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13 Things About E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial You May Not Know

You can read my review here  of the E.T. From Concept To Classic Book Here are 13 facts or quotes you may not know  regarding E.T. The Extra Terrestrial. Spielberg never wanted to show grown-ups until the very end.  "I wanted to suggest them like in a Tom & Jerry cartoon where, when the Mom comes in you only see her from the waist down" Spielberg explains ET is more plant than anything else.  "He's not a mammal, or bird, or fish.  I think he's a vegetable."  He also mentions how they decided to make his insides when they glow to look more like a plant. Quote from Spielberg in 1981 - "ET is my response to the stalled space program.  If the government won't fund the space program, to allow people's imagination to soar, then all I can do is make movies that bring space down to Earth and make it more accessible to the imagination." George Lucas on Yoda - "I hadn't seen the movie and when it was completed, we had a

E.T. From Concept To Classic Book Review

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial  From Concept To Classic  was first released in 2002 when the movie was celebrating its 20th anniversary.  Now Newmarket Press has released a 30th Anniversary edition which will sit nicely by your copy of the Blu-ray which is out in October.   192 glossy pages and an introduction by Steven Spielberg no less.  In fact we get to hear from Spielberg, writer Melissa Mathison  and  the cast and crew throughout the book.  The full screenplay is included in the book ,  along with script notes to give you that extra insight into the movie.  For example, did you know that Henry Thomas who played Elliott ad-libbed the scene where Elliott and E.T. play with the toys? The book is separated into three main parts.  Part one of the book is titled From concept to c lassic  and begins with the explanation of "Night Skies", an early draft about a farm family who are terrorised by gremlin-like extra terrestrials.  Spielberg felt after reading the draft

Trivia From A Galaxy Far Far Away. Star Wars: Original Trilogy Book Review

Q uestion   - What do most Star Wars trivia books and games have in common?  Answer - The questions.  They're either too hard or too easy. A few months ago I had a Star Wars trivia night with a few mates.  Armed with Star Wars trivial pursuit I thought the evening would be a great success.  It was only a few questions in before I realised that this wasn't going to work.  The reason?  A number of things.  The people in the room had different levels of Star Wars knowledge.  There was me who is your Star Wars geek who knows about the expanded universe, the original trilogy and the prequels not to mention The Clone Wars animated series.  There were others who had knowledge of most of the above apart from the expanded universe.  Then there were others who only had knowledge of the original trilogy and not much of the prequels. Also some of the questions were simply awful.  For example this one had us in stitches.  "What is the name of the blue energy ball the Gungans used

Close Up Shot Of My Super 8 Argus Cube Replica By QMX

Thecube measures 2" on each side and weighs approximately 5 ounces.  It doesn't fly and make holes in walls.

Most Random Star Wars Thing I've Ever Seen

19th Century Steam Powered At-At Walker