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Andor Episodes 1-3 Recap: Waiting for the Star Wars Part of the Newest Star Wars Series

Words you will not find in this initial recap of Andor :  "Adult." "Gritty." "Mature." "Slow Burn." Almost in lock-step, professional publications and Disney-chosen influencers have used identical verbiage to describe the first three episodes of Star Wars: Andor , which bowed on Disney Plus Wednesday, September 21.  You'll find many of those same influencers declaring this to be THE BEST STAR WARS SERIES EVER, based on 25 percent of the first of two seasons being revealed. After viewing the first three episodes, I was left with one question: "Where was the 'Star Wars' in this latest Star Wars show?" Don't get me wrong, from a technical standpoint, Andor appears outstanding on every level. The production design, acting, music, environment and characters are all compelling and draw in the viewer in no time. We feel immediately part of this world Cassian Andor (wonderfully played by Diego Luna) stalks around in.  The show&#