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Transformers 3 - Dark of the Moon - Trailer 3 - 1080p

J.J. Abrams Calls 'Super 8' Work With Steven Spielberg 'Liberating'

If it were up to J.J. Abrams, he'd be able to keep his mouth shut about "Super 8" — his upcoming, Steven Spielberg-produced summer blockbuster — until the movie slips into theaters June 10. That PR-free approach may have flown back when Abrams was making home movies to premiere, say, in his parents' basement, but that's just not how Hollywood works.
And so, as part of MTV News' Summer Movie Preview week, Abrams skipped away from a scoring set, where he's overseeing the orchestral music, to chat about the movie. We already know the film is set in Ohio in 1979 and follows six kids who are using a Super 8 camera to make a zombie flick. One night, they end up filming near a set of train tracks and capture a calamitous wreck and the creature that emerges from the wreckage. Soon the military pulls into town, and things start to get, well, very funky for these unsuspecting residents.
What we haven't learned much about is the nature of Abrams&#…

Indiana Jones Screenwriter Hired to Reboot Jack Ryan

The origins of Tom Clancy’s character will be explored…

Deadline reports that screenwriter David Koepp (The Shadow, Spider-Man, War of the Worlds, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, etc.) has been hired to draft a new Jack Ryan script. The idea is that Koepp will take Tom Clancy's character back to his younger days in an origin story.

The original spec script written by Adam Cozad contains the traumatic helicopter crash that was referenced in The Hunt for Red October, and Koepp's re-writes are expected to keep this part of the story.

Chris Pine (Star Trek) is still attached to star and Jack Bender (Lost) will direct. Shooting is delayed until Pine is finished with the new Star Trekfilm, but it is expected to go into production sometime in January 2012.

Box office: Blame it on everything but 'Rio' (And Rango)

LOS ANGELES — Hollywood had better hope that this weekend means spring will go out like a lion and summer comes in like a bull.

Fresh off one of its worst quarters in years, the film industry is banking on a slate of big-name sequels — and perhaps some amnesia about 3-D films — bringing a jolt to attendance, which has been mired in a six-month slump. This weekend marked the first in two months in which sales outpaced the same weekend last year, led by the debut of 20th Century Fox 3-D 'toon Rio. It earned $39.2 million. The need for a rebound, some analysts say, is pressing. The first quarter of 2011 saw just two movies crack $100 million: the 2-D comedies Rango and Just Go With It. And some high-profile movies struggled when they ventured into the third dimension, despite premium ticket prices. "Audiences are skeptical of us," says Transformers director Michael Bay. "And they should be." That reluctance put attendance at 261 million tickets sold for the…

Telltale Games to return to Xbox 360

Telltale Games is currently developing games for Xbox 360, the studio has announced.
Recent titles such as Back to the Future, Puzzle Agent and Tales of Monkey Island have all side-stepped the platform in favour of iOS, PC, PlayStation 3 and/or WiiWare.
However, the developer confirmed on its Twitter feed that it was now working with Microsoft again.
"We're very excited to announce that we are officially publishing games for the XBox 360! We will still be coming to other platforms as well," read one Tweet.
"No announcements on what's coming to the XBox 360 from us yet but we have some exciting stuff in store! Stay tuned!" followed another.
Telltale currently has Jurassic Park, Law & Order: Los Angeles, Puzzle Agent 2, The Walking Dead, Fables, Hector: Badge of Carnage and a new Kings Quest title in development.
A statement from CEO Dan Connors yesterday announcing a delay to its Jurassic Park tie-in read "We'll be investing the e…

REBECCA BLACK + STAR WARS Friday Parody 'Primeday' #starwars

The Star Wars crew spoofs Rebecca Black 'Friday' in their own version, called 'Primeday'. Yes, Primeday is actually one of the days of the week in the Star Wars universe.

