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Indiana Jones And The Staff Of The Kings (Press Release)

Indiana Jones And The Staff Of The Kings PRESS RELEASE: The iconic hero Indiana Jones makes a return to video games as he tries to track down religious artefact the Staff Of Kings in LucasArts and Activision Blizzard’s upcoming adventure title… Dr Henry Jones Jr. has had a surprisingly erratic history with video games. Despite arguably being a key source of inspiration for the likes of Tomb Raider and Uncharted, Indiana has yet to see releases as regular as more contemporary heroes, such as James Bond and Harry Potter. However, the archaeologist’s return to the silver screen in last year’s Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull has renewed the public’s interest in his adventures, prompting the release of Lego: Indiana Jones, a family-orientated romp through the first three films. The game was so successful it managed to knock GTA IV, Metal Gear Solid 4 and Wii Fit from the top spot in the UK charts – proving that demand for Indiana’s whip-cracking antics is high. THE LATEST CRUSADE   R

Star Wars A Musical Journey At The O2 Arena

Came across this news report on the Star Wars Musical Journey at the O2 Arena and the various film props that were on show Tags: star wars , o2 , musical journey , retrofinds Here are some clips from the actual show in London. The show looked amazing. I got goose bumps! I will say that there are some subtle differences in the original John Williams composition and this one. Introduction Vader's Theme Duel Of The Fates Across The Stars Imperial March Luke's Theme and Cantina Band Finale Its not unreasonable to say that John Williams is a musical genius.

Indiana Jones: The Soundtrack Collection Review

I Received my Indiana Jones: The Soundtrack Collection box set on Saturday and is it worth it? Well short answer is "Yes!" Long answer is "Definitely Yes!" Soundtrack collectors have been crying out for years for a complete soundtrack release of the Indiana Jones films and this is as close as they are going to get for some time. It comes in a nice looking box Each CD comes with a booklet with photos from each film, track listings and behind the scenes. Also included is a separate booklet that has some extremely nice photos from all the movies and an introduction from Laurent Bouzereau (Soundtrack Reissue Producer.) He also hosts the interviews with John Williams, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg on the fifth extras disc. For those who already have the soundtrack on CD and are thinking of getting this box set then just a word of warning. You may want to hold on to your original as this version of Raiders Of The Lost Ark does not have the full ver

Review of Rogue Leaders- The Story Of Lucasarts

Well I just finished reading Rogue Leaders: The Story of Lucasarts. The book looks amazing with a holographic moving front cover that changes between all the great Lucasarts characters such as Guybrush Threepwood, Vader, Evil Tentacle, Lego Indiana Jones. It oozes quality from the outside and I couldn't wait to start reading about the greats such as Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle. Although a thorough book I couldn't help think that it was being thorough in all the wrong places. Not enough was mentioned about the greats. Monkey Island two gets no more than three pages dedicated to its 256 colourful pages. Never the less its worth the buy and will keep you entertained throughout. From the point and click days to Star Wars licenced overload. From the book you will learn how Lucasarts admitted they were churning out too much mediocre games and have aimed to go back to basics. It will also make you realise how Lucasarts is now not a patch on its greatness of the 80s