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A Look Back At Close Encounters of the Third Kind

I take a look back at one of my all time favourites, Close Encounters of the Third Kind There are three movies that are always in my mind when someone asks me what my all time favourite movies are.  Jaws is always there along with Raiders of the Lost Ark and of course Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Like Jaws this is a perfect Spielberg film with some of the most iconic scenes in cinema history.  Classic Spielberg directing, an incredible John Williams soundtrack and a cast who nail every scene make this easily one of my all time favourite movies.  As a Spielberg fan it has two of my favourite scenes from the director.  The first time Roy witnesses the UFOs in his van.  In particular there is one simple shot around 19m 55s in where you see a van moving across a road at night with trees silhouetted by the starry night sky.  A slow moving UFO moves across the screen.  I love this shot and for me this is a classic Spielberg shot.

The other scene is what has become an iconic shot for …

Dan's Deliberations: EMPIRE CON L.A. 2019 – THE KURTZ/JOINER ARCHIVE

Dan Dudych looks back at the incredible Kurtz/Joiner Archive (KJA) at Empire Con L.A. 2019. Rather than trying to explain what the “KJA” are, I thought I’d take the explanation directly from their website:

The Kurtz/Joiner Archive is the collaboration of Gary Kurtz (Star Wars producer /filmmaker and vice president of Lucasfilm up until 1981) and Jason Joiner (Collector and Guinness world record holder for the largest Star Wars collection and film historian) In 1991 they met at Gary’s production offices in London to talk about Gary’s work on the Star Wars films. Jason had been interviewing crew members for the previous two years in an attempt to preserve and record as many of the crew’s memories as possible for future generations of fans. When they met, it was a genuine meeting of minds, as Gary really liked that Jason was finding out the real history from the crew that made the films. Jason was amazed by how much knowledge Gary had retained and soon realize…


I was able to wander through Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge for the first time on August 28 and September 3. In my last post I wrote about my general impressions of the land. Here, I will go into detail about my experiences on Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run and Rise of the Resistance.
Rise has gained quite a reputation in its short life as a vexing attraction. The ride experiences frequent breakdowns, and infamously, was recently and literally struck by lightning.
First off, here's how you get your spot in the virtual queue: Get into Disney's Hollywood Studios by 10 a.m., or "rope drop." Be sure you are inside the park entrance by this time. Have the My Disney Experience app open on your phone. Scroll down a bit on the app to find the Rise of Resistance section. At precisely 10 a.m., hit the "JOIN" button. Like, do it the first second you're able to. And don't be on the park's Wi-Fi. Just be on whatever network you subsc…


Something good had to happen in 2020, right?
This year has been an unimaginable challenge for so many of us. But a bright spot emerged for me last week when I was fortunate enough to make a week-long trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando for an overdue but welcome vacation.
The highlight of that vacation was my first-ever visit to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.
I'll be going over the details of my trip in two parts. Today's first part takes a general approach to what I discovered in my first impressions of the land. Part two, publishing later this week, looks at Galaxy's Edge, and Disney through the prism of COVID, an unavoidable aspect of this particular trip for my wife and I.
A couple of left turns get you to the concrete entrance to Galaxy's Edge, once you enter Disney's Hollywood Studios. There, you walk through a short tunnel which opens up into the land. If the Disney Imagineers succeeded at anything with GE (Galaxy's Edge) - and they succeeded in quite a lot …

E.T. The Extra Terrestrial 35 Random Facts

35 random facts on the 1982 classic, E.T. The Extra Terrestrial which was directed by Steven Spielberg.  1 - The original idea for the. E.T. movie was Night Skies, a semi-sequel to Close Encounters of the
Third Kind and had a whole darker story.  The aliens were set to terrorise  the people of Earth.  The evil aliens would communicate with various animals including chickens and cows to see who was sentient.

2 - $700,000 was spent on the animatronics effects for Night Skies by horror effects wizard, Rick Baker.

3 - The movie was changed to the more tranquil story we know today after Spielberg decided he wanted a change of pace after filming Raiders of the Lost ark which had explosions and evil Nazis.

4 - The working title for E.T. The Extra Terrestrial was "A Boys Life."  The working title is the name of the movie being shown at the cinema in Gremlins.

5 - The movie held the record for highest grossing movie until another Steven Spielberg came along in 1993, that movie was Juras…

Entertainment Weekly Reveals First Look at The Mandalorian Season 2

This morning, Entertainment Weekly published its Fall TV preview, highlighted by the forthcoming second season of The Mandalorian. Check out EW's coverage here.
Season two debuts on Friday, October 30 on Disney Plus, continuing the wildly popular series that headlined Disney's streaming service when it began on November 12, 2019.
The preview featured alternate covers, with Din Djarin and The Child. 
There wasn't much in terms of speculation or reveals for the second season. There have been plenty of rumors about casting and character appearances. The article does reference the scope of the show expanding a bit, which makes a lot of sense. Season one was a fairly tight story in terms of the environments and scope in relation to the larger Star Wars universe. Logic would dictate the second season "swims to a deeper end of the pool" in this regard. 

Gina Carano, who plays Cara Dune, was coy about some of the casting and character rumors for inclusion in season two. &quo…

BEST OF THE WEB: Say The Magic Word And Recreate The Hacking Scene From Jurassic Park

Those clever folks (or sadistic) over at have recreated Dennis Nedry's console from Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park.  You know the one.  Where Samuel L. Jackson is trying to hack in to get the park back on line, ultimately failing and being presented with the lines "Ah! Ah! Ah!  You didn't say the magic word."

Head over to the website and check it out.  Watch the video first for tips and hints then ultimately get frustrated.   Look out for the Zebra girl too.