10 John Williams Tracks To Get You In The Mood For Christmas. Merry Christmas

John Williams Christmas Music To Enjoy This Christmas Eve

T'was the night before Christmas (well almost) and all was quiet. Let's rectify that and make it even more like Christmas with ten tracks by John Williams. Merry Christmas.

Lets start with a classic from the movie, Home Alone.

We'll return to Home Alone later.  Next up it's a real treat.  John Williams conducting Sleigh Ride with the excellent Boston Pops.

Over to Home Alone 2 now with Christmas at Carnegie Hall.

All aboard the Hogwarts express now as we head to the magical land of Harry Potter for Christmas, floating candles and all.

Staying within the Harry Potter universe we have this wonderfully majestic piece from The Chamber of Secrets.  Has a magical Christmas feel.

Back to Home Alone now.  We couldn't do a John Williams Christmas list without this one.

Finally lets have a really traditional medley of Christmas music.  Thanks for reading and listening.  Merry Christmas everyone.

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