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The New Headquarters of Lucasfilm Looks Like a Sandcrawler

The Lucasfilm Animation building in Singapore looks rather like a sandcrawler , don’t you think? This is just an artist’s conception, as groundbreaking occurred only this week. link

Pics And Video From Newport Sci-fi Fair @starwars

Just got back from the Sci-fi fair held at Newport South Wales.  What a great time.  I met Gerald Home who played Squid Head and Mon Calamari in Star Wars, Alan Ruscoe who played Plo Koon and numerous Doctor Who characters and Toby Philpott who helped control Jabba in Return Of The Jedi. Take a look at some of the photos and videos.  Feel free to leave me a comment or tweet on twitter. Gerald Home - Great guy who spent time to discuss his experience on Return Of The Jedi Hes the one on the left. Alan Rusco with me sharing a joke      Below are some more photos including a video of the fair.  Includes Daleks, K-9, a David Tennant look-a-like, Stormtroopers and errrr a bird! Thats the the middle Last time I try the "you don't need to see my identification" trick  David Tennant look-a-like Matt Holden has a face book page over at

Monkey Island 2 - Adlib vs Roland MT-32

 MT-32 version starts at 2:10 The title music from Monkey Island 2 played using both Adlib and the Roland MT-32 sound module.

THX TruStudio Pro Wallpaper - High Resolution

THX Wallpaper - Glare High Resolution