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The Bearded Trio Christmas Gift Idea - Star Wars Top Trumps

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Movie Review: "Ford v Ferrari" Is Finely Tuned Entertainment Machine

Starring Matt Damon, Christian Bale, Catriona Balfe, Jon Bernthal, Ray McKinnon,  
Noah Jupe, Josh Lucas, Tracy Letts, Remo Girone
Written by Jez Butterworth, John Henry Butterworth and and Jason Keller Directed by James Mangold
Reviewed by Patrick  & Paul Gibbs

Out of Four

In 1963, desperate to be a modern sensibility to their image, the Ford Motor Company approached Enzo Ferrari to propose a buyout.  The negotiations were cut short when Enzo suddenly realized that the deal included the purchase  Ferrari's racing program, the champions at the 24 hours of Le Mans for 10 years running. Not one to accept defeat, Henry Ford II directed his team to build a race car capable of winning Le Mans.

Enter Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon), the legendary automotive designer, who recruited the one driver he felt was up to the task: Ken Miles (Christian Bale), a brash and fiercely determined British race car driver and World War II vet who had a reputation for not working and playing wel…

The Mandalorian Videos - Interviews With Carl Weathers, Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni And More From The Fan Screening

The Mandalorian Video Interviews It's an instant hit.  The Mandalorian has had a wave of positive reviews not just from critics but more importantly, the fans.  If you can't get enough of the new Disney + Star Wars show, then fear not as we've uploaded a load of interviews from cast members including Dave Filoni.

We've also included some B-roll video from the fan screening on Wednesday, November 13th, 2019 El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood, CA

Carl Weathers Interview

Dave Filoni Interview

Q&A session for The Mandalorian at the fan screening.  Wednesday, November 13th, 2019 El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood, CA

B-Roll Video For The Fan Screening

Jon Favreau Interview - Fan Screening

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The Bearded Trio Christmas Gift Idea - Star Wars Inspiration Books - Be More Leia & Be More Lando

Feel Inspired - Be More Leia and Be More Lando Our latest Christmas gift idea are two books that will help any budding entrepreneur and Star Wars fan.   "Be More Lando" and "Be More Leia" are full of wise words and hopefully will inspire the reader with advice that will help them in their career or just in everyday situations.

These easy to read books can sit on someone's desk and be read on a daily basis.  You could say they are kind of like the Rules of Aquisutions for Star Wars fans but instead of being centred around greed the books are centred around improving yourself and appreciating life.  Lets take a look at some of the advice in the "Be More Lando" book.

Be More Lando is split into five sections, Getting Started, Perfecting Your Business Persona, Networking, Winning the Best Deal and Enjoying Your Success.  Lets take one example from the first section, Getting Started.  In fact this is the first bit of advice if you want to be more like Lan…

The Bearded Trio Christmas Gift Idea - We List 10 NEW 'The Mandalorian' Products

New The Mandalorian Merchandise Revealed The Mandalorian launches tomorrow on Disney + (well not for us Brits - BAH!) and it will come as no surprise that a whole host of new products and merchandise have been announced today and we've listed ten of the best below.  Get them on your Christmas list now, especially that awesome retro lunch box.

Rock Love Boba Fett Ring - $135
Sculpted in solid sterling silver, the Boba Fett Ring depicts the helmet of the galaxy’s most feared bounty hunter. Premium hand-painted enamel and antiquing accentuate Boba Fett’s customized Mandalorian helmet with recognizable dent. This large three-dimensional ring is durable and comfortable for everyday wear.
The Mandalorian MagicBand - $34.99
Disney Parks Exclusive
Available at Walt Disney world and Disneyland Resort beginning 11/12
The Mandalorian Butter Blend Boxer Briefs - $34.99
Available at stance retail and online
The Mandalorian Socks - $18
Available at stance retail and online
Vintage Style Mandalorian…

4DX - What Is It And Would Spielberg Approve?

Will 4DX Shake Up The Cinema Experience? A few days ago I was lucky enough to attend a gala opening of a 4DX screen at Cineworld, Spytty in Newport South Wales.  Actually, the cinema is the first in Wales to not only have a 4DX screen but a Superscreen and Screen X too.

What is 4DX?
But I was there for the 4DX and this would be my first taste of this latest experience.  So what is 4DX?  Well, if you've been to a theme park and you've been in one of those special movie showings  like the Terminator at Universal or The Muppets at Disneyland where you feel the chair move, get sprayed with water and have wind blown in your face then you are only half way there.

I say half way there because the effects that you experience for a movie at Cineworld seem to be more clever and intense.  I was there to watch Midway from the ID4 director, Roland Emmerich so I was expecting a lot of dog-fights and ocean scenes.  I was not disappointed.  A plane would bank and the chair you were sat in wou…


Steven Spielberg and Night Gallery 50 years ago today (on November 8, 1969) Steven Spielberg's first professional directorial effort was released on the world. His contribution to the Pilot Episode of Rod Serlings Nigh Gallery, called Eyes (the Pilot Episode featured 3 stories: The Cemetery (directed by Boris Sagal), Eyes (directed by Spielberg) , and The Escape Route (directed by Barry Shear). In Eyes Joan Crawford plays a wealthy, blind, woman who has found out that an costly operation is possible that will give her (back) her eyesight for a period of 12 hours. Intending to make every second count, if the operation works, there is one thing both the doctors and the patient haven't counted on...

In this clip, Steven Spielberg talks about his experience with Night Gallery.

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Flix Takes a Trip Home on the All-New Episode of Star Wars Resistance

We have some new images and a video for the latest episode of Star Wars Resistance.  It hits the small screen on Sunday 10th of November on Disney XD and Disney Channel.  Are you a fan of Resistance?  Let us know in the comments below.

In "From Beneath," Flix takes Kaz and crew to his home world to acquire fuel from his family’s refinery, only to discover the family’s drilling has awoken something monstrous.

The new episode - "From Beneath" - will also be available SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 10th (12:01 a.m. PT) on the DisneyNOW app and Disney Channel VOD, giving kids and families access to the series wherever and whenever they want to watch.

The Bearded Trio - The Site For Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, John Williams and a whole lot more.