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Fans “Find the Force” and Reveal New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Character BB-9E as Force Friday II Gets Underway Around the World

Over 1300 U.S. retail locations will host midnight openings tonight celebrating array of new  Star Wars : The Last Jedi products with tech toys front and center As the global Force Friday II celebration kicks off around the world, fans in Australia were the first to officially unveil a new dark side character from the upcoming  Star Wars: The Last Jedi  film, named BB-9E. Stores across Australia opened their doors at midnight to welcome fans seeking new  Star Wars: The Last Jedi  products, and attendees got to meet BB-9E in both AR and toy form to share with other fans via social media. This new droid, part of the astromech unit of the First Order that keep their starships and machinery operational, is featured across the  Star Wars: The Last Jedi  product lines, and can also be viewed in life-size AR form at participating retail locations hosting the  Find the Force  pop-up AR treasure hunt. Using the  Find the Force  feature in the  Star Wars  App, fans will be abl

Coming Soon: Star Wars: The Last Jedi From Funko Pops!

The newest chapter in the Star Wars saga is coming to theaters December 15th, but you can start collecting Funko from Star Wars: The Last Jedi on 9/1! Funko is excited to reveal your favorite characters from Star Wars: The Last Jedi as Galactic Plushies, Wobblers, Pen Toppers, Water Bottles, Lanyard, Mystery Minis and, of course, Pop! Rey, Finn, Poe, Kylo and BB-8 are back for more adventures and are joined by new characters you’re sure to love. Who doesn’t want their own Porg? Galactic Plushies - Star Wars: The Last Jedi Collect them all before returning to a galaxy far,  far away this December. In stores 9/1!   Look for Walgreens exclusives! Including Supreme Leader Snoke, and Praetorian Guard.  In addition, find the 12” Chewbacca plushie only at Walgreens. Wobblers - Star Wars: The Last Jedi Pop! Pens - Star Wars: The Last Jedi Mystery Mini - Star Wars: The Last Jedi Look for these great exclusives! Find Resistance BB Unit, Kylo Ren Unmasked, and Praetorian Guard Myster

My Favorite Ships from the Star Wars Films by Eric Onkenhout

O ne of the greatest aspects of Star Wars is its design of original spacecraft. So many talented artists gave their personal interpretation of what a ship in the Star Wars galaxy could look like, who could fly it, and exactly what its purpose would be despite its fantasy setting. From the very beginning George Lucas wanted the look of a used universe. He wanted the ships to look like they’ve been through battle, with dents and dings and scorch marks. Arguably it is this quality alone that make the ships of the Star Wars galaxy so distinct from any other film franchise. As a enthusiast of fighter aircraft, I’ve always been drawn to certain ships for one reason or another. Last month I wrote about favorite Legends ships which you can read here . So here are my favorite ships from the films: 1. From Episode I, Naboo N-1 Starfighter is in my opinion the most elegant design of any ship in Star Wars apart from maybe the Naboo Royal Starship. It’s smooth, curved lines repr