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Steven Spielberg Interview HBO’s THE PACIFIC

While talking to press about this historical upcoming mini-series at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, Steven Spielberg expressed his passion and desire for continuing to bring these stories to audiences, as well as how the recent success of Avatar has been inspiring to him as a filmmaker. Question: When you were making Saving Private Ryan, did you have a sense that you were establishing a visual template for war and war depictions that were going to be carried over for 12 years now?Spielberg: In Saving Private Ryan, I had a sense that I was establishing a template, based on the experiences communicated to me by the veterans who fought that morning on Dog Green, Omaha Beach, and their experiences, and the very few surviving photographs of the great war correspondent, Robert Capa. I combined those photographs to try to find a 24-frame-per-second equivalent for how I can show that kind of terror and chaos without making a movie that looked elegant and beautiful and i…

The Bearded Trio Exclusive Interview With Kenny Baker

We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to ask Kenny Baker (soon to be in the up coming movie Back2hell) some quick fire questions. Big thanks to Ken Mills author of Tiny Acornsfor making this all possible. Ken said "It was a refreshing change not to get the usual "Was it hot in the robot in the desert ? " We wanted to try something different so here goes:

What was your favourite Star Wars moment?
Favourite Star Wars moment was receiving the first pay cheque - £20,000 which couldn't have come at a better time and helped buy the house outright.

What was your least favourite moment?
Least favourite thing was having to wear the Ewok costumes - they were so uncomfortable.

What is the most unusual thing you have been asked to do by a fan?
Being asked to sign certain parts of ladies anatomies ( cleaned up )

Although you have worked with so many superstars over the years, is there still someone you would love to work with?
Who would I lovedto have worked with? U.S. Film A…

"Lost" John Williams Score Makes CD Debut

Assume for a moment that John Williams has sold more movie scores on CD than any other composer, though Maurice Jarre, James Horner and Ennio Morricone are certainly contenders too. Williams has on his resume all the Star Wars movies, all the Indiana Jones movies, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, E.T. The Extra-terrestrial, Schindler's List, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Jaws, Superman and Saving Private Ryan. He even has scored more obscure items like Robert Altman's The Long Goodbye and Alfred Hitchcock's Family Plot. He has won five Oscars and has been nominated -- no kidding -- more than 40 times. Now, just imagine that this Elvis Presley of composers, this Beatles of composers, has had one major composition that was never released on CD. That would be like, say Rubber Soul or From Elvis in Memphis being unavailable.

It's true. There's one elusive score in Williams' impressive discography that has previously escaped collectors,…

Star Wars Interviews - Lewis McLeod (Sebulba)

It's common knowledge that George Lucas loves racing. He put a drag race in his movie American Graffiti, so it was not a big surprise when he put a (pod)race in Episode I: the Phantom Menace. The favorite to win the podrace in the movie is a Dug called Sebulba who was voiced by Scottish voice actor Lewis McLeod. In early 2010 I had the chance to ask him some questions about Sebulba, his experiences while working on Star Wars and his view on Episode I.

Head on over to Star Wars Interviews for the full interview. Its really good!

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Star Wars exec-producer Gareth Wigan dies aged 78

British film executive Gareth Wigan, behind such movies as Chariots of Fire, Star Wars and Alien, has died at the age of 78 following a brief illness.
"He was there for me when I needed him and I'll always be grateful," said Star Wars director George Lucas.
Barbra Streisand, director of Prince of Tides which Wigan worked on, said he was "one of the smartest, kindest, most loving people I have ever known."
A pioneer of global cinema, Wigan also backed Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
The film's director Ang Lee said: "Gareth Wigan was a unique figure in the movie business. He was a true English gentleman, a great soul. He made quality films, and he was also a pioneer of studio investment in foreign films."
Memorial service
Martin Scorsese also paid tribute: "I have fond memories of our work together on The Age of Innocence. I've often wished we could have worked on another production as I've always had great admiration for Gareth's intell…

