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MUST SEE: Floppy drives duet plays Star Wars Imperial March

The Imperial March is an epic piece by John Williams. But hearing it play on a bunch of floppy drives is something else. Very clever. I am in retro heaven.  I wonder if they are double density or high density disks?  It is your density to find out.  What?

Spielberg's War Horse - New Poster

Spielberg Embarrassed of "Indiana Jones 4," Wanted Harrison Ford for "Jurassic Park"

For the 30th anniversary of " Raiders of the Lost Ark ," the film was screened in LA where Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford made an appearance and answered some questions. According to Spielberg, he originally wanted Tom Selleck to play Indiana Jones and it was "Empire Strikes Back" that made Harrison the frontrunner. Ford replied that Spielberg now only hires him for Indy films. To which the director replied: " You know who I offered 'Jurassic Park' to? This guy (pointing at Ford). Alan Grant, 'Jurassic Park,' right here. " Spielberg went on to explain that he was struggling and ended up taking on "Raiders" for the paycheck. " Before 'Raiders' I needed a job, because I’d just made '1941' and no one would hire me, except George Lucas, my friend. [laughs] So, yeah, I needed the eggs, you know? ” And when the topic switched to "Indiana Jones the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," Spielberg

BEST Monkey Island 8-Bit Remix EVER

This is such a good 8-bit remix of the classic theme tune to Monkey Island.  Where's disk thirteen?