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2010 #LucasFilm and #Pixar Christmas Cards

High Res Images From Spielberg's TinTin #spielberg #tintin

Click images for larger version.

Visual Effects Artist Grant McCune Dies #ilm #starwars

Oscar-winning Star Wars visual-effects designer Grant McCune, who created scenes with models and miniature films for more than three decades, has died of pancreatic cancer, his production company said on Wednesday. He was 67. McCune, who died Monday at his home in Hidden Hills, 30 miles northwest of Los Angeles, won his Oscar for 1977's Star Wars, the original installment in George Lucas' six-film sci-fi franchise. He shared the honor with John Stears, John Dykstra, Richard Edlund and Robert Blalack. McCune also was nominated for an Oscar in 1980 for Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Armed with a bachelor's degree in biology, McCune got his start on Jaws, when he and Bill Shourt were hired to make a giant white shark model; neither was credited on the film. He later became a partner at Apogee Prods, where he worked on three dozen films, including Die Hard, Never Say Never Again, Big, Space Balls and Caddyshack. Striking out on his own, McCune such films

Original Vintage Advert For Palitoy #DarthVader Carry Case #Starwars

Is This A Creature From Super 8? New Viral Marketing For The Movie #super8

 Sources close to the production of Super 8 are claiming that it is in fact viral marketing to promote the upcoming J.J. Abrams film. There’s also video online of a young girl, who was an extra on the film, describing the scene she shot where she was attacked by the creature.

Lucasfilm 2010 Christmas Card Design #lucasfilm #starwars

Vintage Advert #StarWars Win Your Own Star Wars Movie Reel

Free Star Wars movie reel. The ad also includes a mention and image of the then upcoming issue of Star Wars Weekly .

Vintage #StarWars Advert for Star Wars Watches For Boy And Girls

Black Milk's Star Wars swimwear,C-3PO model

Remember Black Milk's series of geeky swimwear, including the R2-D2 suit? Well they're back with a $85 C-3PO model to complement the trashcan one From

1984 Return Of The Jedi #Starwars #Argos Catalogue Page Part 2

1985 Return Of The Jedi #Starwars #Argos Catalogue Page

Original 1982 #Kenner #StarWars Vintage Collections Catalogue From Empire Strikes Back 20 Pages

#StarWars Orginal 1978 Advert For Star Wars Blueprints And Sketchbook