Avatar's Silicon Valley Roots

Set back in San Francisco's quiet Presidio, ILM is legendary for its movie effects, from Star Wars, to Pirates of the Caribbean, and now to Avatar. John Knoll, who has an Oscar on his mantel thanks to Pirates, sat down to talk with us about how his team put the jaw-dropping effects onto the big screen, and what it's like to work with mercurial director James Cameron.Put it this way, Knoll says with Cameron, "You know exactly where you need to go, it's just a matter of getting there." Unlike many directors, who come to ILM with humility and a lot of questions, Cameron came with a map, and a long to-do list. Money, obviously, was no object. "This was really diving in," Knoll says. "With both feet."Some $300 million later, Avatar is hauling in good reviews, big money ($3.5 million in the early Friday hours), and lots of Oscar buzz. Unlike most "effects" movies, that feature three or four scenes to strut their stuff, Avatar creates…

Fan Website - I Love ET

Great website from a collector. Everything from the movie to the ride. Oh and check out his collection.

Found A Great Skywalker Ranch Website

Heres a great site if you want to get an inside look of Skywalker Ranch/


Packed with photos and detailed description and interesting facts such as:
Ronald Reagan, then President of the United States requested a tour of Skywalker Ranch but was denieddd.

A fantastic site that has articles on Lucasfilm, ILM and Lucasarts.

Lucasarts Interview


Michael French speaks to the firm’s global publishing VP Mary Bihr Can you sum up the LucasArts strategy for the boxed products (released via Activision in Europe) in the last 12 to 18 months?Our strategy is to continue our distribution agreement with Activision in order to maximize sales across Europe. They have a long history with us, dedicated LucasArts resources to support us, and a track record that speaks for itself.Star Wars: The Force Unleashed released with record sales and over six million copies sold to date. We also had record numbers with LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures worldwide and remained in the Top 10 charts for weeks after release.The sequel, LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues just shipped in mid-November worldwide and is also doing extremely well. We’ve had a great 2009 and look forward to 2010, especially with The Force Unleashed 2 which promises to be the next massive Star Wars experience on consoles.Has that strategy chang…

Cameron not returning to 'Terminator'

James Cameron has said that he has no plans to ever return to the Terminator franchise.TheAvatardirector helmed the first two instalments of the sci-fi series that helped launch Arnold Schwarzenegger's acting career. Speaking to MTV, the Oscar winner said: "I have stepped so far away from the Terminator universe... To me, it's run its course."Cameron stated that he does not intend to play any part in a new incarnation of the franchise, adding: "The soup's kind of been p*ssed in a little bit by other filmmakers."Hedge fund Pacificor recently won the rights to Terminator following a heated bidding warTags: , ,

Cameron plays down Oscar chances

James Cameron said it's "unlikely" that Avatar will take home the winnings at the Oscars.The director said it was his ex-wife Kathryn Bigelow's "moment" - she is up for The Hurt Locker.In an interview just published in Empire magazine, James said: "I always believe it's very unlikely that lightning will strike twice."The director was interviewed before the Oscar nominations were announced, which sees Avatar up for nine awards.He said: "If we get nominated, I believe it's very unlikely that we will win because I made such a jackass of myself last time. Although there might be some curiosity about what I might do."James exclaimed "I'm king of the world" when he landed the best director gong for Titanic in 1998.He added: "Hurt Locker is a very, very strong picture. Of the contenders that are being bandied about it, it's definitely the strongest."Certainly it's Kathryn's moment. I'm certain she…

Jaws 3D Remake - (Well It Had To Happen Eventually)

by Rob Wainfur

Well lets get one thing straight here. I have no doubt that 3D is the way of the future. Having watched Avatar you can't help but think that anything else is, well, just flat! But come on! A Jaws remake in 3D? You see I'm a bit worried here.

In the eighties there was a time when 3D was the talk of the movie industry. Movies started coming out in 3D, every other sequel was in 3D and they were bad, VERY BAD! The best you could hope for was some character on screen pointing a stick at the screen or something being thrown at you. It was terrible and the story was non-existent. 3D movies dwindled away as the viewing public lost faith and interest. Now I just hope the same thing doesn't happen again.

You see riding on the success of Avatar, film companies are green lighting a lot of movies in 3D especially remakes. Halloween 3D, Swamp Thing 3D, Re-animator 3D, The Gate 3D to name a few and now there is a rumour of Jaws b…

Goonies Remake Rumours (Yet Again!)

