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It is one of the best movies I've seen in years.  If you are a fan of Star Wars then this movie is a must.  Even if you're not then you are still going to enjoy this masterpiece, I mean come on its got The Shat in it.  Fortunately he doesn't sing.  You must buy this movie. Wait! Lets see if this works....ahem!...You will buy this movie...damn!  My force powers need some work.  There are loads of cameos, the script is sharp and the story will keep you gripped to the end.  Heres what its all about...

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... well, 1976 in California, there was a God, and that God was named George Lucas, and he created the greatest and most remarkable movie saga ever known to Man, Droid or Wookie...Star Wars. Lightspeed ahead to 1998 and four Star Wars fans hit the road in search of the impossible in the hilarious road trip comedy FANBOYS, released on Blu-ray and DVD on 4 October from Anchor Bay Entertainment.

Directed by Kyle Newman and produced by Kevin Spacey, this laugh-out-loud comedy features a fantastic cast including Sam Huntington (Superman Returns), Seth Rogen (Knocked Up, Step Brothers) Kristen Bell (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Couples Retreat) Jay Baruchel (Tropic Thunder, She’s Out of My League), Craig Robinson (Hot Tub Time Machine), Danny Trejo (Anchorman, The Devil’s Rejects) and Dan Fogler (Love Happens, Taking Woodstock).

The film is also bursting with fanboy pleasing cameos Kevin Smith (Clerks), Carrie Fisher (Star Wars IV-VI), Ray Park (Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, GI Joe), Billy Dee Williams (Star Wars), Danny McBride (Eastbound & Down, Pineapple Express), Jaime King (Sin City, My Bloody Valentine) and William Shatner (Star Trek).

Spurred by their impatience and an undying loyalty to their cause, five former high school friends reunite to undertake the road trip of their fan-tasies. Travelling west, across America to visit their Mecca – George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch. The plan is to break in, steal the first cut of The Phantom Menace six months before its worldwide release and stake their claim to be the first fanboys in history to watch it. They will need more than the force to be with them to overcome bizarre bikers, a crazy pimp and a deranged crew of Trekkies along their quest to hilarious consequences.

Released also on Blu-ray to extend the FANBOY experience armed with special features including a director’s commentary, deleted scenes and many more. The DVD and Blu-ray will also be available in a Limited Edition collector’s case, for the ultimate fanboy!

This is one of my all time favourite soundtracks.  This track in particular never leaves my Iphone.  A trully feel good track.

 A test timelapse video from Phillip Bloom.  If you havent checked out is video on Skywalker Ranch yet then you are really missing out on the best on the web



Skywalker ranch timelapse test from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

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Now this is amazing.  A fan has constructed his own lightsabre, his skills are almost complete.  Check out the website.  It really is impressive with great photos and a step by step guide.  His website also has guides on building other props.  http://www.slothfurnace.com/sabers/ESBLuke_01.html

Hollywood director James Cameron believes his digital movie spectacular Avatar would have been “terrible” if it was live-action.
The director used motion-capture technology for most of the scenes in the sci-fi epic. Zoe Saldana played blue-skinned alien Neytiri, of the fictional Na’vi race. Instead of coating her skin in blue make-up, Cameron made Zaldana and all the other alien actors wear high-tech motion caption suits to record their movements and turned them into digital animation.
The film cost $260 million to make.
Avatar Avatar Photo: supplied
“Here’s the thing: if it had been in live action, she would have been in blue make-up and it would not have had the power,” Cameron said. “Her eyes would not have been those eyes.
“The blue make-up would have looked terrible. I know – every time I go to a convention where someone decides they’re going to be a Na’vi, I’m reminded why we didn’t do it.”

Fellow director Steven Spielberg is also glad Cameron didn’t go for a more natural look. Spielberg said he loved Avatar, but thinks the actors would have looked terrible if Cameron had used cosmetics instead of animation.

“You get that on TV: The Blue Man Group. It’s spray paint, it’s not organic. It’s Ben Stiller at the Oscars. That’s about as good as it gets,” Spielberg told Empire magazine.