The secret of Monkey Island Live Action Fan MadeTrailer

Warner Bros. and DreamWorks Team for MLK Biopic

DreamWorks and Warner Bros., which had been working on competing Martin Luther King biopics, are teaming to make one, TheWrap confirmed Thursday.
The new project is a 50-50 coventure of DreamWorks and Warner Bros.
Kario Salem, who had been attached to Warner Bros. version, will write the script.

read more over at

Prince William and Kate Middleton get their own rides in Cars 2

Prince William and his fiancée Kate Middleton are to make an appearance in the Disney-Pixar film Cars 2 – albeit as talking cartoon automobiles.

The queen’s throne-topped, royal blue car is voiced by Dame Vanessa Redgrave and producers describe it as ‘the definition of decorum and regality’.

Prince William’s flashy car, meanwhile, is given the cringeworthy name Prince Wheeliam and is ‘an avid racing fan’.

The sequel to Cars is set largely in London, with Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton in a starring role.

At one point, Prince Wheeliam hopes to cheer Hamilton on to victory – but must look impartial as he and the queen preside over the finishing line.

Animators have also come up with a red London bus named Topper Deckington III, a black cab called Chauncy Fares and bearskin-wearing Sgt Highgear.

The storyline sees the final stage of the World Grand Prix making its way through the streets of London.

Cars 2 is due to open on Friday, July 22.
Read more: http://www.metro.…

New Trailer Released for Steven Spielberg's 'Terra Nova' #spielberg

John Williams Scoring Stage Unveiled #johnwilliams

(Left to right) Stephen Spielberg, John Williams and George Lucas unveil
USC's John Williams Scoring Stage.
Photograph by Brian King LOS ANGELES—Composer John Williams and directors Steven Spielberg and George Lucas were on hand as the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts unveiled its newly christened John Williams Scoring Stage on Tuesday at the USC campus.

The 1,900-square-foot room, formerly known as the Steven Spielberg stage, was built in 1983 and is regularly used to record music for student films made by USC directors. The renaming, a USC spokesman said, was "a tribute to Steven and George's long collaborations with (Williams) and a recognition of how important an inspiring name like John's is to the next generation here at the school."

Williams, 79, called it "an indescribable honor and privilege" and spoke of the scoring stage as a place that "brings together the sister arts of film and music.... …

The New Headquarters of Lucasfilm Looks Like a Sandcrawler

The Lucasfilm Animation building in Singapore looks rather like a sandcrawler, don’t you think? This is just an artist’s conception, as groundbreaking occurred only this week.


Industrial Light & Magic Creating The Impossible Videos #ilm

This is the Encore Special about how ILM changed cinema forever.
ILM - Industrial Light & Magic: Creating The Impossible in six parts.






PART 6 Below is a little something I did to celebrate the works of ILM.  Click the image for larger version.  Right click to save.

Star Wars is real: Life could thrive on planets like Tatooine with two suns... but the plants would be black

It was a fantasy world plucked from George Lucas' imagination.
But life could thrive on a planet like Luke Skywalker's Tatooine, with its two suns, in the Star Wars universe, scientists have claimed.
However, the legendary director did get one detail wrong - the trees would have had black leaves.
Two suns: Life could thrive on a planet like Luke Skywalker's Tatooine, scientists have claimed Scientists have discovered that the temperature of a star determines its colour - and at different temperatures, life evolves in very different ways.
Photosynthesis - the process by which plants produce energy from sunlight - is altered when the light colour is changed.
Researchers carried out computer simulations to model Earth-like planets either orbiting two stars close together or one of two widely separated stars.
More...Massacre at the hillfort: Mass grave that is challenging our beliefs about Iron Age BritainClimate change is melting Arctic coastlines by 30 metres each ye…

Joe Cornish: 'Meeting Spielberg was exciting'

Joe Cornish has revealed that meeting Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson was "like meeting my maker".

In an interview with The Observer, the comedian explained that he managed to stay professional when he was invited to work on the pair's script for The Adventures of Tintin.

He said: "Meeting those guys was like meeting my maker. Spielberg and Jackson's films are hugely important to me. But I didn't giggle. I got on with the work.

"I put it out of my mind who they were in order to function, but every now and then Spielberg would say, 'When I was making Jaws...' and suddenly my mind would freeze as I was reminded."

