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Steven Spielberg has been enjoying a secret summer sojourn in Ireland. Mr Spielberg has been travelling the length and breadth of the country with his wife, actress Kate Capshaw, and their teenage son. They began their journey in the west where the Hollywood director and his family visited the Aran Islands and stayed at the Ballyvaughan country holiday homes in the Burren. After spending quality time in the idyllic countryside amid the gentle life of Ballyvaughan village, Mr Spielberg and his family hit the east coast yesterday.

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teven Spielberg looks set to sail for the land of movie piracy with a buccaneer adventure based on the work of the late Michael Crichton. The director's DreamWorks studio this week snapped up the rights for Pirate Latitudes, an unfinished novel by the best-selling author, who died last year.

Pirate Latitudes plays out around Jamaica in 1665 and charts the attempt to rob a Spanish galleon docked at the town of Port Royal. The screen version will be scripted by David Koep, writer of War of the Worlds and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Koep and Spielberg have collaborated on two previous Crichton adaptations: Jurassic Park and its sequel, The Lost World.

"Anything that Michael wrote, Steven would be keenly interested to read," DreamWorks partner Stacey Snider told USA Today. "But without Michael even knowing it, or even me knowing it, it turns out that Steven always wanted to direct his own pirate film."

Crichton was reportedly writing Pirate Latitudes at the time of his death and the book will be published by Harper Collins in November. "Michael wrote a real page-turner that already seems suited for the big screen," said Spielberg. "Michael and I had almost two decades of solid collaborations. Whenever I made a film from a Crichton book or screenplay, I knew I was in good hands. Michael felt the same, and we like to think he still does."

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This will give you that Hollywood feel!

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To be honest we should call this site the Bearded four because Stan Winston, sadly missed was a special effects genius.

Stanley Winston (April 7, 1946 – June 15, 2008) was an American visual effects supervisor, make-up artist, and film director. He was best known for his work in the Terminator series, the Jurassic Park series, Aliens, the Predator series, Iron Man and Edward Scissorhands. He won a total of four Academy Awards for his work.

Watch the master at work.

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Yesterdays Movie Quote - "Cirrus, Socrates, particle, decibel, hurricane, dolphin, tulip."
Answer - A.I.
This video is on the great DVD Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. I actually loved the film. I thought it captured the comic book/saturday morning cinema dramas that the other Indy movies were. But in this video Spielberg explains his reservation of using the subject of Aliens in Indy 4. Spielberg refused to do an Indy film with aliens hence the long wait we had. In the end George Lucas came up with the idea of the aliens being inter-dimentional rather from outer space. Steven agreed that would be a better idea and Indy 4 was GO! Just glad they didn't call it Indiana Jones And The Saucer Men which was one of the suggestions.

Its a classic! Great video showing John Williams at his best.

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Todays Movie Quote - "Cirrus, Socrates, particle, decibel, hurricane, dolphin, tulip. "

Yesterdays Movie Quote - "I have decided that we shall stay here.
Answer - Return Of The Jedi

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Todays Movie Quote - "I have decided that we shall stay here. "

Yesterdays Movie Quote -

People say that when we grow up, we kick at everything we've been told, we rebel against the world our parents worked so hard to bring us into, that part of growing of is kicking at the ties that bind. But I don't think that's why we kick at all. I think we kick when we find out that our parents don't know much more about the world than we do. They don't have all the answers. We rebel when we find out that they've been lying to us all along, that there isn't any Santa Claus at all.

Answer - Taken

Munich music video by SteVin89

Source : -

The End scene of Revenge Of The Sith wasn't enough for George Lucas it seems. Last week a brush fire crept up to the edge of Skywalker Ranch, his 4,000-acre property in Nicasio, Calif.

The Marin County Fire Department received a call at 1:52 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 13, that a fire had started at the Banta House, an adjacent estate once owned by the Doobie Brothers, where a wedding was scheduled to take place two days later, said Battalion Chief Tim Thompson, who directed the department’s operations that day.

Mr. Thompson said the fire, which was burning roughly three acres across, spread up a steep hill to the border of Mr. Lucas’ ranch about an hour after it had started.

