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Vintage Advert For Chewbacca's Bandolier @starwars #wookieweek

This is a scan of an advert from the Return Of The Jedi magazine (No.19 Oct 26 1983) On page one it shows Chewbacca and how you too can own his Bandolier and fill it with your kenner Star Wars figures. According to the advert there are two secret compartments for secret messages, laser pistols and other vital battle gear. Just collect 5 Star Wars action figures cut out send their package names away. Bargain!

George Lucas: 3D film-making is the new colour

Star Wars creator George Lucas says 3D film-making will eventually take over at the cinema in the way colour replaced black and white.

Lucas and fellow technology pioneers James Cameron, the maker of Avatar, and DreamWorks Animation boss Jeffrey Katzenberg pointed out that digital film-making was only in its infancy but would bring vast improvements to how movies were made and seen.

Digital technology in general was revolutionising film-making the way sound did in the 1920s, Lucas said. The new digital 3D craze had hits and misses, but should one day become the big-screen standard over 2D presentation, he added.
“So now when you’re watching a movie and it’s not in 3D, it’s like watching in black and white,” he told cinema owners at their CinemaCon convention in Las Vegas.
“It’s a better way of looking at a film. ... I totally believe now that 3D will completely take over just like colour did.”

Lucas spoke at a digital-film panel alongside Cameron and Katzenberg. The hour-lon…

Star Wars In Concert At Hollywood Bowl - Press Release

Press Release:

Principal Conductor DIRK BROSSE

Narrated Live by ANTHONY DANIELS (C-3PO in the Star Wars Saga)

American Express® Cardmembers can get advance tickets to Star Wars In Concert performing at the Hollywood Bowl. Advance tickets are available Wednesday, March 2 at 10:00am through Sunday, March 13 at 10:00pm. Preferred Seating available to Gold Card, Platinum Card® and Centurion® members.





The only North American performances in 2011

Massive multi-media event features stunning visuals, live orchestra, choir and narration

Tickets on sale Monday, March 14 at 1O a.m.

February 28, 2011 …

Comparison Of Opening Credits Of Tie Fighter Lucasarts Game With Different Soundcard

Below are two videos showing the opening of Tie Fighter.  Both are the Collector's CD-Rom version but listen to the difference.  One is with a Gravis Ultrasound the other without.  What a difference a decent soundcard made. Star Wars: TIE Fighter (Collector's CD-ROM) [1995] - Intro and Credits (Gravis UltraSound) TIE Fighter: Opening (Collectors' CD-ROM)

Lewis Hamilton Cars 2 character #pixar

Lewis Hamilton is lending his voice to a brand new car in the upcoming Disney Pixar film Cars 2!

Lewis Hamilton, the famously sleek and seriously fast #2 Grand Touring Sports champion, has been a determined and winning racer for nearly his entire young life. Like all youngster cars, Lewis spent his childhood going to school, taking karate lessons and winning the British Karting Championship by the age of 10. Today, the celebrated native Brit continues to bring an exceptional work ethic and soft-spoken confidence to the race course where his extraordinary achievements speak for themselves via a spotless track record on the junior and professional circuits. With his striking metallic black and yellow paint scheme, Lewis will represent Great Britain at the World Grand Prix. His car also carries the flag of Grenada, home to his family who emigrated to Britain in the 1950s. His unrivaled technical skills, natural speed ability and cool, karate-inspired attitude make him a pow…

Falling Skies - New Full Trailer Now with 50% More Alien #spielberg

TNT unleashed a new trailer of "Falling Skies". One of the most ambitious TV projects done by Steven Spielberg, the series follows a group of soldiers and civilians struggling against an occupying alien force. Noah Wyle stars as a college professor and father of two who leads the group.

George Lucas 'very happy' with 3D Phantom Menace

George Lucas has announced his satisfaction with the efforts to date to convert The Phantom Menace to 3D.
The job of adding an extra dimension to Jar Jar Binks has been handed to Prime Focus, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The firm previously used its "proprietary View-D 2D-to-3D process" on Clash of the Titans

He said in a statement: "It was incredibly important to me that we have the technology, the resources and the time to do this right. I'm very happy with the results I've been seeing on Episode I."