Cornish added that working alone without the support of somebody like collaborator and friend Adam Buxton felt strange.

"It was a bit lonely," he said. "I missed the presence of an Adam, a co-conspirator. I'd love to do something with him one day - a musical, perhaps."

Cornish's directorial debut, sci-…

Lucasfilm's groundbreaking ceremony

It's all systems go for the construction of Lucasfilm's first overseas production facility in Singapore.

At the groundbreaking ceremony this afternoon (14 April), it was announced that the complex will be named 'The Sandcrawler Building'.

The film production company says it's a playful reference to the famous vehicle seen in various Star Wars episodes.

Located in Fusionopolis, the Sandcrawler is set to be ready by 2013 and will house the Singapore arm of Lucasfilm.

Micheline Chau, President and Chief Operating Officer of Lucasfilm, says this will help the republic make further inroads into the gaming, animation and visual effects industry.

"We are really working out some very, very innovative gaming ideas. We also have a feature animation project that is here, that we've talked about, and that project of course is again top secret, but it will be produced in Singapore. So i think that will be a real milestone for studio."…

Two New Pics From Super 8 #super8

Biff From Back To The Future answers your questions

J.J. Abrams Under Pressure To Make Star Trek 2 In 3D

According to CinemaBlend and What’s Playing, J.J. Abrams is under tons of pressure from Paramount to make the next “Star Trek” film 3D. According to What’s Playing, Paramount’s logic for wanting a 3D “Star Trek 2″ is based on George Lucas retooling the “Star Wars” prequels into 3D theatrical releases. It’s confusing reasoning, to be sure. When approached about the next film being 3D, Simon Pegg, who plays Scotty in the film, said, “As far as I know, no. I mean…it depends. Maybe.” He went on to say that even though he’s not the hugest cheerleader for 3D, he’s been convinced 3D can work in certain instances, like “The Adventures of Tintin”, his latest acting gig. “When something’s made to be in 3D, if it is somehow part of the experience, fair enough,” he said. “I’ve done 3D movies. ‘Tintin’ is amazing. That is going to be in 3D and that is going to be amazing. Sometimes, it’s like if you see a movie that doesn’t necessarily lend itself to 3D, like perhaps something that is live-act…

Pics And Video From Newport Sci-fi Fair @starwars

Just got back from the Sci-fi fair held at Newport South Wales.  What a great time.  I met Gerald Home who played Squid Head and Mon Calamari in Star Wars, Alan Ruscoe who played Plo Koon and numerous Doctor Who characters and Toby Philpott who helped control Jabba in Return Of The Jedi. Take a look at some of the photos and videos.  Feel free to leave me a comment or tweet on twitter.

Gerald Home - Great guy who spent time to discuss his experience on Return Of The Jedi

Alan Rusco with me sharing a joke

 Below are some more photos including a video of the fair.  Includes Daleks, K-9, a David Tennant look-a-like, Stormtroopers and errrr a bird!

Leaked Star Wars: Kinect document reveals a few surprises may be in store

According to a report from Kotaku, gamers may have more on their hands than simple lightsaber combat with a leaked survey document containing information on unannounced aspects of gameplay which is said to include Pod Racing and playing as a Rancor monster.

The Pod Racing sequence is said is allow players to control the Pod Racer by mimicking the movements of a steering wheel with their hands, while playtime as a Rancor will be undertaken by making stomping motions in front of the Kinect camera.

Accompanying the leaked survey document was a number of storyboards for a planned commercial for the title which depicts art drawn in the prequel and Clone Wars era of the Star Wars universe, further suggesting that the game will exist within this timeframe, meaning that there is sure to be some Battle Droid and double-ended lightsaber action around the corner.

Currently LucasArts remains tight-lipped on the validity of the documents leaked.

From -…

1980s Star Wars underoos commercial [video] #starwars

In the 1980s, little Jedi and Dark Side wannabes sported Star Wars Underoos. Hmm, do you think Darth Vader wore underwear? How about Yoda?
Fun Fact: The blonde C3PO girl is Erika Eleniak of “Baywatch” fame.

