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The Bearded Trio Website is now Closed

The Bearded Trio Website Is Now Closed. For over a decade I have been running The Bearded Trio website but I feel the time has come to close the website.  I've had a blast over the years and met some incredible and celebrities.  The site has provided many opportunities and unforgettable moments.  Moments like asking Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd questions about working with Steven Spielberg.  Meeting Dave Filoni at Star Wars Celebration, interviewing the cast of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial and so many more. The website might be closed but the social media pages such as Facebook and Tw...X will continue.  I may scale back my contributions to those too but they're still there and still going. Thank you for sticking with The Bearded Trio over all these years and being a fantastic fan community.  I strongly believe if it wasn't for you I would have made this difficult decision years ago. I look forward to just being a movie fan again. Rob The Bearded Trio