Industrial Light & Magic's visual effects supervisor, John Knoll, will be keeping an eye on things. He said: "Getting really good results from stereo conversion requires a lot of attention to detail, and it is imperative that you take the time to get it right – and that's just what we're doing

"We're taking a different approach than you might expect. George's vision has been to add dimension to the film i…

THQ's Star Wars licence expiring - Grab Falcon Gunner Now! #starwars

Vertigore Games' Josh Shabtai has said that Falcon Gunner, the augmented reality iOS title which his studio developed for THQ, is to be pulled from the App Store as a result of the end of a licensing agreement between THQ and Lucasfilm.

Falcon Gunner will be pulled from iTunes after March 31, according to Josh Shabtai, the game’s creative director who runs a small development studio called Vertigore. Shabatai says the game is getting delisted because publisher THQ Wireless lost their deal with the Star Wars licensing people. In a blog post, he praises them and Apple for their support, hypes his new games and mixes sadness with the recognition that his game fulfilled a 27-year-old dream: “We had a good run. We got to make a friggin’ Star Wars game!”

Pixar brings fascinating animation world to Hong Kong

The latest exhibition by Pixar Animation Studios opened Sunday at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum on the first stop of its new global tour.
The exhibition "Pixar: 25 Years of Animation" building on the success of its last international tour, offers the most comprehensive review of Pixar's work to date.
The exhibition features more than 400 pieces/sets of artifacts, some of which have never been seen outside of the studio's archives previously, including traditional artwork in various mediums, maquettes, early animated short films, and one-of-a-kind media installations created by Pixar Technical Artists, as well as artwork from Cars 2, which has yet even been released.
The exhibition illustrates the three key elements that make an animated film. These are "character", which moves the story forward and gives the viewer something or someone to identify with; "story", which starts with a concept and scripts, then visually represents the film…

ILM's Virtual Camera that "filmed" Rango

Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) famous for creating special effects for the Star Wars movies and many others developed a virtual camera which helped the creation of its first animation Rango.

Copyright belongs to NBC, TechNow. Please visit for more details. Technow also has a youtube channel but this clip is not shown there. Please support their good work by subscribing their channel.

Star Wars Blu-ray Release Date Moved Up Over a Week

Lucasfilm has announced that the release date for all the Star Wars Blu-ray sets has been moved up over one week to September 16 from September 27. Today LucasFilm took the wraps off Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu-ray Disc at CES with a couple surprises none of us expected.
The first surprise is in addition to Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu-ray, you'll be able to purchase either the Prequel Trilogy or Original Trilogy separately.

The second surprise is all three sets are now up for pre-order at with a September release date. That's right; you can secure your copy now and sleep easy that it'll be in-hand when the launch date arrives. 

Visit for more details

A Short History of the Wilhelm Scream

With it’s release on DVD this month Skyline may not be joining any best of sci-fi list any time soon. It does however become one in a long line of films that has used a 60 year old collection of sound effects commonly known as the Wilhelm Scream. What started as a simple recording in a sound studio, became a sound editor in-joke then finally a full-on cult for film buffs worldwide. You may not be familiar with it but you’ve most definitely heard it at least once, if not more. In 1951, an actor stepped into a recording studio and was asked to make the sound of a man being attacked by an alligator for the Raoul Walsh Western Distant Drums. 6 screams were recorded with the 5th scream being used for the alligator attack. The 4th - 6th screams were also used earlier in the movie, when three Native Americans are shot during a raid on a fort. They were then stored in the Warner Brothers sound effects library. 2 years later scream No 4. was used in the film The Charge at F…

Lewis Hamilton To Appear In Pixar's Cars 2 #cars2

Cars 2 characters: Lewis Hamilton & David Hobbscap
The Cars 2 character rollout continues with Lewis Hamilton and David Hobbscap, inspired and voiced by real life racers Lewis Hamilton and David Hobbs. HeyUGuys got the first look and official descriptions for both characters.
With his striking black paint job, Lewis Hamilton is one of the coolest Cars cars ever. David Hobbscap, on the other hand, is a quintessentially British driver turned commentator. Visit The Pixar Blog to see more Click here to go there now.

Fans Launch a SWTOR Guide Website #theoldrepublic

A group of long time gamers, who are also fans of Star Wars ever since the big screen movie, has recently launched a SWTOR Guide website. Star Wars: the Old Republic, also commonly referred to as SWTOR in short, is a game by BioWare and LucasArts that has a release date set for 2011. The game which is a MMORPG (massively multi-player online role-playing game) is developed based on the popular Star Wars movie. The classes within the game, the available races, abilities, economy as well as political alliances are all derived from the original movie.

