared to the director's other films, very little has been written about Amblin', although it paved the way for Spielberg's career as a professional director. Finally, eight years ago, a video recording appeared on Vimeo and YouTube. It was of deplorable quality and came from obscure sources, but that was fine for me and all the other Spielberg aficionados who had waited so long for the lost key to Spielberg’s early work. I had no idea what was waiting for me behind the opening titles and how much this film has in fact influenced Spielberg's subsequent work. To tell you up