Frank Marshall Confirms No Indy V Involvement For George Lucas

Behind the scenes on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) with director Steven Spielberg and producers Frank Marshall and George Lucas

No Involvement For George Lucas On Indy V

In an exclusive interview with ComingSoon.Net, Indiana Jones producer, Frank Marshall has revealed that George Lucas is not set to have any involvement with Indiana Jones 5.  This has changed from the first time it was announced Indy V was coming to the big screen when it was thought George would be an executive producer or have some indirect involvement.  Marshall said on Lucas:

"I love being with George and having his input, but life changes and we’re moving on. He moved on. We’re very respectful of the original intentions of the movie, certainly Harrison’s character. The serialization of what the original intention was. I’d love to have George there. I love being around George and working with him, obviously. It’ll be a little different, because the ideas are coming from a different place now."

ComingSoon also asked Marshall about increasing the filming locations of the next film compared to Crystal Skull which was mostly shot in the US.  The producer just answered with a simple "Yes."  Well back in March we reported Spielberg as saying at the Empire Awards that the next Indiana Jones instalment will be shot in the UK much like the new Star Wars movies.

Indiana Jones V is now set for a release on July 9th, 2021.

Source - ComingSoon.Net

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