“This was a very tough fire,” he said. “There was some complexity to it.”

Indeed, Mr. Thompson said it took more than two hours to put out, with about 70 firefighters, two inmate crews, two bulldozers and two air tankers battling the blaze (alas, no Ewoks were available). Skywalker Ranch has its own fire brigade, which also responded to the call.

Mr. Thompson said a small portion of the ranch was damaged during the incident.

But Lynne Hale, a spokeswoman for Lucasfilm, said there wasn’t any damage to the property.

“We were very relieved,” she said.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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Todays Quote -
"People say that when we grow up, we kick at everything we've been told, we rebel against the world our parents worked so hard to bring us into, that part of growing of is kicking at the ties that bind. But I don't think that's why we kick at all. I think we kick when we find out that our parents don't know much more about the world than we do. They don't have all the answers. We rebel when we find out that they've been lying to us all along, that there isn't any Santa Claus at all. "

Yesterdays Quote - "You are drunk, and when you are drunk you forget that I am in charge!"

Answer - Willow

SteVin89 delivers another great music video. John Williams War Of The Worlds

SAN DIEGO — In all the Comic-Con International fuss, it was easy to lose track of the winning entries in the annual Atom Films Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge.

It’s an annual event now, with fans selecting their favorites and George Lucas himself picking his chosen winner in and around the geek gathering. You can find the top finishers here.

Lucas’ pick was “Star Wars: Retold” (right), an animated visualization of one non-fan’s recap of the saga.

But, if this reporter had a vote, it would go to the animated children’s book-style short, “Star Wars in a Notebook.” The gorgeous cut-out visualizations of the characters should really find their way into the mainstream media somewhere.

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Todays Quote - "You are drunk, and when you are drunk you forget that I am in charge!"

Yesterdays quote -"I should have mailed it to the Marx Brothers! "
Answer - Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade

This message is from lucasartsgames on twitter, the official twitter feed for lucasarts. It reads...

"Our Prez just Finished an interview w/ @Gametrailers. Discussed new internal LucasArts IP. Tune in Sept 10 to hear whats up!"

We'll keep you updated. Stay tuned

LucasArts has set the Wii squarely in its sights as part of its ongoing push to exploit its back catalogue of titles.

Super Star Wars (originally released on the NES) hit Virtual Console in the US, LucasArts has said that the two sequels (if you don't know/can't guess the names, please leave the room) will follow "in the coming weeks". All three have or will have a price tag of 800 points.

"Additional classic LucasArts games" were also promised for Virtual Console, though none were named.

Exactly when we'll see that lot in the UK hasn't been confirmed.

LucasArts has been making a big push with its older games and properties of late. It's dropped a whole list of them onto Steam, as well as releasing assorted Monkey Island goodies across PC, Xbox Live and WiiWare.
Spielbergs great movie Duel gets the SteVin89 treatment. Watch and enjoy

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Todays Movie Quote - "I should have mailed it to the Marx Brothers! "

Yesterdays Quote -
"This is no time for watersports!"
Answer - Howard The Duck has learned that MGM's planned remake of Tobe Hooper's classic '80s haunted house movie Poltergeist has received a release date of November 24, 2010, Thanksgiving weekend. With director Vadim Perelman (House of Sand and Fog) attached since last September, the production has been in development a long time with a script surfacing last year, but so far, no cast has been announced and no information about where or when they might start filming.
Todays video from SteVin89 is Sugarland Express

Added idol may indicate new Day of the Tentacle release(s) photo

Get ready to be really excited Day of the Tentacle fans.

Take a close look at the Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition snapshot in the header image. The Tentacle idol featured in the center shouldn’t exist. It wasn’t included in the original PC release of the title. Does this mean something?

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Todays movie quote - "This is no time for watersports!"

Yesterdays answer -
"Lightning never strikes in the same place twice."

Answer - War Of The Worlds

1 - Add shades for the George Lucas on location look
2 - Jeans for the casual George look
3 - Chequered shirt...what else?
4 - Cap. Preferably a star wars cap like this one with the republic symbol*
5 - Beard, add accordingly.
6 - hair and colour, now this depends what age you want your George to be. Me? I hav gone for a young version. Turn more grey the older you want him to be.
7 - Sneakers

There you have it.

