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Twickenham Film Studios to be rescued by mystery buyer

An unnamed woman has put down £100,000 to purchase Twickenham Film Studios out of the claws of administration.

The mysterious woman came forward after housebuilder Taylor Wimpey pulled out of its bid to purchase the film studios, The Telegraph reported. Richmond Council had rejected planning permission to convert the historic building into residential homes. Director Steven Spielberg and actor Colin Firth, amongst other celebrities, had spent months campaigning for the safety of the building.

It is believed the woman has promised to maintain the production of films at the business.

The sale is thought likely to take up to four weeks to complete, and is being managed by administrator Gerald Krasner at Begbies Traynor.

The firm entered administration in February this year, after suffering three consecutive years of losses. It was due to be wound down by June if a sale could not be secured.

Some of the more recent films made at Twickenham Film Studios include Warhorse, My Week with Mari…

Disney/Pixar Reveals New Movie The Good Dinosaur

Disney and Pixar are teaming up again on a new movie called The Good Dinosaur. The movie is set to arrive in theaters on May 30, 2014.

The story premise works around the what if scenario of the cataclysmic asteroid that forever changed life on Earth actually missed our planet and giant dinosaurs never became extinct. One can only guess what type of hilarious situations they may come up with. Would the dinosaurs become pets to humans or would it be the other way around? The original and heartfelt tale will be directed by Bob Peterson who was also co-director/writer Up and writer Finding Nemo. John Walker from The Incredibles and The Iron Giant will be producing the film.

This is not the only the film Disney/Pixar will be working on several other projects including a project based on the Dia de los Muertos which is a Mexican celebration where family and friends gather together to remember lost loved ones. Finally an-as-yet untitled movie that been pushed back to a June 2015 releas…

The Old Republic Server Transfers Coming This Summer, New Species In The Works

In the latest question-and-answer session with the Star Wars: The Old Republiccommunity, BioWare promised some big additions to the MMORPG. For starters, they plan to roll out server transfers in a few months. 

"We will be rolling out our Character Transfer Service in early summer," said Dallas Dickinson, senior producer of live services. "First we’ll have some targeted free transfers from/to specific servers, but that will be followed with a broader system where you can either take advantage of free promotional transfers to specific servers or paid transfers to the server of your choice. We know everyone has more questions about character transfer, and we’ll reveal more details closer to the launch date." 

The population of any MMO inevitably becomes a bit lopsided so the free transfers will probably one way that BioWare tries to correct it. They'll most likely allow players on the most crowded servers to transfer to the lower population servers for no charge. I…

Universal celebrates 100 years of movie making

Universal Pictures, the Hollywood studio known for classic films such as To Kill a Mockingbird, Jaws, Out of Africa and All Quiet on the Western Front is marking its centenary by restoring and re-releasing some of its best-known titles. Universal was founded on 30 April 1912 in the US state of New Jersey. The businessman Carl Laemmle, a German immigrant who became known as one of the founding fathers of Hollywood, led a team of entrepreneurs to set up the studio. It was at a time when film-making was in its infancy and audiences were flocking to small cinema booths in converted storefronts, known as Nickelodeons. Alfred Hitchcock is just one of the legendary directors to work with Universal "They were really taking advantage of this new phenomenon that was sweeping the country," says Jeff Pirtle, Director of Archives and Collections for NBC Universal. Universal grew rapidly and the studio eventually moved west to settle in California - encouraged by wall-to-wall sunshine and…

Cate Blanchett to guest-star on 'Family Guy'

Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett will do voice work on an upcoming episode of the Fox animated series Family Guy.

She will voice Penelope, a girl who is a potential love interest for Stewie, who is voiced by series creator Seth MacFarlane. Penelope is reportedly as mischievous as Stewie, and they team up when Stewie plants an exploding wallet on Mort.

The episode is set to air Sunday.

This marks her first television work since 1995, when she played Bianca in the Australian miniseries Bordertown.

Her film roles include The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008) and her Oscar-winning performance as Katherine Hepburn in Martin Scorsese’s The Aviator (2004).

Bioware discounts Star Wars the Old Republic up to $35 off at Origin

If you have been waiting for the right time to pick up Bioware’s hit MMO ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic”, now might be the best time. Origin has deeply discounted both the ‘Digital Deluxe Edition’ and the ‘Standard Edition’.

The ‘Digital Deluxe Edition’ (shown on the right) is offering the larger of the two promotions, currently marked down to $44.44 from $79.99, while the ‘Standard Edition’ is marked down to $34.44 from $59.99

Origin lets you compare both copies side-by-side to see which of the two versions fits your gaming needs best. No word on how long the promotion will last but since the game just received the largest update to date and introduced the ‘Legacy’ system, we assume this promotion will only run for a very limited time while they are promoting the updates.

You can check out both editions as well as the promotion by visitin the official Origin store below.

source | origin

Steven Spielberg and USC Shoah Foundation Institute Recognize Arnold Spielberg With Inaugural Inspiration Award

Arnold Spielberg, father of USC Shoah Foundation Institute Founder Steven Spielberg, was honored yesterday with the Institute's inauguralInspiration Award at a private luncheon in Los Angeles. Arnold was recognized for his many years of mentorship and support of the Institute's work, especially in the area of humanity through technology.