Monkey Island Action Figures!

It’s sadly not an official one, but for a custom piece, it’s not so bad! Sure, the face could do with some work (even if it is based on the original pixel art design of LeChuck and not his proper artwork), but the devil (or zombie ghost in this case) is in the details.
Get a load of that base! Not only is there a Stan’s Previously Owned Vessels Sign, but an adorable little Guybrush voodoo doll.
The figure was sculpted by RPGer, and you can see it in more detail at the link below.
LeChuck [Figure Realm, via Toycutter]


Steven Spielberg’s studio to tell story of mob-busting, semi-retired cop living in Delray Beach

Mike Russell went undercover for the New Jersey State Police to infiltrate an organized crime syndicate. He brought down the family, with 48 arrests and 31 guilty pleas in 1986. His work was documented in an HBO special. (Brandon Kruse/The Palm Beach Post) Mike Russell is the kind of cop other cops call a “dirt magnet.”
Really, they mean it as a compliment.
The bad guys always seem to come to him, even now that he’s 60, semi-retired and living in Delray Beach.
Recently at lunch, he was approached by a local small-time drug dealer about buying cocaine and OxyContin – while wearing a T-shirt from the Hollywood police, a department he consults for from time to time. That was just his latest come-to-papa conviction.
“When I’m at my happiest is when I’m down in the ghetto, making cases,” he said.
Maybe he exudes a passion for his job that crooks find irresistible, a pheromone for thieves.
How else to explain how the former Irish kid with reddish-brown hair was invited into t…

Indiana Jones Makes Archaeology Hot in Montreal #indianajones

Who among us doesn't long for adventure, fortune and glory? When I first heard about the Indiana Jones archaeological museum exhibit debuting in Montreal on April 28, I realized we all relate to the epic quests of legendary truth-seeker Indiana Jones. Played by the ever-dashing Harrison Ford in movies released between 1981 and 2008, the earnest, brooding hero made archaeology sexy and ancient relics titillating.
I remember seeing Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom in 1984, when I was an awkward, bespectacled kid. I remember the one-liners, the fedora, the triumphant theme song that made me sure that good would triumph over evil. Maybe things were simpler then, or maybe I was just young(er). But like our hero Indy, I believed that things would change.
With the franchise still going strong, there's no better ambassador than Dr. Indiana Jones to make the science of archaeology exciting and relevant to a worldwide audience of all ages. As such, on April 28, the …

Spielberg to write for Palazzo retrospective #spielberg

Palazzo Editions will publish a "major" retrospective of the work of Steven Spielberg in August 2012, written in co-operation with the director.
Steven Spielberg: A Retrospective will be written by film critic and documentary maker Richard Schickel, who made documentary "Spielberg on Spielberg". The book uses Schickel's own interviews with the director and Spielberg will also write the introduction.
Stills from the DreamWorks archive will illustrate his 40-year career, from his first film, "Duel", in 1971, through to "Lincoln", which stars Daniel Day Lewis as US president Abraham Lincoln and will be released in 2012.
Two other new Spielberg films, "The Adventures of Tintin" and "War Horse" are also due this year. Palazzo, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, has agreed co-edition sales agreed at auction with Sterling (North America), De La Martiniere (France), Knesebeck (Germany) and Forma (Swed…

Undaunted Author of ‘War Horse’ Reflects on Unlikely Hit #warhorse

LONDON — Before it was made into a hit West End play, before it was bound for Broadway, before it was set to be Steven Spielberg’s next big movie, “War Horse” was a slim, powerful children’s book about a young man and his beloved horse on the front lines of World War I. Published in 1982, the book was a “huge nonevent” at the time, according to its author, Michael Morpurgo; it drew better reviews than his earlier works but relatively little sales. It did get nominated for a big national prize, which it failed to win. Mr. Morpurgo, transported to the ceremony in a limousine, found that the car had mysteriously dematerialized during the evening; he left by subway. Undaunted, he kept writing and publishing, sometimes two or three books a year (he has now written more than 120), and his reputation grew. From 2003 to 2005 Mr. Morpurgo was Britain’s third children’s laureate (a post similar to that of poet laureate, but for children’s literature), an honor befitt…