We've been hearing about a "Goonies" remake for a while, one that would focus on the kids of the original characters. And during a press junket for "Percy Jackson and the Olympians," director Chris Columbus confirmed that he and Steven Spielberg have been working on ideas.

"I'd love to see another Goonies movie out there," said Columbus. "The kids would have to be the parents, and their kids would be the Goonies. We just need something, as Steven [Spielberg] said the other day, he said, 'How do you beat finding an entire pirate ship filled with treasure underground? What can be as exciting?' So we have to come up with something that can be equally as exciting. What can be the next adventure?"

Unfortunately, until there is a story, the "Goonies" remake is nothing more than just wishful thinking. "I'm not working on it," added Columbus. "Everybody is coming to me asking if I have an idea - but no, not yet…

Is There Going To Be A Jurassic Park 4? Yes!

According to Jurassic Park III director Joe Johnston there will definitely be a Jurassic Park 4. Here's his quote direct from Joe himself in an interview from Boxoffice Magazine

"it's going to be unlike anything you've seen. It breaks away from the first three—it's essentially the beginning of the second Jurassic Park trilogy. It's going to be done in a completely different way. If you think of the first three as a trilogy, number four would be the beginning of a second trilogy. That's pretty much all I can tell you. "Tags: , , ,

Baba Yetu VS Becoming One Of The People, Becoming One With Neytiri

Two uplifting pieces of music. BabaYetu by Christopher Tin. But which one is best? You decide.

BabaYetu by Christopher Tin. As featured in the game Civilization 4
Christopher Tin's BabaYetu a choral piece performed by Stanford Talisman. Its lyrics are a Swahili version of the Lord's Prayer. It garnered a huge critical response, with over 20 reviewers singling out the theme on IGN, GameSpy, and Game Shark, and is a persistent favorite of blog posts. Contemporary Tommy Tallarico called it "incredible". It won him two awards at the GANG (Game Audio Network Guild) Awards in 2007.

Becoming One Of The People, Becoming One With Neytiri by James Horner. As Featured in the Movie Avatar
Track 5 on the CD for the original Soundtrack. Over seven minutes long with a jungle rhythm and ethnic beat, a very uplifting piece of music.

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Avatar Soundtrack Review - Listen To All The Tracks

by Rob Wainfur

Lets get the one criticism out of the way. James Horner's Avatar soundtrack sounds very similar in places to his other work especially Titanic. He has been criticised before for re-using his material. But you know what? I don't care. Why get criticised for re-using stuff if the material in the first place is spectacular. I for one am pleased because I know if I listen to a James Horner soundtrack I am getting top class music consistently.

Avatar is no exception. In fact I would probably go as far as to say that this is his finest work. Horner use of a jungle rhythm and ethnic choir voices combined with his signature long cues make this a soundtrack for every one's collection. The soundtrack can be split into three. The first few tracks are soft and a build up to the experience of Pandora. Once the movie enters Pandora then the soundtrack really shines. Uplifting, happy, spiritual music that will make you want to …

James Cameron Writing 'Avatar' Prequel -- But Not For The Big Screen

From MTV
It's the highest-grossing film of all time, possesses the most Oscar nominations of any film heading into next month's ceremony and is the word on everyone's lips: "Avatar." Now, James Cameron is beginning work on a prequel — but it won't be coming soon to a theater near you.

"Jim is going to write a novel himself," the film's producer, Jon Landau, told us when he stopped by the MTV News studios recently. "Not a novelization — and there is a distinction. A novelization basically retells the story of the movie. Jim wants to write a novel that is a big, epic story that fills in a lot of things."

Ever since "Avatar" mania engulfed Hollywood, rumors and small details have leaked out about possible prequels, sequels, comic books and novelizations. But Landau's comments appear to indicate the first definitive plan to provide more from the "Avatar" world to the seemingly endless appetite of its fans.

