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Just To Clear Up Those Indy 3D Rumours - They Are False

A few days ago we reported that the story going around that Indiana Jones is to be converted to 3D are false.  We just thought we would post it again because it seems the big news companies are now reporting out of date information.  A sudio source told movieline “This is completely false. Right now, we are totally focused on bringing Star Wars to 3-D, and we have no plans to do an Indiana Jones conversion.” To be honest I hope we get proved wrong and Indy comes back to the big screen.  I'll be there.  Watching Raiders on the big screen again would be an amazing opportunity.

Tim Schafer To Receive Honorary Trailblazer Award

IndieCade, the International Festival of Independent Games, has announced that Tim Schafer will be bestowed with the organization's first ever Honorary Trailblazer award.  Tim Schafer is the founder of independent studio Double Fine Productions, but is best known for work as a designer on classic LucasArts adventure titles such as Monkey Island , Full Throttle , Grim Fandango , and Day of the Tentacle .