Pixar poised for premier of Cars 2

Pixar is preparing for the premier in June of its latest animated film 'Cars 2' -- the sequel to the highly successful original 'Cars' from five years ago. It will be released as the studio celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Local Boy Gets Star Wars Wish

The Make A Wish Foundation is going out of this world to make a little boy's dream come true. They will help transform Matthew Grammer into the droid R2D2 from the Star Wars movies.
Matthew and his mom were surprised by a storm trooper in the lobby of St. Francis Children's Hospital on Tuesday, where Matthew is undergoing treatments for Leukemia. Matthew says he chose R2D2 because of its power to control other droids and machines, and because he's cool.
Engineering students at the University of Tulsa will help construct the mechanical components of the robot. It will be fully operational, allowing Matthew to control it while sitting inside.
The Little Mountain production company will build the shell. It will have all of the lights and make all of the signs that fans of Star Wars will recognize. Construction of the life-sized droid should be complete sometime this summer.

Theme From Cocoon Used In Super 8 Trailer

Portal 2: Secret Super 8 level Video

Hidden in Portal 2′s extras menu is an “interactive trailer” for Spielberg and J.J. Abram’s upcoming monster movie, Super 8

THX acquires cineSpace Color Management

AV tech company THX, from Lucasfilm that has set reproduction standards for theaters, is acquiring the cineSpace Color Management suite from privately held Cine-Tal Systems, a developer of image monitoring and color management systems. The acquisition complements technologies and services THX has long been delivering to post-production pros. cineSpace is used for DI, vfx, broadcast, animation and games to produce and render representations of how an image will appear in its final form."With specific requirements from creative artists about the way color is displayed, color matching has become a lengthy, iterative cycle in post-production," per a cineSpace statement. "cineSpace cuts down on these cycles by removing the guesswork when dealing with film images and producing accurate image representations which can be viewed and manipulated on a digital workstation monitor or projector. This translates into a potential savings of thousands of dollars and count…

Monster's Gareth Edwards on Star Wars

Gareth Edwards, director of the sci-fi hit 'Monsters’, out soon on DVD, discusses the first visual effects blockbuster. Luke Skywalker in Star Wars IV - A New Hope (1977) Photo: Allstar/LUCASFILM
I compare Star Wars to something like Sgt Pepper in music: the difference between before and after it was so massive that it’s hard to see how you could take that step with one film again. It invented the visual-effects blockbuster. The planets just aligned. You’ve got George Lucas, one of the genius filmmakers of his generation; John Williams, one of the greatest film composers who’s ever lived, doing probably his best work; and Ralph McQuarrie, the brilliant concept designer, doing his. They bring an actor called Harrison Ford into the spotlight, and so discover the star of a generation. On top of that, Industrial Light & Magic – probably the greatest special-effects company in the history of cinema – is born. And then, there’s a grand Georg…

John Rhys-Davies offers help as 'dwarf adviser'

He was the charismatic buddy of Indiana Jones, the head of the KGB in a James Bond flick and the voice of Man Ray in Spongebob Squarepants.
But John Rhys-Davies - a tall, dark-haired, deep-voiced hunk of a man - is perhaps always going to be best remembered for playing the role of a dwarf.
The Welsh-born actor played the belligerent warrior Gimli in Peter Jackson's Lord of The Rings, enchanting viewers with his well-timed one liners and begrudging friendship with Legolas the elf.
And, at midday on Friday, Stuff will host a live chat with the star who this weekend will be attending the Armageddon Expo in Wellington.
Despite the character's popularity, Rhys-Davies has vowed he will not return as Gimli in the LOTR prequel the Hobbit.
"I've already been asked and to be honest with you, I wouldn't. I have already completely ruled it out," he told Empire Online.
"There's a…

LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues Announced for Mac

Coming to the Mac April 28th Feral Interactive announced today that LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues, the sequel developed by TT Games for PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii, will be released for Mac on April 28th. LEGO Indiana Jones 2 presents a tongue-in-cheek take on all four cinematic adventures of pop culture's most iconic archaeologist, including for the first time ever Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and will give players the ability to create levels of their own.

