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Exploring Star Wars In The Depths Of Spotify

Is Spotify Your Holocron For Soundtracks? If you’re a fan of Star Wars then it’s almost a certainty that you are also a fan of the soundtracks. If you look up perfection in the dictionary it mentions John Williams and the music to the Star Wars movies. Okay that was a lie but it should do. For me, ever since that first viewing of Star Wars way back in 1977 I’ve craved the musical delights of John Williams and the scores to Star Wars have never been that far away in my life. From the humble beginnings of listening to Star Wars on a record player to cramming a whole album on a 256mb Creative Labs Muvo MP3 player. Now, we are lucky enough to have any music we like just a click away and streamed to any device at any time. I'm a huge fan of Spotify and when it comes to soundtracks it's always a delight to find the hidden gems filed away in the music streaming service. If you’re a soundtrack fan like me then a music streaming service is a must but I do recommend caution

WILLOW - Making Of An Adventure

This 1988 Making Of Doc Is Full Of Retro Charm, Just Like The Movie "In a time of sequels and spin-offs, where many cinemas have numbers after their titles, Willow is one of a kind."  That's how this making of featurette opens from 1988.  Kind of fits today's cinema trend doesn't it?  What they were talking about was Lucasfilm's latest offering, Willow. This is a charming featurette that oozes so much enthusiasm.  George Lucas, Ron Howard and Warwick Davis are so excited for the movie.  The doc has an infectious excitement about it that seemed to be the norm for this style of programme from this era.  It really does pack a punch.  They visit ILM to show how the state of the art special effects were made, the many sets and of course interview the cast to get their take on the story, all mixed with a dramatic soundtrack and gritty narrator (Don LaFontaine.) The movie, unfortunately didn't take the box-office by storm but it's one of those movies

CLASSIC CLIP: Steven Spielberg Talks About UFOs in 1977

Steven Spielberg talks about UFOs in 1977. This of course was at the time he was filming and promoting Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Watch: POV Video Of The New Jurassic World Ride

Experience The Jurassic World Ride In First Person The kind folks over on the YouTube channel, Theme Park Trackers have uploaded a high quality point of view video of the latest Jurassic World ride. Jurassic World The Ride front seat POV during technical rehearsals in July 2019! Enjoy! Apologies for the poor quality when entering the final show-building as the lighting inside was extremely low. The Bearded Trio - The Site For Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, John Williams and a whole lot more.

10 Soundtracks You Should Listen To During Rush Hour

Late For Work Or Being Chased Because You've Stolen The Declaration Of Independence?  These Soundtracks Are Perfect To Listen To As You Zip Through The Traffic From the world of movies and TV here are ten pieces of soundtrack music I think you should listen to during rush hour. So if you're in your car driving to work or walking through crowds of people block after block then the following music will fit the setting and help you beat the traffic. Just don't speed. The Chase, Hans Zimmer - The Rock Using his signature drum and base beat the track starts slow but builds into a frantic fast moving track that would be ideal moving between traffic. Just don't chase any Hummers through the streets of San Francisco. Rush Hour, Mark Macina - Speed Couldn't have a rush hour playlist without at least one from the movie Speed and its called Rush Hour. Like The Chase this uses a fast tempo and builds tension and brings a sense of urgency. Perfect if you are late for

Competition. Win a Jaws Poster Courtesy of Park Circus

Competition - Win A Jaws Poster Last week we brought you the awesome news that Jaws is to be shown on the big screen across the UK from July 12th thanks to the cool folks over at ParkCircus.Com .  Well they've contacted The Bearded Trio and asked us if we would like a load of Jaws posters to give away?  Absolutely we would! The poster has the classic Jaws scene but with a pretty neat running paint effect.  The words "Back in Cinemas Summer 2019" are in the middle of the poster to give them a unique touch which will appeal to collectors everywhere. As mentioned, Jaws is returning to cinemas in July thanks to ParkCircus.Com and we're not talking the odd cinema here or there but an absolute boat load (see what I did there?)  You can find where your nearest cinema will be screening Jaws by clicking here (Click "show more" half way down to see the full list of cinemas.) Competition We have three of these posters to giveaway and to be in with a ch

Steven Spielberg Quiz. 10 Questions To Test Your Knowledge On The Iconic Director

10 questions on the legendary director, Steven Spielberg.  Post your score in the comments below, on  Twitter  or on our  Facebook page .  Good luck. Where was Steven Spielberg born? Cincinnati, Ohio  San Jose, California  Chicago, Illinois  Jacksonville, Florida What year was he born? 1944  1945  1946  1947 Where were Steven Spielberg and George Lucas when they first discussed Indiana Jones together? The island of Kauaʻi  The island of Maui  The island of Kahoʻolawe  The island of Lānaʻi What was the name of the segment Spielberg directed in Twilight Zone: The Movie? Nightmare at 20,000 Feet  It's a Good Life  Time Out  Kick the Can He has won two Academy Awards for best director. Which two movies were they for? Schindler's List and Saving Private Ryan  Schindler's List and The Color Purple  Saving Private Ryan and The Color Purple  Saving Private Ryan and Lincoln What year did Steven Spielberg receive the AFI Life Achievement Award? 1993  1994  1995  1996

10 Star Wars Characters You Are Unlikely To See In The Rise of Skywalker

10 Characters You are unlikely to see in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker is not that far away now and I thought it would be good fun to speculate who will NOT be in the movie.  With just a hint of sarcasm I give you ten Star Wars characters you are unlikely to see in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.  You never know though... Jira 10 - Jira (Storms coming Annie, you better get home quick.) Yes that old lady from Phantom Menace.  I'm only guessing here but I would be very surprised if we see her or her food stand in The  Rise of Skywalker.  I would ho pe she's paid the mortgage off on her hut now and  enjoying  enjoyed a quiet retirement making wind chimes to warn visitors of any incoming storms. TK-421 9 - TK-421 (Why arn't you at your post.) I can reveal to you now that a source told me he was asked to be in  The  Rise of Skywalker. Yes really!  But on the day of the audition they called his name and he was no