*Republic Symbol cap will cost 80 xbox points

More great music videos from Stevins89 youtube channel is here SteVin89
Todays video is the haunting music from the movie Schindler's List

Interview with Shia Labeouf, Spielberg and LaBeouf have grown close.

“One time Steven told me to come to his house ready to go skeet shooting,” says LaBeouf. “I get there and stick my head in to ask if he’s ready—and this is classic Spielberg—he says, ‘Nope, Shia. I’m trapped!’ ” LaBeouf then starts playing both parts—concerned protégé and faraway mentor:

“You’re trapped? Steven, what are you talking about?”

“I’m trapped back here. Follow my voice.”

“Where are you?”

“Over here… Here… Here!”

LaBeouf kept following the calls until he got to the director’s office. And there was the master himself: shoes off, socks on, dressed in shooting gear, but sitting behind a computer, stuck on the fifteenth level of a first-person shooter called BioShock.

“This is like months to get to this level, and he can’t get past this one little mysterious spider god, and he’s losing his mind. He’s like, ‘I can’t do it, Shia! I can’t do it.’ ”

LaBeouf, who got into acting at age 12 partly because he wanted to make enough money to buy himself a Sega Genesis, had found himself a soul mate.

And Spielberg, for his part, had clearly settled on a new favorite on-screen avatar.

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Todays Guess The Movie Quote -
"Lightning never strikes in the same place twice."

Yesterdays quote -

So what are you, some kind of... triple agent?

Answer : - Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

According to 'sources' close to French fan website (thanks VG247), the new BioWare developed Star Wars MMO will be released in October 2010.

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A former star of The Bill* has landed a role in a new movie by Star Wars creator George Lucas.

Aml Ameen, 24, who played PC Lewis Hardy in the hit show for 18 months, is to appear in Red Tails.

It tells the story of the first African American pilots to fly in combat in the Second World War.

Aml, who has just returned from filming in Prague, said: "To all my fellow dreamers let this show you that it can be done. This started with a dream and a belief that I can do it."

*The Bill is a British television police procedural made by Talkback Thames, and named after a slang term for the police. It was first broadcast on 16 August 1983 as a pilot episode, and as a regular series from 16 October 1984. As of July 2009[update], The Bill is filmed in HD and broadcast on the majority of ITV networks - including ITV HD and nationally on ITV3; with episodes from 2007 being shown daily on Watch. I can't stand it!

Another great music video from SteVin89 Indiana Jones with some wonderful behind the scenes shots

His Channel is here

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From, here are the exact quotes:

Responding to questions we had over the Spielberg rumor (and indeed the future of the movie itself), a Microsoft spokesperson told Kotaku:

"We're glad there's still a lot of enthusiasm in the entertainment industry surrounding the idea of a Halo movie. That said, the Halo feature film remains on hold as we focus on projects like Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach.

Upon further questioning, Microsoft added that they had "nothing further to share with respect to plans regarding a Halo movie".
Today Movie Quote -

So what are you, some kind of... triple agent?

Yesterdays answer
"You can't beat me on the grade. You can't beat me on the grade!"

- Duel
When Star Wars and Star "Tours" creator George Lucas premiered his attraction at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, Tony Perri was there. Perri then spent a few days with Lucas at his Marin County digs, Skywalker Ranch, and conducted extensive interviews for this video. This feature story was written and produced by Tony Perri for airing on the "Evening Magazine" TV show on KPIX-TV (CBS) in San Francisco. Perri produced dozens of stories for KPIX-Channel 5.
The Shark is still working is a fantastic site. Check out this wonderful video with John Williams

John Williams - Composer
John Williams, the composer of the famous JAWS score, discusses the creation of music.

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Guess the movie quote. Answer tomorrow.

Todays Quote - "
You can't beat me on the grade. You can't beat me on the grade!"

Great video from youtuber Stevin89. Jurassic Park end titles by John Williams
You can join his youtube channel here. They guy has taste

lose your eyes...Its Brian from Family Guy interviewing George Lucas. This is a great funny interview. Look out for the part where Seth asks George to guess which part of Star Wars the music is from.