Monkey Island 2 - Adlib vs Roland MT-32

MT-32 version starts at 2:10

The title music from Monkey Island 2 played using both Adlib and the Roland MT-32 sound module.

EZ-Chewie - Short Funny Fan Star Wars Movie #starwars

by Cameron McCasland.  Really worth following his Youtube channel.  There's some really good stuff in there.  Click here to jump there now.

David Brent's The Office Dance With A Hint Of Star Wars @starwars #bbc

What happens when BBC's The Office merges with Star Wars?  Well the answer isn't here but here's a guy in a Stormtrooper's helmet imitating the infamous dance from the hit show.

Nvidia: Quadro Helped ILM Animate Rango

ILM used around 450 Quadro-based workstations to shorten the production time of Rango.
Wednesday Nvidia said that Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) used Quadro GPUs to help render Rango, the just-released CGI-animated movie from Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon. Approximately 450 ILM Quadro workstations were used in both the San Francisco and Singapore studios to help overcome production demands and timeline challenges.
"Whenever you're approaching a film of this scale you need to make your production pipeline operate as efficiently as possible -- especially when it comes to character animation work," said Tim Alexander, VFX supervisor for Rango. "By using Nvidia Quadro processors and building GPU-accelerated processes into our workflow, we saved a huge amount of rendering time."
In addition to using commercialized animation tools like Autodesk's Maya, the Rango team used a wide range of ILM's in-house applications including "Plume,"…

Universal Studios Avoid Another Fire Disaster

Fire started at around 11:20 p.m. in a sound stage at Uninversal Studios Hollywood, according to LA Now, and was out within about half an hour. The studio's sprinkler system kept the small blaze tamed. "Initial reports indicate that electrical wiring may be to blame," reports ABC7. Luckily the theme park operations were not affected by last night's fire, and all of the rides were expected to be up and running this morning. No estimates regarding damage, or further details about the incident have been made available. The Universal Studios backlot was the site of a massive and damaging fire in 2008. Restored and renovated portions of the backlot were re-opened in May 2010.

Christian Slater Loves Star Wars Figures

CHRISTIAN Slater has blamed one of his former flames for casting his beloved Star Wars collection to the dark side.The Heathers hunk, 41, says he is still upset at the losing his favorite toys for a second time.
“I used to geek out over action figures,” says Christian.
“I would go nuts for them. I was replenishing the Star Wars collection I had as a kid. I had just about completed it and then I was dating a girl and she thought I was too old to have all that stuff. I had ships hanging and everything but it all had to go.”
Slater recently revealed he “reached out” to Lindsay Lohan to help her deal with her rehabilitation.
Former drug addict Christian admits he has tried to help the 24-year-old star — who finished her fifth rehab stay in early January — by sending her an email because he understands how difficult it is to deal with dependency issues.
“Addiction is not pretty and you don’t fully understand it unless you’re dealing with it head-on,” he said.
“That’s why when I …

Your Chance To Win Harry Potter Goodies Over At Zazzle

Vintage Star Wars Slave 1 commercial by Kenner

Sally Field to star in Abraham Lincoln film #spielberg

Actress Sally Field is to star opposite fellow two-time Oscar winner Daniel Day-Lewis in Steven Spielberg's film about Abraham Lincoln. Field, 64, who won best actress Oscars for Norma Rae and Places in the Heart, will play the iconic US president's wife, Mary Todd Lincoln. Spielberg said Field would bring "fragility and complexity" to the part. Out in 2012, the film is based Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln by Doris Kearns Goodwin. Field can currently be seen opposite Calista Flockhart in TV series Brothers and Sisters, for which she won an Emmy in 2007. In 1979's Norma Rae, Field played the title role in the tale of a Southern mill worker's fight to unionise her workplace. 1984 drama Places in the Heart saw her play a Texas widow desperate to keep her cotton farm running during the Great Depression. Day-Lewis, 53, cast as Lincoln after Liam Neeson dropped out, won best actor Oscars for My Left Foot in 1990 and for There Will B…

Star Wars Lightsaber Popsicles

Consummate nerd supplier ThinkGeek introduced the fabulous Star Wars Lightsaber Popsicles to their product catalog, and fanboys have nary been more excited at the prospect of licking Darth Vader's lightsaber.