Ben Stiller dressed up as a Na’vi at the Academy Awards ceremony earlier this year

Monday, 30 August 2010

Adidas Originals is once again using the force as it returns this fall to drop its second "Star Wars"-inspired collection. Just like the first collection, which launched last spring, this one combines iconic "Star Wars" characters and scenes with classic Adidas Originals footwear and apparel.
The track tops and sneaker styles in this collection sport characters like Han Solo, Jabba the Hutt, Chewbacca, C-3PO and R2-D2 (poor guys have to share a pair of Top Ten Lows).
While they won’t get you a slave Leia, the Jabba the Hutt-inspired Adidas Attitude His (above) are our favorite. They feature a green colorway, distressed leather upper, embossed logo on the heel, a lace lock and a special tongue tag featuring Jabba himself. Check out more from the collection below.

Pop over to http://www.archiewatt.com/?p=204 to read a in informative review of John Williams soundtrack Attack Of The Clones.  Although he is not a fan of the movie, he is a fan of the soundtrack and along with Lord Of The Rings by Howard Shore wonders why neither received an oscar for there masterpiece.
* HBO wins 25 Emmys, ahead of ABC with 18
* "The Pacific" most-decorated with eight wins
* "Temple Grandin" wins high-profile honors

HBO again grabbed the most prizes at the Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday, but the premium cable network's little TV movie "Temple Grandin" stole the thunder of its $200 million-plus miniseries "The Pacific."
"Temple Grandin," the decidedly uncommercial true story of an autistic woman who revolutionizes slaughterhouses, ended up with seven awards, including three acting honors. With 15 nominations, it enjoyed one of the best success rates.

"The Pacific" captured eight awards, including best miniseries, more than any other show, but most of the prizes for the World War Two drama were in technical categories. It led the contenders with 24 nominations, followed by "Glee" (19) and "Mad Men" (17).

Time Warner Inc (TWX.N)-owned HBO snagged 25 Emmys from 101 nominations overall, its haul boosted by a pair of high-profile wins for its Jack Kevorkian biopic, "You Don't Know Jack." Last year, it ended up with 21 wins from 99 nominations.

ABC ranked No. 2 among the networks with 18 wins, including six for its newly crowned best comedy winner "Modern Family." It was followed by Fox (11), CBS (10) and NBC (8).

While Walt Disney Co (DIS.N)-owned ABC can claim bragging rights for "Modern Family," one of the biggest new comedies last season, the show was produced by the studio arm of rival broadcaster Fox, a unit of News Corp (NWSA.O).

CBS is a unit of CBS Corp (CBSa.N), whose Showtime premium cable division won seven prizes. NBC is a unit of General Electric Co (GE.N).

Three shows grabbed four wins each: cable channel AMC's best drama winner "Mad Men," Fox's rookie comedy-drama "Glee," and the Disney cartoon "Disney Prep & Landing." "Mad Men" was produced for Cablevision Systems Corp (CVC.N)-owned AMC by Lionsgate, a unit of Lions Gate Entertainment Corp (LGF.N).
Seth Green is not one to stay on the beaten path. His wedding was held at the vineyard of none other than the famous Skywalker Ranch, the residence and workspace of famous director George Lucas of Star Wars. The two developed a friendship while working together on various projects. Even more impressive was that Mr. Lucas was also a guest at the wedding.

Though the wedding had its own quirky geek charm, it was still a major celebrity wedding. The bride Ms. Grant was dressed in a lovely Oscar de La Renta gown and wore a head piece make by Jay and Barry Jewelers. The same company also made the groom's cufflinks as well as the wedding and engagement rings. The groom was also in top form with a custom tux by Dennis Kim.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Wired was recently able to speak with concept creator and creature designer Neville Page, who worked on Star Trek, Cloverfield and many other films, about his latest project, the upcoming J.J. Abrams sci-fi drama Super 8.