A computer pioneer and former electrical engineer, Arnold was a volunteer and guiding light helping inspire the early team at the organization to overcome technical and logistical hurdles.Phil Rosenthal, creator of the highly acclaimed hit comedy series Everybody Loves Raymond, who is a longtime supporter of the Institute, served as the master of ceremonies for the event. He is also the son and grandson of Holocaust survivors. Olga Kern, internationally renowned concert pianist, was the special musical guest and gave a stellar performance. The Inspiration Award, which will hereafter be known as the Arnold Spielberg Inspiration Award, was estab…

The Old Republic not losing subscribers, says dev

BioWare's massively multiplayer online role-playing game Star Wars: The Old Republicis not suffering subscriber defections, according to project lead designer Daniel Erickson.
The Old Republic isn't shedding subscribers, claims BioWare. Speaking to

They're Here! (Almost.) Sam Raimi to Produce Poltergeist Remake

The Hollywood Reporter has now confirmed that Sam Raimi has, indeed, boarded MGM's upcoming remake of Poltergeist, but is doing so in a producer-only capacity alongide Nathan Kahane and Roy Lee.

Raimi, who directed The Evil Dead one year before the first Poltergeist was released, is also known today for, among many other films, his Spider-Man trilogy and, most recently, for Drag Me to Hell. He's currently in post-production on Oz the Great and Powerful.

No director is currently attached to Poltergeist.

Will keep you posted.


Barbra Streisand Celebrates The Big 7-0 With Spielberg

Barbra Streisand's 70th birthday sparkled and shined from here to Broadway!
Tuesday night, she was showered with wishes from John Travolta and Steven Spielberg in sexy Malibu!!
She describes it very well, saying:
It was a magical event with only very close friends, people I've known and loved more than 20 years. The highlight of the evening was my son's film that he made for me. People kept asking, 'Who is that singing?' And when I said it was Jason, everyone was blown away by the beauty and soulfulness of his voice. Quincy Jones wanted to sign him on the spot.
My friends made it an evening of surprises for me, flying in the remarkable Israeli mentalist Lior Suchard and gifting me with the performance of my favorite singer, Johnny Mathis, and many, many more highlights.

Hamilton Residents Make a Pitch for Lucasfilm Studio Project

A grassroots effort to bring Lucas Valley's failed Lucasfilm production studio project to the Hangars at Hamilton Landing is being led by resident Marla Fields, who said it may be a longshot but she wants to roll out the red carpet for the film company. The Lucasfilm withdrawal from the Grady Ranch has created a near feeding frenzy of Bay Area cities including Dixon, Vallejo's Mare Island, Fairfield, Lagoon Valley in Solano County, Oakland and San Francisco all vying for the economic boost and star power of the project. Hangars & Residential Set for Production As recently as December 2010, a Disney animation company, ImageMovers Digital had made its home in two of the former airplane hangars at Hamilton Landing. Originally a military base, Hamilton was built in the 1930s and converted to a mixed-use residential and commercial community in Novato in the late '90s. The hangars were purchased and transformed into modern office space by Barker Pacific Group and current ten…

Star Wars Revisits Elstree For Empire Day

On Saturday May 5th, for one day only, Star Wars returns to Elstree Studios for Elstree Empire Day. 

Gary Kurtz, producer of the first two Star Wars films, is reuniting members of the original cast and crew for a celebration of the saga’s history at the famous UK studio. Anyone who worked on the Star Wars films at Elstree is invited to attend and should get in touch with Jason Joiner (0797 379 1339) or Graham Miles (0773 983 2229) or by e-mail via the website.

Highlights of the day’s schedule will include:

- A talk by Gary Kurtz on ‘A Day in the life of a Star Wars Producer’

- Displays of original film props, some never before seen in public

- Displays of Art Department items such as artwork, models, blue-prints etc.

- A display of rare photographs showing the work that took place at the studios

- Autographs and talks by the guests

The event is being run to aid the continuing preservation and restoration of artefacts in The Kurtz/Joiner Archive. The Archive was set up by Gary Kurtz and Star W…

The Old Republic Expands to New Countries in Europe and the Middle East

Star Wars The Old Republic will officially launch in 38 additional countries throughout Europe and the Middle East. Starting today, fans in those regions will be able to purchase the critically-acclaimed massively multiplayer online game and enjoy the story-driven experience that has captivated critics and fans since the game's historic launch in December. Players will be able to choose from the Standard Edition and the Digital Deluxe Edition of Star Wars: The Old Republic at* and participating retailers located in Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Bahrain, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, Estonia, Gibraltar, Iceland, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon, Libya, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates and Yemen. For a complete list of participating retailers and for pricing by territory, please …

Jobs compared Pixar, the animation studio he purchased from George Lucas, to a laser printer during an interview in June 1995

Described as the Apple co-founder's "wilderness years," the lost tapes span several years worth of interviews with veteran technology reporter Brent Schlender. In the interviews, Jobs discussed many of the underlying philosophies at the core of Apple. "Listening to [the tapes again] with the benefit of hindsight, the ones that took place during that interregnum jump out as especially enlightening," Schlender said of the lost interviews. Jobs compared Pixar, the animation studio he purchased from George Lucas, to a laser printer during an interview in June 1995. His argument was that although the technology behind the scenes was incredible, people were only concerned with the output. In an October 2004 interview, Jobs compares good management to the Beatles, emphasizing the importance of a checks and balance system. Jobs compared the chemistry between the John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr to that of the Pixar team at the time: Jobs, E…