Shipping actual popsicles would make your post office all sticky and that's not fair to those poor bastards who have to drive an opposite mini-truck all day, so your $34.99 will get you a mold that comes with two Luke Skywalker and two Darth Vader lightsaber popsicle hilts. Naturally, the hilt lights up, giving the lightsaber pop a Force glow. 

UGO-recommended popsicle flavors include Yoda Soda from the official Star Wars Cookbook, Ewok tears, and booze.

So far, this is just an April Fool's joke product, but ThinkGeek has a history of putting their April Fool's products into actual production, from the 8-bit tie to the stink-less Star Wars TaunTaun sleeping bag. Clicking on the Buy Now will give you a chance to vote for your favorite joke products th…

@starwars Tie Fighter Spotted In Super 8 Trailer #super8 #starwars

Watching the trailer for Super 8 (again) and noticed Darth Vader's Tie Fighter hanging from the ceiling just by the Space Shuttle poster. Take a look. The movie is set in 1979 so expect to see some vintage toys in the movie.

Check out the trailer. The Tie Fighter can be seen around 2:21

Jacob Burns Film Center to honor Spielberg #spielberg

The Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville is celebrating its 10th year by presenting its 2011 JBFC Vision Award to Oscar-winning director Steven Spielberg. The presentation is part of the Burns Center's 10-year anniversary celebration Sept. 17. For details and ticket information, call the Center at 914-773-7663.

Lego Star Wars provides fun for all the family

Lego Star Wars is back and will keep both young and old occupied for days.
The animated Star Wars Lego figures may be funny to look at to start with, but comedy is part of the attraction of the these games and this, the third in the series, is no different.
Players will find the game play is smoother and the campaigns are longer than the previous two versions.
The trademark gibberish dialogue between the characters is as amusing as ever but there is more depth to this game with missions allowing gamers to build armies and defend bases.
The levels span the whole of the Clone Wars era of the hit animated saga so fans of the series will already be familiar with the storylines and the characters.
The new multiplayer modes are a welcome addition, giving you the freedom to play with friends or even grown-ups who will probably beg you to let them have a go when they see how much fun you are having.

The Force is strong with this  From…

Star Wars Fan Plans to Build Life-Size AT-AT #starwars

Mike Koehler doesn't have project funding or construction experience, but he wants to make this life-sized AT-AT walker a reality, dammit.
It's a sad fact that these days, the USA just can't cut it in the global giant robot race. Japan has its Gundam statue and Tetsujin 28-go, South Korea is still planning its gargantuan Taekwon V, and even China has that ... thing ... in Sichuan province. But what do we have here in the States? Nothing, nada, zilch - unless the Statue of Liberty was really a coverup this entire time, that is. (Even then, it'd be on the French).
Star Wars fan Mike Koehler dreams of changing that. He dreams of channeling nerd power into a force for good. He dreams of an AT-AT for America.
In his manifesto linked above, Koehler calls upon the nerds of America to harness their "brain power, [their] manufacturing prowess, [their] organizational skills and [their] geek-fueled eye for detail" to create a life-sized replica of the AT-AT walke…

Pirates Of The Caribbean is 'perfect foundation' for a LEGO game

Traveller's Tales has told Official Nintendo Magazine that LEGO Pirates Of The Caribbean could be one of the best LEGO games yet.

