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Top Spielberg Movies Of All Time. The Results Are In. Scores Based On Web Ratings/Takings and Awards

Steven Spielberg Movies Ranked What is the best Steven Spielberg movie of all time? I decided to compile the following list to answer the question. So here's how it works. I have visited several sites and taken their top rated Spielberg movies and given points for the top six.  The scoring system is: 1st - 10 points 2nd - 6 points 3rd - 4 points 4th - 3 points 5th - 2 points 6th - 1 point Also included is box office takings which has been adjusted for inflation and overall nominations and awards given. Metacritic Top six by metascore Score Points E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial 10 pts 94 metascore Schindler's List 6 pts 93 metascore Raiders of the Lost Ark 4 pts 90 metascore Saving Private Ryan 3 pts 90 metascore Minority Report 2pts 80 metascore Jaws 1pt 79 metascore Metacritic by user score Empire of the Sun 10 pts 9.0 user score Raiders of the Lost Ark 6 pts 8.9 user score Schindler's List 4pts 8.8 user score Saving Private

The Clone Wars James Arnold Taylor's "Talking to Myself" Trailer #StarWars

James Arnold Taylor's "Talking to Myself" is a 80 minute one-man stage show event. Combining state-of-the-art multimedia images and sound in a live theater setting. James re-creates scenes from some of Hollywood's biggest films with creative imagery and his voice. As one of Hollywood's most prolific voice-actors James is known world wide as the voice of many famous television and film characters. From Fred Flintstone and Johnny Test to Obi-Wan Kenobi on the hit show Star Wars: The Clone Wars. "Talking to Myself" includes over 150 voices all by one man, one throat. It is a family friendly show that inspires, educates and entertains! We hope you enjoy this trailer, spread the word and catch the show in your area soon! Question is can he do a convincing Welsh accent?

Indiana Jones Desperately Needed A Beer

Indiana Jones And The Friday Night Beer

List Of Geek Anniversaries in 2012 (Start saving for those special editions)

 Here is a list of anniversaries this year so start saving for those special edition box sets.  80th Anniversary John Williams composer was born in 1932 45th Anniversary (1967) Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons (TV) 40th Anniversary (1972) The Godfather The Poseidon Adventure 35th Anniversary (1977) Star Wars Close Encounters Of The Third Kind 1977 Close Encounters Of The Third Kind The Fantastic Journey (TV) Fantasy Island (TV) 30th Anniversary (1982) E.T The Extra Terrestrial The THX Sound System was developed for use in movie theaters Lucasarts was founded Poltergeist Blade Runner The Thing (John Carpenter) Raiders of the Lost Ark (video game) Q*bert (video game) 25th Anniversary (1987) Innerspace Jaws 4 The Revenge Predator Robocop The Running Man Star Trek: The Next Generation  (TV) Maniac Mansion (video game) Star Tours 1987 Star Tours (Ride)   Empire of the Sun Superman IV 20th Anniversary (1992) Muppet's Christmas Ca