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In times of global recession, when companies are retrenching, The One Academy graduates are still in high demand as illustrated by the recent recruitment drive and presentation by Lucasfilm Animation Singapore. Lucasfilm’s studio in Singapore is involved in television and film animation, game development and visual effects for feature films. Led by their recruiter, the team from Lucasfilm held a number of interviews with graduating students and a presentation in anticipation of finding talents for the Jedi master’s programme in Singapore.

This time around, Lucasfilm’s visit to The One Academy brought a new surprise. The crowd of students gathered in the audio visual hall could barely hold their excitement when the team introduced them to The One Academy alumni Jerome Moo, who is now a digital artist at ILM Singapore.

Together with the studio’s deputy general manager Jacqueline Tan, recruiter Iwona Macesowicz and Digimatte Lead for ILM Singapore as well as Moo’s mentor, Bryant Griffin, Moo and the team of delegates empowered the students with a two-hour sharing about the visual effects (VFX) industry.

"It has been an interesting experience for me, to see how far I’ve gone at Lucasfilm and to be back here again to share what I’ve learned with the students," said Moo.

According to Moo, a digital artist should be open-minded, a quick-learner and have keen eyesight.

"Be humble, be willing to take constructive criticism and be hardworking. Most importantly, keep pushing ahead of your boundaries and make great progress!"

An illustration graduate from The One Academy, Moo is in his third year with Lucasfilm Animation Singapore. As a digital artist he creates visual effects for blockbuster movies such as Iron Man, Star Trek, and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. He was also one of a few selected digital artists invited to train with the Academy Award-winning Industrial Light & Magic team based in San Francisco, California. Moo has also worked on projects for television and games, doing mostly conceptual works, matte paintings and some 3D modellings.

During his presentation, Moo cited that a well-established portfolio, strong foundation in art and a great understanding in colour composition, polished communication skills as well as photography skills are some of the essentials needed to get into the competitive job market.

The team also presented its work on blockbuster films in stages, including concept art, product visualisation and the overall visual effects process. Students took the opportunity to ask questions relating to the VFX industry and discuss career prospects with Lucasfilm.

According to Griffin, a strong foundation in art is an important element. "It goes without saying that students will need to have a good understanding on colour composition to work in visual effects."

He added that VFX artists must also be an honest critic of their work, be humble and share what they learn.

Lucasfilm Animation Singapore opened in 2005 and has worked on visual effects for many blockbuster films, including Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Iron Man and Transformers. In addition, the studio also works on the animated Star Wars television series The Clone Wars.

Founded by George Lucas in 1971, Lucasfilm Ltd is one of the world’s leading fully-integrated film and entertainment companies. Lucasfilm’s studio in Singapore – houses a number of disciplines including television and film animation, visual effects for feature films and game development. Its integrated approach allows artists at the studio the unique opportunity to contribute to games, animation projects and visual effects – all under one roof.

"The One Academy has always been the international creative industry’s hunting ground for world-class creative talents. This reflects confidence in Malaysian youth and The One Academy’s credentials," said The One Academy principal Tatsun Hoi.

The courses offered in The One Academy are Multimedia Design, Digital Animation with Game Development, Illustration with Comics, Advertising & Graphic Design and Interior Design.
Indiana Jones® and the Fate of Atlantis™

This is worth every penny. £2.99!!! What a bargain. Pint and click adventures at its best. If you havent got a steam account yet Browse over to Steam to create one now. They recently have added a huhe selection of lucasarts titles including republic commando and monkey island

1939 - The eve of World War II. Nazi agents are about to get their hands on a weapon more dangerous than the atom bomb. Only Indy can stop them before they unleash the deadly secret that sank Atlantis.
  • Point 'n’ click your way through fistfights, puzzles, balloon rides, car chases and Indy one-liners.
  • Explore over 200 spectacular locations.
  • Hear LucasArts' exclusive iMUSE create a musical score that follows your every move.

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Telltale games are just about to release the second episode of Tales of Monkey Island. If its anything like the first episode then we are in for a treat. Chapter Two of Tales of Monkey Island, "The Siege of Spinner Cay" will be available for PC on August 20 (Pacific Time)!