TT has released eight LEGO games based on successful films over the last six years including Harry Potter, Star Wars and Indiana Jones, but the company believe its found the perfect fit in Pirates Of The Caribbean.
Asked why Pirates Of The Caribbean was chosen as the next film for a LEGO game, TT's Jonathan Smith said "The Pirates Of The Caribbean movies are full of great characters, varied locations and cool action scenes. This gives us the perfect foundation for a LEGO videogame. Also, the Pirates Of The Caribbean world has a sense of fun and mischief which fits really well with our own sensibilities. Plus: PIRATES!"

In the same interview, he also said that the LEGO version of Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow could be the best LEGO character they've ever created. "We have a really talented team at Traveller'…

Great A.I. Blu-ray Review -#spielberg

Great review of A.I on Blu-Ray.

Here's a snippet

The Disc:

There is well over an hour of extra content loaded on this disc, but I’m pretty sure there’s nothing new here that didn't appear on the original DVD release. Still, it’s almost overwhelming how much content is in the special features. The only thing missing is a director’s commentary, but you get so much in exchange that I think it’s a good thing it’s absent. It probably would have been too much.

“Creating A.I.” is just that, a segment on the creation of the film. There’s a lot of talk and pictures of Kubrick and the deeply etched money bags underneath his eyes here, and it’s great. Being a massive Kubrick fan (he’s my favorite director, by far), it’s nice to hear so much love thrown in his direction and to learn that at one point in his creation of the film he even requested that Spielberg direct it and that he produce it. I never knew that. I always just thought he died before he got a chance to do anythi…

News LucasArts Hires Tomb Raider Franchise Director For Unannounced Game

LucasArts told Gamasutra on Friday that it hired on Crystal Dynamics' former Tomb Raider creative and franchise director Tim Longo as creative director on an unannounced project.

It's not the first time that Longo has worked with LucasArts. He previously worked on LucasArts-published titles including Star Wars: Starfighter and Jedi Starfighter as lead designer, and was creative director on Star Wars: Republic Commando.

Longo even has a LucasArts credit as a playtester on the original X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter from the late 1990s. A LucasArts rep said in a statement that the company is "thrilled to welcome him back to the LucasArts family."

Longo's most recent Tomb Raider credits were on Tomb Raider: Underworld and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Anniversary.

His former employer Crystal Dynamics is currently at work on a new Tomb Raider game, intended to revitalize and reboot the 15-year-old franchise.…

THX TruStudio Pro Wallpaper - High Resolution

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THX Wallpaper - Glare High Resolution

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Anthony Horowitz Claims He Will Write 'Tintin' Sequel #spielberg

Novelist Anthony Horowitz has claimed that he has been tapped to write a sequel to the upcoming film adaptation of Tintin, if Steven Spielberg's first film proves a success.

Horowitz, writer of the popular Alex Rider series of novels, said that he has been asked to write a sequel combining Hergé's classic Tintin stories The Seven Crystal Balls and Prisoners Of The Sun.

"As we speak I've been hired to write Tintin," Horowitz told Radio 5 host Richard Bacon. "They've got [The Chronicles Of Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn] coming out at Christmas, and if that film is a success and works and gets an audience I'm writing the sequel to it."

Horowitz also confirmed that the potential sequel would be titled Prisoners Of The Sun, which will be directed by Peter Jackson.

The writer was appearing on the show to promote Scorpia Rising, the final book in his Alex Rider series.

The Adventures Of Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn will be released in cinemas on U…

Star Wars The Old Republic : Advanced Class System Details

George Zuller the lead combat designer for SWTOR talks about how aspects of their systems have changed from playtesting and focus groups. This should give the hardcore fans a better understanding of what to expect although I am sure it won’t be enough to satisfy their blood lust. Here are the details for what you can expect in the class department of this Star Wars title.
Class Abilities
As you level up, your character will gain abilities from three sources:
Through trainers, from their base class (e.g. Sith Warrior)Through trainers, from their advanced class (e.g. Marauder)Through skill points spent in the skill trees of their Advanced ClassSkill Trees
Each skill tree provides access to a number of active abilities (which are added to your ability bar, and can be activated during play). You can also assign your training points to passive abilities. Passive abilities are ‘always on’, and alter how your base class abilities work.
It is important to note that the choices you make …