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My 10 Favorite Star Wars Things From the Disney Era

These are hard times for Lucasfilm. That isn’t news. I thought about what to write for a time like this. Does Lucasfilm need new leadership? Maybe, but that’s what literally everyone is saying right now. There isn’t much I can contribute on that front. The writers’/actors’ strike has thrown studios into chaos. Future release dates are best ignored, whether you’re a fan of television or feature films. There doesn’t appear to be an end in sight for the strike. Add to that recent comments by Disney CEO Bob Iger, who said the studio intends to pull back from producing Marvel and Star Wars content. It’s worth noting those comments came all of five months after he said the complete opposite . Star Wars: Ahsoka premiers on Disney+ in less than a month. So I thought it might be a good time to review my 10 most favorite Star Wars things that have happened within the Disney era. This was a surprisingly easy list to make, even in an environment where making “top 10 most hated” lists are far mor

Good Night Oppy Is A Masterclass In Documentary And Storytelling

Good Night Oppy Is A Must-See Isn't it nice when you come across a movie that you somehow missed the boat on and then when you watch it you wonder how you missed something so incredibly amazing?  Well, that's exactly what happened with me and Good Night Oppy.   I'm trying to figure out how I missed this amazing docu-movie from Amazon Studios which tells the story of Opportunity, nicknamed Oppy, a Mars rover launched in 2003 that was supposed to last 90 sols (Mars days) and ended up plodding along the Martian surface for 15 years!  The other mystery of how I missed this is two of the production companies that brought us this masterpiece are Amblin and Industrial Light & Magic no less. The production quality is simply first-rate throughout its 105 minute runtime.  The movie is a mix of documentary and a gripping Martian movie so we get to hear from the actual clever people who achieved this amazing feat of putting not only Oppy on Mars but another rover too, Spirit who

The Star Wars Musical Universe with Lucasfilm & EA Games At San Diego Comic-Con

Composers Gordy Haab and Stephen Barton will be joined by Respawn Entertainment Audio Director Nick Laviers on Friday, July 21 WHO: EA Games and Lucasfilm are thrilled to present “The Star Wars Musical Universe” at San Diego Comic Con 2023. Panelists include co-composers Gordy Haab & Stephen Barton and audio director at Respawn Entertainment Nick Laviers. The panel will be moderated by Chandler Poling of White Bear PR and presented with the support of ASCAP and BMI.   WHAT: There is hardly a more iconic musical landscape than what the Star Wars franchise has brought to the world. This panel will explore the creative forces that went into making the original music heard within the recent video game release of Star Wars: Jedi Survivor. From the sweeping score to the infectious beats of the in-world songs, the game utilizes music on a whole new level.   WHERE: San Diego Convention Center, Room: 7AB 111 W Harbor Dr. San Diego, CA 92101   WHEN: Friday, July 21, 2023   TIME: 10:00am –

Hasbro Celebrates its 100th Anniversary at 2023 San Diego Comic-Con International

Where to find Hasbro at this year's San Diego Comic-Con International And What To Expect Revealing an Amazing Brand Lineup Through Dazzling New Products, Experiences, Programming and More Surrounding Fan-Favorite Brands: TRANSFORMERS, Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, NERF, G.I. JOE, Power Rangers and Premier Collaboration Brands: Star Wars™, Indiana Jones™ and Marvel Visit Hasbro Booth #3213 for Talent Meet & Greets, Signings, Product Showcases, Photo Opportunities, Contests, and Giveaways, Among Other Fun-Filled Branded Activities Select Hasbro Pulse Products and Convention Exclusives Will Be Available to Purchase at The VAULT: A Hasbro Pulse Store in Downtown San Diego, CA Celebrating its centennial anniversary this year, Hasbro, Inc., a toy and game company, is returning to San Diego Comic-Con International, showcasing an incredible lineup of branded activities based on fan favorites, including  TRANSFORMERS, Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, NERF, G