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Oh 1983, How I Miss Thee

As we get older, I often wonder if nostalgia loses its effect on us, or becomes more powerful. On one hand, as we age, we gain wisdom about the people and world around us; a normal thought is “Why couldn’t I have this understanding when I was younger?” On the other hand, in the modern world it can often be a challenge to find positive things about said world. Our parents age and depart. Our political leaders fail us. Everything is worse than it was, which naturally gives rise to wishing for a time when things weren’t so bad. Hence, nostalgia. I don’t think any single thing stirs nostalgia in me quite like Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (1983). I am often amazed at how I look back on my life and see how significant Star Wars events coincide with inflection points within my life. Friday, May 27, 1983, my dad picked me up after completing his work week and we drove to the local theater in Farmington Hills, Michigan, not long before the 6 p.m. showing. But he had a plan, due to the lines a

Close Encounters of the Third Kind Alien To Go Under The Hammer

£30,000 Alien To Be Sold To Highest Bidder, Shock Horror! Prop Store are holding another impressive auction and as usual there are a load of original props from the world of Star Wars and Star Trek but it's nice to see a unique prop from the world of Steven Spielberg movies and one of the best at that.  Close Encounters of the Third Kind is represented in the auction with this Alien Creature Display which the estimate comes in at an eye-watering £20,000 - £30,000! ($23,000 - $46,000) If you're in a fortunate position that you feel you can bid for this wonderful piece of classic movie history then this link will mean something to you: Rob (Lend us a fiver...TURKEY!) The Bearded Trio - The Site For Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, John Williams and a whole lot more.