When we left Guybrush Threepwood, he'd just escaped the mysterious winds of Flotsam Island aboard the well-meaning sailing ship The Screaming Narwhal. However, his hand is still cursed, and LeChuck--now in human form--seems, from a distance, to be courting fair Elaine's favor. To top it all, he's been intercepted by a mysterious figure, yet unrevealed. I wonder what happens next...

Please go buy Tales of Monkey Island. The more successful it is the more we will get. Can you imagine the world without Monkey Island? Can you imagine life without Guybrush Threepwood? Can you imagine...Oh look a three headed monkey!

You can download the demo here

Visit telltale games to purchase.


George Lucas is a huge motor racing fan. He regularly attends motor racing events and can often be seen at formula one races, and used the Red Bull F1 team to promote Revenge Of The Sith. You only need to see the pod racing scene in Episode one for evidence of his love for speed and motor racing
In California each spring the Toyota Grand Prix Car races draw thousands of fans to Long Beach including George Lucas who races in the celebrity category just for the thrill!

Here are some photos of the Red Bull team with the sponsor being none other than Star Wars - May 22nd 2005

Here is George Lucas at the Goodwood Festival of speed,
So as you probably notice we have a snazzy new banner and a new forum. We are going all out to raise our profile over the next few months. One thing we do need is your feedback. Let us know if there is anything you would like added or a particular area you would like us to focus on. If you have a related blog or website then let us know and we will add it to our links. Finally if there is something that you don't like then also let us know. We can take it (honest).
TOUGH guy actor Ray Park has revealed that training to play a ninja made him sick.

The Glasgow-born star, who was Darth Maul in Star Wars, is Snake Eyes in GI Joe.

Park, 34, worked out in a sauna suit and goggles for eight hours a day to become the mysterious black-clad sword fighter.

He said: "I just wanted to be prepared and be strong. On most training sessions I was puking up."

Gi Joe, starring Sienna Miller and Christopher Eccleston, is tipped to be a box office smash.

Park isn't bothered that his character doesn't utter a word.

He said: "I don't care if I never speak again in my life. My wife would be happy about that."

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This video is on the DVD of E.T. The Extra Terrestrial available to by now. It has an excellent feature on John Williams and you can watch the movie as John Williams conducts live.

E.T DVD two disc version

2009's SIGGRAPH trade event is adding tracks to specifically highlight the fields of music and audio, something that the graphics-specific event is not normally known for, organizers announced today.

"Just as important as the graphics themselves are the musical elements and how they enhance the visuals and storyline in order to complete the audience experience," says Peter Braccio, the event's industry relations director.

Sessions for SIGGRAPH 2009's Music and Audio program will include a keynote from two-time Academy Award-winning sound designer Randy Thom, who'll discuss making sound a full collaborator in the storytelling process.

Thom, current director of sound design at Skywalker Sound, has worked on Hollywood films like Forrest Gump, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and The Incredibles.

A sound and story panel will feature Oddworld Inhabitants' Lorne Lanning, Tommy Tallarico and Brian Schmidt discussing the role of sound and music in the storytelling aesthetic. Other panel sessions will address DIY music and distribution and interfaces for musical expression.

"This new focus on Music & Audio aims to highlight not just the close relationship music and graphic arts have to one another, but also how the integration of music and audio enhances the overall impact of visual pieces," says Braccio.

The SIGGRAPH event takes place in New Orleans from the 3rd to the 7th of August -- interested parties can find complete details on the newly-added music and audio sessions at SIGGRAPH by visiting the official site.

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Written by Robert Sanchez Friday, 07 August 2009 19:12

HALO, the wildly popular video games that follow Master Chief, a cybernetically-enhanced human super-soldier, and his artificial intelligence (AI) companion, Cortana as they aide future humanity in battling the Covenant, a theocratic alliance of alien races, may be coming to the big screen much sooner than we expected.

IESB has learned exclusively (believe me this is solid and I've confirmed it three times over with studio executives and our close ties to CAA) that one of the biggest producers in Hollywood history is currently in active negotiations to develop the feature film adaptation and no it's not Jerry Bruckheimer or Peter Jackson. It's the man behind Jaws, E.T., Indiana Jones and Transformers, Mr. Steven Spielberg.