The website, is launched on the basis of providing information about the game to fans and MMO gamers. Featured at the website are details about SWTOR, from the background information of the game to mini-guides for all the eight known classes, the factions as well as quest and leveling details. Various game updates could also be found at the site such as the coverage of the PAX weekend demo. A complete starship r…

A Pint With Pete Postlethwaite

He romanced Hollywood, was lauded as the "best actor on the planet" by Steven Spielberg and has been sorely missed since his death early this year. But one encounter just remembers him as a humble man that was fond of a quiet pint...
"I'm not hard to interview, am I?" It’s hard to believe he’s gone. But if Pete Postlethwaite’s absence is going to take some getting used to, memories of the great man are sure to linger
“I’m not hard to interview, am I?” smiles Pete Postlethwaite as he polishes off his second pint and his umpteenth anecdote.
The Oscar-nominated actor is sat at the bar of the Australian Hotel, Sydney. By far the most wonderful pub in the Rocks, the district located beneath the south side of the Harbour Bridge, The Australian isn’t short on character. And nor for that matter is Mr Postlethwaite. In town performing the award-winning one-man play Scarmouche Jones, you could forgive the star of In The Name Of The Father and The Usual Suspec…

Crystal Skull Spotted In Clone Wars Finale - Picture #clonewars #starwars

The last episode of Season 3 of Clone Wars hides an Indy nod. Blink and you will miss it. Its near the end where you can see a crystal skull just like the one from the fourth Indy movie. Take a look...

Star Wars legends among celebs at Birmingham memorabilia show

ICONIC stars from TV and film including Britt Ekland and Star Wars legend Warwick Davis were out in force at Birmingham’s Spring Memorabilia show yesterday.
The two-day event attracted top showbiz names as well as thousands of diehard sci-fi fans who flocked to the NEC to bag autographs and photographs of their favourite celebrities.
Some even donned wacky costumes, with Imperial Stormtroopers, Ghostbusters, Spiderman and even Harry Potter making an appearance.
Dwarf Warwick, who played Ewok Wicket in the third Star Wars movie, revealed that he would be putting Jedi down as his religion when he filled in his census form last night.
“I haven’t filled it in yet, but I will put Jedi in the religion section,” he said. “Why not? It’s recognised as a religion now.”
Warwick has starred in a host of big-budget movies including the Harry Potter films, Willow and The Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy.
Next, he starts filming new comedy show Life is Too Short with Ricky Gervais and …

Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew reveals his love of outer space's best known wookiee

t years dressed as the most famous furball in the galaxy but Peter Mayhew has finally escaped the costume of Chewbacca from the Star Wars films. The 7ft2in actor became famous for playing the Wookiee in four blockbuster Star Wars films, but he has just completed by far the most enjoyable stint of his dream role - voicing a cartoon version for a television spin-off.
The 66-year-old actor from London was drafted in to help bring Chewbacca to life for the Star Wars animated series The Clone Wars.
As he only had to provide the voice, Peter swapped the heavy, hairy suit for shorts and a t-shirt at creator George Lucas's studios in California.
Peter admitted that while he never complained about wearing the uncomfortable suit, it was a real joy to be able to complete his latest version of the role without the shaggy uniform.
He said: "The original suit was heavy and warm and the trick was to get in and out of it as quickly as possible.
"It was made of…

Video of Close Encounters featuring the Square Song #closeencounters #spielberg

Video I compiled with music from the rare "Square Song" from Close Encounters Of The Third Kind.

LEGO Star Wars Nintendo 3DS Launches

LucasArts and TT Games have announced that LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars is now on sale in UK retailers for Wii, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, and Xbox 360. The game is also be available as a day-one title for the Nintendo 3DS. The latest instalment in the 21 million unit selling LEGO Star Wars video game franchise, LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars is a tongue-in-cheek take on the entire Clone Wars era that runs through the feature films and the hit animated television show, Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

With an all new graphics engine and enhanced animations never before seen in a LEGO game, players will explore a vast universe �" including 16 different star systems, 32 story-based missions and 48 bonus levels making it the biggest LEGO Star Wars videogame to date. Players will take on Separatist forces on the massive battleship the Malevolence, destroy hundreds of Droids in epic ground battles and take off in their favourite ships in multi-la…

