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Steven Spielberg’s Quest for Both Fantasy and Reality

The career of Steven Spielberg has been vast. Spanning five decades, he has crossed genres with more success than most of his contemporaries. In the grand scheme of cinema I believe that those who are drawn to his masterful work can be categorized into two groups.  This partition between the two revolves around his seminal classic Schindler's List and separates his career into two parts. While his films, early and recent alike, follow common themes; there is also a subtle divide. These themes ranging from the lost boy to obsessions to family issues have been orchestrated throughout the majority of his films. For the purpose of this essay let's call them Pre-93 and Post-93: the former being prior to 1993 and Schindler's List, the latter being everything 1993 and on. The aforementioned themes, along with significant moments within the director’s personal life, paint a picture of a man evolving within his work. Obsession is defined as ‘an idea or thought that continually

Obi-Wan Kenobi Himself, James Arnold Taylor Answers Our Questions.

James Arnold Taylor is one of the most famous voice actors and equally one of the most talented in the industry.  His voice seems to know no bounds and his versatility has become well known among professionals and fans. If you're a video game fan you've probably played at least one game with James Arnold Taylor providing one of the voices.   Monkey Island , Final Fantasy , Ratchet and Clank and Back to the Future are just a few examples.  In recent years he has become well known as the voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars The Clone Wars  and is a fan favourite in the Star Wars community.  Hot off Star Wars Anaheim where he was on stage presenting as well as performing in the live radio drama Smuggler's Bounty we managed to catch up with James and ask him a few questions on his impressive career and what's next for him. Your book JAT365 was hugely inspirational and quite frankly there’s not enough books like yours around.  Do you have plans to write any more

Zach Galligan Talks About A Gremlins Sequel. "It'll Probably Be More Like Jurassic World"

Gremlins star Zach Galligan recently attended London Film & Comic Con and while he was on stage talking about the 1984 classic movie I asked him what his thoughts are on the heavily talked about reboot of Gremlins.  Here's what he had to say: "I might as well get the speculation out of the way.  So let me just say I will answer the question with a certain caveat which is it's now been 25 years since Gremlins 2 even came out and there have been so many rumours and innuendo, and the bottom line is a lot of stuff doesn't really come to fruition, even though it gets announced.  But I would say this, I personally feel, for the first time in about 25 years, I feel that actually (it may be possible.)" "I wouldn't even really call it a reboot because Chris Columbus did a bunch of interviews in April.  As far as I was concerned he kinda slipped a little bit and he kept referring to it as a sequel and they asked him if it was going to be a remake, to w

London Film & Comic Con 2015 - A Day By Day Account

London Film & Comic Con took place over the weekend and the event organised by Showmasters was bigger than it's ever been.  Here's a day by day account of the event In anticipation of the thousands of fans and geeks that were set for a weekend of autograph hunting, photoshoots and purchasing of memorabilia the organisers decided this year's event should be spread over four floors at the Olympia in London.  Previous events had taken place at Earl's Court but sadly that venue is now closed and awaiting to be demolished. We (I was accompanied by my wife Rachel) arrived on the Friday and my first realisation was how much more there was and how getting used to the four floor layout was going to be essential.  It was confusing at first but a few reconnaissance missions on each floor and memorising the map (taking a photo of it helped) got me ready for the Saturday and Sunday when my photoshoots would be kicking off. Because Friday is a lot quieter we took the opp

Top Five Tips To Make The Most Of A Showmasters Event

London Film & Comic Con 2015 has just finished at the Olympia this weekend.  It was bigger than ever.  The crowds were huge but so were the guest line up.  If you're thinking of attending one of Showmaster's events here's my handy top five tips to get the most out of a Showmasters event: 5 - Get There Early Get to a comic con as early as possible.  Especially if you have an early photoshoot.  Most of the time the doors open at 9am and photoshoots can start as early as 9:15.  Turning up ten minutes before is a sure way of you missing that photoshoot.   Get there at least two hours before to guarantee an early entry.  If you do turn up late and have a photoshoot ask a member of staff if you can be fast tracked through. 4 - Do Your Research Turning up to London Film & Comic Con with no prior knowledge will probably lead to a lot of frustration.  Normally on the Showmasters website they've published not only the schedule but a floor plan too.  Also figurin