Spielberg is blown away by writer Stuart Beattie's take on the game in his script entitled HALO THE FALL OF REACH. This coupled with the fact that his Dreamworks umbrella is looking for a big tent pole to help launch their newly independant studio with distribution over at Walt Disney Pictures after losing Transformers to Paramount in the separation, it's the perfect combination.

Also, Spielberg is a huge gaming fan. His prodigal star Shia LaBeouf has been quoted talking about Spielberg being stuck on the 15th level of BioShock recently,

"I get there and stick my head in to ask if he's ready-and this is classic Spielberg-he says, ‘Nope, Shia. I'm trapped!' " LaBeouf then starts playing both parts-concerned protégé and faraway mentor:

"You're trapped? Steven, what are you talking about?"

"I'm trapped back here. Follow my voice."

"Where are you?"

"Over here... Here... Here!"

LaBeouf kept following the calls until he got to the director's office. And there was the master himself: shoes off, socks on, dressed in shooting gear, but sitting behind a computer, stuck on the fifteenth level of a first-person shooter called BioShock.

"This is like months to get to this level, and he can't get past this one little mysterious spider god, and he's losing his mind. He's like, ‘I can't do it, Shia! I can't do it.' "

Word is CAA, who rep both Spielberg and Beattie, is pushing these negotiations heavily.

HALO belongs to Microsoft and they own all rights to a feature film and happen to have a great relationship with the producer who even unveiled their lastest gaming technology Project Natal at the E3 Expo earlier this year. It doesn't hurt to have Bill Gates as a good friend so I hear.

Stuart Beattie, the writer behind the new concept that Spielberg loves, was quite busy during the 2007 writer's strike when he wrote the script on spec based on the storyline from Eric Nyland's prequel novel to HALO, THE FALL OF REACH. Beattie is also hot off the summer hit G.I. JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA which he co-wrote with director Stephen Sommers and others. During the promotional tour for that film, he told that the HALO story is, "an amazing story about this child that no one cares about and who cares for no one else, who kind of ends up saving all of humanity."

Back on April Fools Day of 2008, Latino Review broke the news of the new Beattie script and had a write up on what it was all about,

The script is, first and foremost, a character-driven story about a soldier named John who was kidnapped or "conscripted" by the UNSC when he was just six years old, and then brutally trained to become an elite Spartan warrior known as Master Chief 117.

The script then takes us through the horrific first contact with the Covenant hordes on the doomed colony world of Harvest, and then climaxes with the spectacular fall of the UNSC forward base on Reach, during which every other Spartan is slaughtered.

The script also gives detailed outlines for the second movie, HALO: RISE OF THE FLOOD, which takes place entirely on the Halo ringworld, and the third and final movie, HALO: BATTLE FOR EARTH, which roughly follows the events of Halo 3, the game.

One cool advantage of this first script is that (like the shark in JAWS) you don't even see the Covenant until halfway through the movie. And because all the creatures are CGI creations, this cuts the budget down dramatically and makes a first Halo movie that much more viable. For Halo fans, it's like the prequel that provides all the answers to questions they've thought about for years. For non Halo fans, it's an exciting action movie that provides a clear, concise introduction to a world five hundred years in the future with relatable characters and a terrifying alien menace.

The site also posted 5 pieces of concept art that Beattie came up with to illustrate his vision for the franchise.

Recently, sites have been reporting that the HALO project is completely dead after it halted under the guidance of Peter Jackson and director Neil Blomkamp with 20th Century Fox distributing.

Try this hypothetical scenario… you’re relaxing at the local cantina when three trigger-happy Rodian mercenaries pick a fight with the most attractive Jedi Knight you’ve ever seen. After the smoke clears, the Rodians are carried outside and the Jedi apologizes to everyone for making a scene. Do you:

  1. Crack a joke to relieve the tension;
  2. Demand the Jedi buy you a drink to replace the one that got spilled during the fight;
  3. Smoothly invite your new friend back to a private booth to get better acquainted.

