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Exploring The Coke Can In Attack Of The Clones

Spot the supposed Coke can in the wall, centre of the scene. Is There A Coke Can In Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones? I've Just watched Attack Of The Clones on Blu-ray and while I was enjoying the superb high def picture and sound quality I was drawn to one scene.  Where Anakin and Padme have their first sneaky kiss I remember a rumour on the internet about a Coke can being visible.  Well I paused the scene and had a look myself.  I can see what would have been mistaken for a Coke can but on closer inspection it can't be.  Take a look.  I personally think its a part of a huge plant that is creeping around the structure.  I seriously doubt that with the production crew on set, cameramen, lighting crew etc that a soda can would get overlooked.  At the end of the movie you can see the plant/flower again. I've taken a photo of the scene. Take a look.  What do you think? Supposed Coke Can - No can of mine had a bump going around the middle Rob Wain

Panasonic Advert 1984 Featuring A Floating George Lucas And Yoda @starwars

Ever wondered What George Lucas Looks Like Without His Beard? @starwars

From Disney News 1987. George Lucas without his famous beard.

George Lucas Congratulatory Letter To #Spielberg 1983

This was the letter sent to Steven Spielberg from George Lucas in 1983 congratulating Spielberg for E.T passing Star Wars in the movie rental takings.

More Rare Carrie Fisher Photos.

Carrie Fisher in 1978. Saturday Night Live in a sketch called Beach Blanket Bimbo From Outer Space.  She sings New Kid On Earth Carrie Fisher in Shampoo - 1975 Rolling Stone Mag Cover 1983