Star Wars News Round Up

Today's Photo - Classic Moody E.T. Poster

Quick Fire Questions - This Week Erik Sharkey

VIDEO: Hollywood Reporter Show Video Of George Lucas and Mellody Hobson Wedding

Retro Star Wars Is Back - Retro Star Wars Strikes Back

VIDEO: Meet Boba Fett: Initial 1978 Boba Fett Costume Screentest


Samuel L. Jackson Expresses His Interest To Be In Star Wars VII

RebelForce Radio & Sam Witwer Do Commentary For The Empire Strikes Back

VIDEO: Star Wars The Clone Wars Tipping Point Music by Kevin Kiner

Today's Picture - Spielberg Dresses Up As A Woman

8-bit Cinema: Star Trek in 90 Seconds

Today's Picture - Spielberg On The Set Of E.T. With The Children

Lucasfilm Gearing Up For Huge Presence At San Diego Comic Con

Star Wars Elevator Prank (USING THE FORCE FOR REAL)

BREAKING NEWS: Facebook Page Retro Star Wars Closed - Sad Day For Fans.

Today's Picture - Ghostbusters 2 From Concept To Scene

Rick Moranis unsure of 'Ghostbusters 3'

Lego Giant Monkey Head From Monkey Island Created.

Today's Picture - Dustin Hoffman and Steven Spielberg Smile For The Camera

J.J. Abrams Frustrated Over Control Of Star Trek Merchandise.

Today's Picture - Spielberg Takes A Transformer For A Walk

Full Of Sith Episode XXVIII: Peril in Three Parts! So Much In One Episode

Indycast episode 169 Is Now Out - Indy 5 Rumours.

VIDEO: Jurassic Park III - Making the Spinosaur Behind-the-Scenes Part 1

Mellody Hobson And George Lucas Are Married. Congratulations!

Less Than Two Weeks Until London Film & Comic Con.

New RebelForce Radio Is Now Available With Special Guest, Dave Filoni.

PRESS VIDEO For Steven Spielberg's Director's Chair

Today's Picture - Jaws, Peter Benchley Interviews Richard Dreyfuss

Quickfire Questions - This Week Cory Clubb of Coffee With Kenobi


Lucasarts Veteran Trying To Bring Back Classic Adventure A Vampyre Story.

Jurassic Park IV Plot Leaked? Set on Modern Day Isla Nublar With Underwater Dinosaurs

VIDEO - 50 Minute Documentary On George Lucas "Flying Solo" From 1997