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Top Five Tips To Make The Most Of A Showmasters Event

London Film & Comic Con 2015 has just finished at the Olympia this weekend.  It was bigger than ever.  The crowds were huge but so were the guest line up.  If you're thinking of attending one of Showmaster's events here's my handy top five tips to get the most out of a Showmasters event:

5 - Get There Early
Get to a comic con as early as possible.  Especially if you have an early photoshoot.  Most of the time the doors open at 9am and photoshoots can start as early as 9:15.  Turning up ten minutes before is a sure way of you missing that photoshoot.   Get there at least two hours before to guarantee an early entry.  If you do turn up late and have a photoshoot ask a member of staff if you can be fast tracked through.

4 - Do Your Research
Turning up to London Film & Comic Con with no prior knowledge will probably lead to a lot of frustration.  Normally on the Showmasters website they've published not only the schedule but a floor plan too.  Also figuring out which session your photoshoot is likely to be in is always an essential thing to do.  The Showmasters forum is easily one of the best ways to get prepared for the event and you are certain to get your questions answered there.

3 - Be Prepared To Be Warm
It's going to be warm at these events.  With so many in attendance the air by midday will be warm and if you're queueing for a photoshoot surrounded by people it can get seriously uncomfortable.  Take plenty of water, a mini fan and even a can of cooling spray.  Oh!  Also deodorant is essential.  Think of your fellow geeks and the guests.  On a side note, take some First Defence with you.  You will get coughed and sneezed on.

2 - Wear Comfortable Shoes
That is an obvious one but make your shoes even more comfortable by buying insoles to help with the constant walking and the inevitable standing around in queues.  Unless you are in cosplay in which case I commend your commitment.

1 - Pace Yourself
With so many guests being announced for one event such as London Film & Comic Con it can be tempting to overbook.  You could end up having ten photoshoots in a day.  Don't forget a lot of the time the schedule isn't released until a week before the event so you could end up with an impossible schedule.  Also I did see a few people faint over the weekend due to lack of water and food.  Take food with you and plenty of water.  A cereal bar or banana are an excellent emergency food.  I'm diabetic and make sure I have my essentials with me.  Don't rely on other people to provide these things.

I'll see you at the next Showmasters event

Rob Wainfur

Read my day by day account of London Film & Comic Con 2015 here.

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