A Twenty-Minute Advance Look at Super 8 #super8 #spielberg

Photo: Paramount Pictures Last night at Lincoln Center's Walter Reade Theater, Paramount rounded up some journalists to show them clips from J.J. Abrams' much buzzed about Steven Spielberg homage Super 8. (And also, teaser trailers for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and Footloose, both of which looked decent. The first had a nice dose of humor to balance out Tom Cruise scaling the Burj Dubai, and the second looked almost exactly like the original Footloose, but with legit dirty dancing.) Abrams was there and he told the crowd, "I want this to be a secret between you and me." While that's not why one shows clips to a room full of entertainment writers, we appreciate Abrams' position: He thinks Super 8 will be a better movie if it's not spoiled, even a little. Probably, he is not wrong! So, please, spoiler purists, Super 8 purists, J.J. Abrams purists, do not continue.
Just to say it again: Spoiler alert.
So, first, a…

Johnny Depp to star in Ricky Gervais new comedy with Warwick Davis

Hollywood star Johnny Depp is to guest star in Ricky Gervais's new sitcom, Life's Too Short, the British comedian has announced. British Star Wars and Harry Potter actor Warwick Davis - who has dwarfism - plays the ego-maniac head of a talent agency for other little people.
The show has been described as a cross between US comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm and Gervais's previous show, Extras.
The series begins filming in May and will be shown on BBC Two.
Gervais has reportedly written six half-hour episodes so far for the series with writing partner Stephen Merchant.
Depp's casting may come as a surprise to some after Gervais poked fun at the Alice in Wonderland star for his most recent film, The Tourist, at the Golden Globes.
While hosting the ceremony, the comic said: "It was a big year for 3D movies. Toy Story, Despicable Me, Tron... seems like everything was three-dimensional except the characters in The Tourist.

Steve Jobs Re-Elected to Disney Board

Disney shareholders have re-elected Steve Jobs to the company's board of directors despite an advisory firm's concerns about his poor health. The Apple chief—who owns more than 7% of Disney stock and has been on the board since Disney acquired Pixar in 2006—missed nearly three-quarters of board meetings last year. He was also absent from yesterday's shareholder meeting, during which the other 12 board members were also re-elected, notes the Hollywood Reporter.

Karen Allen "Would Adore" Doing Another Indiana Jones Sequel

Karen Allen stars in the indie film White Irish Drinkers, opening Friday, March 25th. The actress is perhaps best known for playing Indiana Jones' love interest Marion Ravenwood in Raiders of the Lost Ark and, more recently, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, which also starred Shia LaBeouf as her son with Indy. Will we ever see her in another Indiana Jones film? Allen is open to the idea. "I would adore to do another one," she says. "I would be so interested to see where they take a story if we moved forward with Shia being introduced into the story now as our son, and Indy and Marion being married and where do you go from there." Allen's credits also include Animal House, but don't expect a sequel to the classic 1978 comedy. She says, "Our joke now whenever we get together as a group is that we're going to make a film called Animal Home, where all of us end up in an old age home together."

"Awesome" Star Wars Picture - Motivational Star Wars #starwars

George Lucas On Creating Industrial Light & Magic

George Lucas talks about the need to create his own visual effects house, Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) for STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE.

Time For A Laugh - Animated Gif - Top Gear Meets Star Wars @starwars #topgear

Qui-Gon Jinn must be a Robin Reliant owner as he gets his revenge on Jeremy Clarkson for running down the three wheelers.

Star Wars PSA Posters From College Humor #starwars

This is a series of Star Wars themed public service announcement posters created by College Humor

BioWare Warns of Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Invite Scams #theoldrepublic

Websites and individuals offering beta keys and test accounts are popping up all over the Internet, and according to the developer, they're all fake or unauthorized.

Posting on the official SWTOR forum, community coordinator Allison Berryman said the only way to gain early access to the upcoming MMORPG's Game Testing Program is through BioWare and the Star Wars: The Old Republic website. Everything else is a scam or an unauthorized account swap that will quickly lead to a perma ban.

"We must caution you that these offers are often scams designed to steal your money, credit card information, or identity," Berryman stated. "While we understand that you are eager to participate in Game Testing, your security is extremely important, and attempting to participate in these offers could put you in very real danger."

To be considered for Game Testing, register at and sign up here. BioWare sends email invitations to anyone accepted from "n…

SWTOR: Deceived Novel Trailer #theoldrepublic

Over 3,500 years before the rise of Darth Vader, another Sith Lord's name commanded fear and respect across the galaxy: Darth Malgus. The mysterious Sith Lord orchestrated the destruction of a prominent Jedi Temple, setting the stage for the tenuous peace of the Treaty of Coruscant.