The answer, of course, is (d) All of the above. What’s that, you say? “All of the above” wasn’t among your options? Consider that your first taste of the Smuggler lifestyle. It’s time to make your own options and never limit yourself to just one. Strict adherence to rules and regulations is something other people do. Smugglers make things up as they go.

Now wait a minute, I can hear you say. Nobody successfully flirts with Jedi Knights. There’s no point even trying. The Jedi Code forbids romance, they wield the most lethal conversation stoppers in the galaxy… and they’re kind of stuck-up. A Jedi would never accept an invitation from a scruffy-looking free trader, right? Wrong! Smugglers have remarkable track records for romancing people way out of their leagues. Just ask them.

Of all the stories in our game, the Smuggler ones are specifically written with an emphasis on humor and romance. If you’re playing this class, you get to say the funniest things (usually at the least appropriate times), and are always on the lookout for people who find charming rogues irresistible. You’ll be flirting with or laughing at the most exciting personalities in the galaxy: crime lords, gamblers, Bounty Hunters, senators, nobles, spies, Jedi and even Sith.

It’s not all witty one-liners and romantic conquests, either. Smugglers lead lives of high adventure, taking on jobs no one else is crazy enough to do and answering to no authority but their own. They also don’t have to risk their necks for free. Unlike pious Jedi or duty-bound Troopers, Smugglers are never out of line demanding a fee for their services. The Republic needs rogues to hit Imperial convoys? Sounds like fun, if there’s profit in it. The Hutts want illegal technology slipped past military blockades? No problem, as long as they pay in advance.

Are there Smugglers working for the Empire? Not really. In the Empire, the pay’s lousy, the hours stink and the clients are creeps. The Empire is all about controlling people. If Smugglers wanted to be told what to do, they’d get real jobs.

Not all of these spirited adventurers are mercenaries, of course. Some have hearts of gold and don’t worry about retiring to their own private moon. These heroes of the hyperlanes use their special talents to help the poor and downtrodden. It may not pay as well, but “honest” Smugglers make lots of friends. And when gangsters with informative names like Rogun the Butcher try to kill you, it’s nice having a few people you can rely on.

The most successful Smugglers surround themselves with trusty companions who are handy with a blaster when deals go sour. Han Solo had Chewbacca as backup, and Smugglers in our game will have their pick of several memorable sidekicks.

That’s not to say you can’t handle yourself. Smugglers are notorious for outwitting and outmaneuvering more powerful opponents. In a galaxy full of Lightsaber-wielding demigods who can lift starfighters with the power of their minds, most people underestimate “ordinary” folks armed only with blasters. That’s a big mistake. Smugglers are the best shots in the galaxy, and they can avoid being noticed until it’s time to make a big entrance. When they finally show themselves they have a variety of, shall we say, unorthodox combat moves that leave their enemies reeling. Jedi may see things before they happen, but Smugglers always shoot first.

The Old Republic™ is the first Star Wars™ video game to let players truly live the dream of being Han Solo or Lando Calrissian. Other games have let you engage in a bit of smuggling for profit or simulate “scoundrels” as a collection of stat bonuses, but none come close to delivering the humor, romance and just plain fun of being a wisecracking Smuggler who triumphs against all odds. Every member of The Old Republic team is committed to crafting the defining rendition of the Smuggler archetype.

Our combat designers have outdone themselves inventing powers to leave your fellow players laughing out loud and asking how you pulled off that stunt. The animation team is creating custom movements that perfectly evoke the sheer bravado and lightning reflexes Han Solo displayed when he took three (three!) shots at Darth Vader on Bespin. World builders tirelessly create dens of scum and villainy, populating them with the galaxy’s most notorious criminals. Artists craft all the small details that tie everything together, from sweet-looking blaster pistols to flashy outfits that put Lando’s wardrobe to shame.

Last but not least, the writing team has invested its tremendous love for snappy dialogue, outrageous characters and insane story twists into every aspect of playing a Smuggler. If you’re teamed-up with a Jedi or Trooper and chat with a NPC, you’ll always get to rattle off the best one-liners. If those other classes are looking to earn a few extra credits on the side, they’d be fools not to let you do the negotiating.