"[We] wo…

'Lost' star shot 'Avatar' test footage At ILM

James Cameron has revealed that he shot early test footage for Avatar with Lost star Yunjin Kim.Speaking to Popular Mechanics, the filmmaker said that he convinced studio 20th Century Fox to spend $10 million so that he could film the scene where protagonist Jake Sully first meets Na'vi alien Neytiri."We shot a five-minute scene," Cameron said of the early prep work. "I hired two actors, turns out one of them is now quite well-known - Yunjin Kim who is in Lost. There was Yunjin and a guy named Daniel Best. I took these two young actors and just did the scene. From that we took 40 seconds, because that's all we could afford, and had ILM take it through to a finished product."Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington went on to fill Kim and Best's roles when the sci-fi blockbuster eventually went into production.Tags: , , ,

Steven Spielberg Denies "Gremlins" Remake Rumour

," the franchise he originally directed back in 1984 and the sequel in 1990. But this is news to "Gremlins" writer Chris Columbus and producer Steven Spielberg.

"I spoke to Steven Spielberg a couple days ago and said, 'You know, I've been reading on the internet about this 'Gremlins 3D' and no one's approached him either, so I don't know if that's really true," said Columbus. "Maybe it's going on behind our backs."

It's very unlikely that a "Gremlins" reboot would happen without the Spielberg knowing about it, but it doesn't mean that Spielberg and Columbus would not want to give the franchise another shot. "It would be fun to go back and revisit them," said Columbus.

But he warned that if someone makes another installment to not go down the CGI route. "Something like 'Gremlins,' which is a movie I really like, I think it's impossible to recreate in a CGI environment," Col…

Do You Remember The First Time You Watched Avatar/Star Wars In The Cinema?

by Robert Wainfur (

One of my most vivid childhood memories was in 1977 when I was taken to the cinema by my brother to watch a movie that to be honest I wasn't that much aware of. After all I was five years old at the time. Of course that movie was Star Wars. We queued up for two hours around the cinema willing the queue to move, sometimes it did but only because someone had left or someone had cut in! Eventually that queue did move and we made it inside. Those next couple of hours changed my life forever. An overload on the senses ingrained in my head within two hours or so that would remain for the rest of my life and ultimately influence me and my interests.

Ultimately it changed me into a sci-fi geek, almost assimilating me into its culture. The amazing special effects, the characters and that John Williams soundtrack (which I was asking my brother to hum to me on the way home) took me by surprise and I wanted more. I bought the trading cards…

What a great blog! Interview after interview of the Star Wars cast all done by the blogger. Kenny Baker, Anthony Daniels, David Prowse, Billy Dee Williams from the main cast have been interviewed and there are loads more. This is a must visit for Star Wars fans packed with interesting facts and anecdotes. There's also an Indiana Jones and Lord Of The Rings section. Head on over and take a look


Quinto to play Spielberg's Gershwin

Zachary Quinto has reportedly been cast as George Gershwin in Steven Spielberg's biopic of the famed composer.The Star Trek actor will lead the cast of the Dreamworks feature, which will tell how Gershwin and his brother Ira were responsible for more than a dozen Broadway shows, including Strike Up The Band, Funny Face and Show Girl.Gershwin passed away in 1937 at the age of 38 following surgery to treat a brain tumour. He received a posthumous Oscar nomination for his song 'They Can't Take That Away From Me', which featured in Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers musical Shall We Dance.Doug Wright wrote the script for the untitled Gershwin movie, which is one of three projects Spielberg is considering directing this year.Tags: ,

'Jaws' producer David Brown dies, aged 93

Veteran film producer David Brown, whose credits include Jaws and Driving Miss Daisy, has passed away at the age of 93.The star died at his home in Manhattan, NY on Monday after battling with a long illness.He also introduced Elvis Presley in Love Me Tender and Steven Spielberg as a now Oscar-winning director to the big screen.Brown, who was born in New York City, was married for more than 50 years to Cosmopolitan editor, author and sole survivor Helen Gurley.

DreamWorks launches casting call for Real Steel

DreamWorks has launched a nationwide casting call for its upcoming action drama Reel Steel.

Director Shawn Levy and his fellow producers are searching for the role of a ten-year-old boy to star opposite Hugh Jackman (pictured).

Real Steel is set in a future where robot boxing is a popular spectator sport. Jackman plays a former boxer who reunites with his long-lost son to train a unique robot for a championship fight. John Gatins wrote the screenplay.

Levy is producing with Don Murphy and Susan Montford, while the executive producers are Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis, Jack Rapke, Steve Starkey, Josh McLaglen and Mary McLaglen.

Child actors can make themselves known either by submitting a videotaped audition or attending a series of open calls in Chicago and New York later in the month.