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Jurassic Park Fan Creates Indomation. An Intense Stop-Motion Animated Short Complete With Raptor Chase

'Indomation.'  A Jurassic Park Inspired Stop-Motion Animated Short Jurassic Park fan, Mason Drumm contacted The Bearded Trio and wanted to share with us his new fun animated short that has a lot of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World influence.  Titled 'INDOMATION,' it's a stop-motion animated short that tells the story of our "hero" who just wants to order a pizza and have a relaxing evening watching Jurassic World.  Unfortunately the raptors have better ideas and what follows is a rather intense chase scene through numerous hand built sets boasting impressive attention to detail and animation. Mason tells us the six minute movie took ninety three hours of animation and 7830 frames.  A two month set build and thirty five sticks of glue.  That's some dedication and it shows.  Listen out for the plucky version of John Williams' Jurassic Park at the end.  We've also include a behind the scenes video for you to see the amount of work that go

Why the Jaws sequels are worth your time.

Adam O'Brien's takes a look at the Jaws sequels in his first post for The Bearded Trio and explains why he thinks they are worthy sequels. W hat makes a good sequel? We've all seen one before, whether or not it's Empire Strikes Back, Terminator 2 you name it, they're both more of the same yet pushing the characters you know further into new hurdles, and new adventures that define and redefine who they are. Sequels are comfort food for movie goers who have enjoyed a film prior, realised the characters are special, and want to spend another few 90 plus minutes with the world of that film. I think it's great that since the advent of franchises like George Lucas' Star Wars they've become more common place, but now every film is being beaten into shape as a franchise starter to build the tent pole, however it wasn't always so. Jaws is one example, and the franchise I'm writing about today. I was a late starter to Jaws, seeing it in my teens

Steven Spielberg And The Missing 'Force Button'

Steven Spielberg and his trip to Lucasfilm, The Star Wars Arcade Machine and the missing "Force" button If you're a fan of Steven Spielberg then you probably already know the movie director is a bit of a gamer and it was only natural when the director was doing one of his regular visits to Lucasfilm in the early 80's that he set his sites on the Star Wars arcade machine that just happened to be taking residence. Little did Spielberg know that the machine that was at Lucasfilm was being used and studied by Peter Langston (Ball Blazer and Rescue on Fractalus!) who was there for Lucasfilm Games (later to be Lucasarts.) Lucasfilm actually had little involvement in the Atari arcade machine but the machine was shipped to Lucasfilm for reference and for Langston to study.   After studying the manual he discovered a switch that would convert the game into debug mode and allow all sorts of options to be applied. One in particular was the option to freeze the gam

Behind the Magic: The Visual Effects of Ready Player One

Step into the Oasis and take a look behind the magic of Ready Player One featuring visual effects by artists at Industrial Light & Magic. ILM release a three minute sizzle reel showing the different layers and artwork that went into bringing Ernest Cline's Ready Player One to the big screen which was directed by Steven Spielberg.  (Easily one of my favourite movies of 2018.)  You can watch the video below. VISUAL EFFECTS SUPERVISORS Grady Cofer Roger Guyett VISUAL EFFECTS ANIMATION SUPERVISOR David Shirk ILM VISUAL EFFECTS SUPERVISING PRODUCER Luke O'Byrne ILM SENIOR VISUAL EFFECTS PRODUCER Ann Podlozny ILM VISUAL EFFECTS PRODUCER Abbigail Keller ILM VISUAL EFFECTS SUPERVISORS Daniele Bigi Dave Dally VISUAL EFFECTS ART DIRECTOR Christian Alzmann The Bearded Trio - The Site For Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, John Williams and a whole lot more.