Floor Walk Videos Of Each Floor At London Film & Comic Con 2015 #LFCC

London Film & Comic Con took place at the Olympia over the weekend.  While I was there I decided to attempt some floor walk videos of each floor.  There were four in total.  Make sure you watch in HD at 60 FPS. Rob Ground Floor First Floor Second Floor Third Floor The Bearded Trio - The Site For Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and John Williams THE BEARDED TRIO ON FACEBOOK THE BEARDED TRIO ON TWITTER THE BEARDED TRIO ON GOOGLE+ THE BEARDED TRIO ON PINTEREST CLICK HERE FOR FACTS ON STEVEN SPIELBERG CLICK HERE FOR FACTS ON GEORGE LUCAS CLICK HERE FOR FACTS ON JOHN WILLIAMS

I Get To Ask Michael J. Fox A Question At The Press Conference At London Film & Comic Con

At this year's London Film & Comic Con I was lucky enough to attend as a member of press and the nice people at Showmasters who organise the event reserved a "question spot" for me at the Back to the Future reunion press conference. Now I ask what it was like working with two greats, Robert Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg.  Michael J. Fox answers.  It's right at the end of the video. A few things to note about the recording.  First the sound isn't the best.  There seemed to be a problem with Michael's microphone and was making clicking and popping noises.  Secondly when it came to my turn to ask a question I was so zoned in on asking Michael I forgot to control the camera for a second.  Fortunately my wife was on hand to steady the camera while Michael talks directly to me. Michael J Fox said: "Bob is a force of nature, he is an amazing guy, has an amazing mind and amazing energy. We would be doing a scene and it wouldn't be working and we

London Film & Comic Con Returns This Weekend With Back To The Future Cast And Many More

London Film & Comic Con returns, bigger and better than before with amazing star guests lined up to meet the fans this weekend.  Olympia exhibition centre is the new home of London Film & Comic Con. Now in its 11th year, it was the first 'Comic Con' style event to launch in the UK. One of this year's main attractions is the official 30th Anniversary BACK TO THE FUTURE Cast Reunion, which will bring together eleven of the trilogy’s cast including MICHAEL J. FOX, CHRISTOPHER LLOYD and LEA THOMPSON. Just in time for the official announcement by Universal Studios of the 30Th Anniversary Back to the Future Blu‐Ray and DVD home entertainment release. Showmasters is proud to partner with Universal Studios to bring this reunion experience to audiences, as well as support The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research with Showmasters’ ‘Up To 88!’ fundraising campaign, in conjunction with Team Fox. ‘Up To 88!’ aims to channel the fan force of the Bac

VADER DOWN #1 Unites STAR WARS & DARTH VADER for Epic Crossover!

Two of the biggest comics in the world collide as STAR WARS and DARTH VADER cross over for the first time! Today, Marvel is pleased to present  VADER DOWN  – a blockbuster six-part crossover beginning this November! Chartbusting writers Jason Aaron ( Star Wars, Thor)  and Kieron Gillen ( Darth Vader, Young Avengers)  join forces with blockbuster artists Mike Deodato ( Original Sin)  and Salvador Larroca ( Darth Vader)  combine both ongoing  Star Wars  titles for a crossover in the mighty Marvel manner! “This is a true crossover in the classic Marvel Style,” says Editor Jordan D. White. “Kicking off in the Vader Down one-shot, the story then bounces between DARTH VADER and STAR WARS, telling a story that is essential to the plotlines of both books, that takes the casts from each and smashes them together in one epic tale!” Vader’s TIE Fighter has been shot down. Seeing this as their one, best chance to take Vader down once and for all, the Rebellion is ready to throw everyt

George Lucas to be Honoured with a Disney Legend Award at D23 Expo

George Lucas is to be honoured at this year's D23 Expo.  The retired Star Wars creator will be honoured with a Disney Legend Award, along with six other Disney Legends.  The other six are GEORGE BODENHEIMER,  ANDREAS DEJA, EYVIND EARLE, DANNY ELFMAN, SUSAN LUCCI,  CARSON VAN OSTEN and JULIE REIHM CASALETTO. The awards will be taking place Friday August 14th at 10:00am PST hosted by Disney CEO Bob Iger who said about the award: "The Disney Legend Award is our highest honor, and we are incredibly proud to recognize these eight talented individuals who have contributed so much to the world of entertainment and the Disney legacy.  The Disney Legend Award is our highest honor, and we are incredibly proud to recognize these eight talented individuals who have contributed so much to the world of entertainment and the Disney legacy." No news yet on whether Lucas will be attending. The Bearded Trio - The Site For Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and John Williams THE B