Well, looks like closing time at the cantina. Your new Jedi friend mentioned some high-risk, high-reward work in the Outer Rim. Those new Corellian engines everyone’s raving about are expensive, and credits don’t grow on trees. Besides, the job sounds simple enough. What could possibly go wrong?

Strap yourself in, Smuggler — you’re in for another exciting ride.

Hall Hood
Senior Writer

LONDON - The success of Steven Spielberg’s ‘Jaws’ may have been put down to Peter Benchley’s bestselling novel but the writer’s brilliant horror-thriller was actually based on fact.

Jaws grossed more than 1 billion pounds at the box office with its chilling scenes of a rogue shark lusting for blood, reports the Daily Express.

And now, it has emerged that the story of the killer Great White shark that brought terror to the fictitious American seaside resort of Amity Island in ‘Jaws’ was based on fact.

A new drama-documentary is set to reveal the story that helped inspire the Benchley’s novel.

‘Shark Rampage 1916′ will be screened on Discovery’s Animal Planet channel next month and tells the story of the summer a monster Great White stalked the New ­Jersey shoreline, leaving a trail of blood, gore and severed limbs. (ANI)

Friday, 7 August 2009

Famous John Hughes film moments

The US film director and writer, John Hughes, who created some of the most famous comedies of the 1980s and 1990s, has died at the age of 59.

The director died after a heart attack in New York, his spokeswoman said.

Hughes was the director of such successful films as Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Breakfast Club, and Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

He was also a leading scriptwriter, penning films such as Pretty in Pink and Home Alone.

Over the past decade, Hughes withdrew from Hollywood and became a farmer in the Midwestern state of Illinois.

Hughes had been in Manhattan on a family visit when he died.

1980s zeitgeist

Hughes had not directed a film since Curly Sue in 1991, but the BBC's Vincent Dowd says it did not matter - his early movies had become part of the 1980s zeitgeist.

John Hughes in 1984
John Hughes in 1984, the year he directed Sixteen Candles

If, in 1986, Ferris Bueller's Day Off owed something to the on-screen energy of the young Matthew Broderick, it also benefited from Hughes' sharp script and direction, our correspondent says.

He worked well with young talent, as he demonstrated a year earlier in 1985, with cult film The Breakfast Club, starring Emilio Estevez and Mollie Ringwald.

In the high school tale, Hughes portrayed the lives of teenage Americans with dramatic, and comic, flair - and the box office returns were enormous.

'Quintessential filmmaker'

"Many filmmakers portray teenagers as immoral and ignorant, with pursuits that are pretty base," Hughes told the Chicago Tribune newspaper in 1985.

Matthew Broderick in Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986)
I am truly shocked and saddened by the news about my old friend
Matthew Broderick

"They seem to think that teenagers aren't very bright. But I haven't found that to be the case. I listen to kids. I respect them. I don't discount anything they have to say just because they're only 16 years old," he added.

Born in 1950 in Michigan, Hughes started out as a journalist and advertising copywriter before turning to script writing.

His biggest hit of all came in 1990 with Home Alone, which he wrote and produced, but did not direct.

The film made the central character, the 10-year-old Macaulay Culkin, the biggest child star for decades and grossed almost $500m (£300m) worldwide.

"I was a fan of both his work and a fan of him as a person," Culkin said. "The world has lost not only a quintessential filmmaker, whose influence will be felt for generations, but a great and decent man."

In a statement, Matthew Broderick said: "I am truly shocked and saddened by the news about my old friend John Hughes. He was a wonderful, very talented guy and my heart goes out to his family."

Actors pay tribute to John Hughes

Actress Molly Ringwald said: " I was stunned and incredibly sad to hear about the death of John Hughes. He was and will always be such an important part of my life."

By the mid-1990s, Hughes had disappeared from the public eye almost totally, though he continued to produce and write screenplays.

He wrote under the pseudonym of Edmond Dantes, a character in the Alexandre Dumas novel, The Count of Monte Cristo.

His credits under the name include Beethoven and Maid in Manhattan.

Dowd says Hughes will above all be remembered for a small number of movies which perfectly captured the spirit of 1980s America.

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