In Deceived, you'll learn the story of Darth Malgus and his rise to power. Delve into the dark secrets and history that shaped one of the most powerful Sith Lords the Old Republic would ever know...

Deceived is a novel set in the Old Republic and written by Paul S. Kemp with the cooperation and creative consultation of BioWare and LucasArts. You can preview the first chapter on our site, and view the second and third chapters on!

The book will be available at retailers in the US on March 22nd, but you can pre-order your copy right now at the following online retailers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Powell's, IndieBound, Titan Books (UK), and other retailers.

The bo…

1.5 Million Sign Up for Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta

EA and Bioware have poured hundreds of millions into a game that will attempt to dethrone the grizzled veteran World of Warcraft as MMO champion. There are 12 million MMO players out there today, with over half being WoW devotees. Their market share is unprecedented, and many titles have tried, and failed, to slay it before.
But what’s the only property that might have a shot? Star Wars, and EA hopes that fan interest in a wide open, well-scripted world in the Star Wars universe will propel it to success.
With news that 1.5 million players have signed up for the beta of the game, it’s an early indicator of the massive following even the potential of the title has amassed already.
“It’s a great indicator in the interest level in the franchise,” EA CFO Eric Brown said at a Lazard Capital Markets Technology & Media Day presentation.  ”For us it’s about creating the right experience for expanding from tier 1 and the tier 2 users to getting people who have never played an MMO …

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost tells tales from Steven Spielberg’s new-tech set

Nick Frost and Simon Pegg (Carolyn Cole/Los Angeles Times) Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are experiencing a Spielbergian moment in their careers. Their new movie, “Paul,” an alien road comedy, is a love letter to Steven Spielberg films like “E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial” and “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” But the two British comedians also got a chance to watch Spielberg work up close as actors in the director’s upcoming film “The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn.”
On Sunday morning, hours before the  premiere of “Paul” at the South by Southwest Film Conference and Festival, Pegg and Frost talked about the unusual work environment  on the “Tintin” set, which relied on much of the same performance-capture technology that James Cameron used on “Avatar.”
“Steven, he did a lot of his own camera work,” Frost said. “He’d get a movement he really liked, punch the air and do a little dance. It’s intoxicating. You want to perform for him. You want to be around that kin…

Hobbit filming finally under way

Filming on the two Hobbit movies has begun following months of delays caused by funding problems, a row over actors' wages and surgery for its director. Filming is taking place at Stone Street Studios, Wellington, and on location around New Zealand.
Production on the films, starring Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins, is expected to take up to two years. The first is due out in late 2012.
In January, director Peter Jackson had surgery for a perforated ulcer.
Studios Warner Bros and New Line had previously considered taking the production away from New Zealand after acting unions threatened to boycott the films in protest over payments.
The films had earlier been stalled by problems including rows over distribution rights and the exit of original director Guillermo del Toro.
The film, which also stars Sir Ian McKellen as Gandalf the Grey, Andy Serkis as Gollum, Elijah Wood as Frodo and Cate Blanchett as Galadriel, is based on JR…

Swim with Jaws shark #jaws

A giant great white shark will feast on human flesh at Maraetai Beach tomorrow night.
On screen that is, on the wharf.
The 1975 classic shark flick Jaws will beam across the dark sea surface to 100 keen rubber-clad characters bobbing about on flimsy flotation devices, "like burley in the ocean".
That's how Tom Darlow and Beth O'Brien pitch their plan on the Smirnoff Night Project Facebook page. The vodka brand set a challenge last year to think up "truly different, extraordinary, event ideas" and they would help bring the best four to life and screen them on television.
The Auckland advertising agency interns came up with the idea of turning films into a total immersion experience. If people watch horror films to be frightened, they figured, why not turn the scare dial up.
Two of the projects have already run. The Zombie Apocalypse invaded Wellington on February 19 and the Gig in the Middle of Nowhere was last weekend.
The Paint …

John Williams In 8-Bit Music Form #johnwilliams #8bit #starwars @starwars

Duel Of The Fates

Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme) (Makes Me Want To Play X-Wing)Across the Stars 8-bit remix Indiana Jones Theme (Makes me want to play Fate Of Atlantis)E.T (Makes Me Want To Play Atari's E.T.  Actually It Doesn't) Star Wars With 20th Century Fox FanfareReturn Of The Jedi - Victory CelebrationStar Wars Cantina ThemeBattle Of HothDroid InvasionBattle Of HeroesAsteroid BattleHarry Potter - Hedwig's ThemeJurassic Park

If Monkey Island Was Ever Released On Sinclair Spectrum

Imagine if Monkey Island was release on the good old Spectrum?  The result would be an engrossing text adventure.  Ahhhh the good old days.
Monkey Island Adventure is what happens when someone has the bright idea of using the GAC to bring Monkey Island to the ZX Spectrum.
Originally coded in 1999 but remained unfinished. Unearthed and demo version finished off. Full game in pre-production with target release date of November 2011.
MonkeyIslandAdventureDemo.tzx.zip14,720(TZX tape image)Original release

Foal from Oklahoma gets a part in Spielberg’s War Horse

A funny thing happened to Oklahoma breeders Larry and Nelda Kettles after their appropriately named broodmare Time for a Makeover delivered a colt by Indy Thunder on February 18. Hollywood came calling.
The dark bay or brown foal fit the part for a role in Steven Spielberg’s theatrical adaptation of the novel and London play “War Horse.” Spielberg is directing the film, currently in production in Ventura, California.
The Kettles stand Indy Thunder at their C K Thoroughbreds in Guthrie, and they have an Oklahoma connection to Robin Pettigrew, who is part of the casting process.
“She said they had to have a bay foal, and I just happened to have foaled out a bay foal, so he’s going to be a movie star, hopefully,” Nelda Kettles said with a laugh. “He was about ten days to two weeks old when they picked him up. The baby was big and strong and no problems, so he’s in California now.”
Larry Kettles said the foal will be involved in five days of filming.
“I’m in nowhere Ok…

Blizzard Reveals It's Rooting for The Old Republic

The new Star Wars MMO could help grow the industry, says Blizzard's co-founder.
Blizzard, the studio behind the immensely popular World of Warcraft, doesn't appear to be worried about the release of a high-profile rival like Star Wars: The Old Republic on the horizon; quite the opposite, in fact, as Blizzard's top brass seems to be rather hoping that the game does well.
Frank Pearce, Blizzard's executive vice president and co-founder, said that if handled properly, the release of The Old Republic could help grow the MMO market, and that was a good thing for the whole industry, not just publisher EA and LucasArts. Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime added that Star Wars was a strong brand and that BioWare was a great developer. He felt that The Old Republic would result in a lot more people checking out MMOs, and hoped that their experiences with TOR - and by extension, the whole genre - would be positive.
Obviously there are also things that the pair aren't saying …

Kerner Names Emmy Award VFX Producer Camille Cellucci as Executive Producer

Cellucci Was Visual Effects Producer on “The Green Hornet” And Was Recently Nominated for a 2011 VES Award for “Salt”

Kerner Optical (formerly known as ILM's "model shop") named Emmy Award winning Visual Effects Producer Camille Cellucci to the post of Executive Producer.

Most recently, Cellucci was Visual Effects Producer on the hit film “The Green Hornet,” and was nominated for a 2011 Visual Effects Society (VES) Award for her work as Visual Effects Producer on “Salt.”

Edmeades said, “In addition to Camille’s 20-plus years in the visual effects industry, her enthusiasm for this specialized work makes her the perfect fit for Kerner. She’s led some of the top creative forces in Hollywood and has been honored with an Emmy Award and four VES Award nominations, not to mention the vital role she played as James Cameron’s Visual Effects Producer on ‘Titanic.’”

Adds Partridge, “We are delighted to have Camille join the Kerner t…

Sci Fi Fair Easter Sunday Newport South Wales With #501st Garrison @501stLegion

NEWPORT EASTER SCI-FI COLLECTORS FAIR Newport Leisure Centre - Easter Sunday 24th April 2011
50 Tables of merchandise from some of the best dealers in the UK.
501st Garrison will be at the show in full costume.

Plus Daleks and other Dr.Who characters. Guests TBA £5 for adults, £2 for under 12s and under 9s free Opening Times 11.00 - 3.30 Tickets only available on the day. More information to follow

Doctor Who: Time, Red Nose Day 2011 - BBC Comic Relief Night #rnd

Doctor Who: Time, Part 1 - Red Nose Day 2011 - BBC Comic Relief Night Doctor Who: Time, Part 2 - Red Nose Day 2011 - BBC Comic Relief Night 
There's still time to donate. Thank you.

Even The Dark Side Gets Behind Red Nose Day

Please donate now Your donation WILL change lives. All the money you give will help poor and vulnerable people across the UK and Africa. Thank you.