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Production is set to begin this fall on the Paramount Pictures feature film 'Super 8'. Primetime Emmy winning J.J. Abrams will write/direct the film, and 3 time Academy Award winner Steven Spielberg will produce. Primetime Emmy winning casting directors April Webster and Alyssa Weisberg have been conducting the Los Angeles auditions for the lead roles.
'Super 8' was in pre-production under the smokescreen title 'Darlings' and is still being refered to as 'Wickham' for some open casting calls. This is due to the high profile nature of the film. Paramount Pictures has chosen Weirton, West Virginia and surrounding areas for all of the on-location filming for the Super 8. The remainder will be shot in Los Angeles. Paramount is participating in the West Virginia Film Industry Act, a tax credit program designed to recruit business into the state.
An open casting call was already held on August 21, 2010 in Los Angeles at the Paramount Studios lot. There will be at least two additional open casting calls in Weirton, WV.
Details on the auditions and casting calls can be found on the following blog post:
Paramount Pictures Super 8 Casting Calls
The Super 8 crews will be shooting for two to three months in the Weirton, WV area.
At the recent SIGGRAPH 2010, LucasArts coder Dmitry Andreev showed off a quite remarkable tech demo based on work he carried out during the development of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. In a video demonstration running on Xbox 360, he showed the game operating at its default 30FPS, but then like a Jedi, seemingly with a wave of a hand it started running at 60FPS - with no apparent graphical compromises aside from the removal of motion blur.
It's a demo that you can download and see for yourself right now, either in HD or else in a more bandwidth friendly standard def encode, with Andreev's original presentation also available to view. Two AVI videos (requiring an h264 decoder) are in the package: an original prototype, along with a further, more refined proof-of-concept running in the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II game engine.
It's safe to say that it's impressive work that has generated a lot of discussion within the games industry.
It's a sight Star Wars fans are used to seeing - creator George Lucas with a lightsaber promoting his famous film franchise.
But what made yesterday's event slightly different was that also in the picture were a range of Star Wars-inspired Disney characters, including Jedi Mickey, Princess Leia-Minnie and Darth Goofy.
Lucas, 66, posed alongside the characters at Florida's Walt Disney World to promote the Last Tour To Endor fan event, a celebration of the last year of the original Star Wars' ride Star Tours running before the new ride is unveiled in 2011.
May the force be with you: George Lucas poses with Star Wars-inspired Disney characters including Jedi Mickey and Darth Goofy at Walt Disney World in Florida
May the force be with you: George Lucas poses with Star Wars-inspired Disney characters including Jedi Mickey and Darth Goofy at Walt Disney World in Florida
The event saw fans make the most of the theme park after hours with a party which lasted until 1am and included a Star Wars fireworks show, and was attended by celebrities including Seth Green and original C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels.
Last Tour to Endor was held as part of the Star Wars Celebration V event - marking the 30th anniversary of Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back.
And Lucas also delighted fans by announcing that all six Star Wars films - the original trilogy of episodes IV, V and VI, and the prequel trilogy of episodes I, II, and III - will be released in a Blu-ray boxed set next year.
Hugs all round: Star Wars creator Lucas smiles as he gets a hug off Jedi Mickey
Hugs all round: Star Wars creator Lucas smiles as he gets a hug off Jedi Mickey

Fight scene: Lucas and Jedi Mickey have a lightsaber fight scene at the fan event
Fight scene: Lucas and Jedi Mickey have a lightsaber fight scene at the fan event
He said: 'Blu-ray is the absolute best way to experience Star Wars at home - in pristine high definition. The films have never looked or sounded better.'
The director also said that the new box set will feature extensive bonus material and will even include deleted scenes from the original film trilogy.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Hope you like this.  This is my first attempt at a Goonies wallpaper.  More to come.

Legendary composer/conductor John Williams led the Los Angeles Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl Friday night, taking a near sold-out crowd through highlights from the Golden Age of Hollywood to contemporary hits such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

At 8:30 p.m., the lights dimmed and the orchestra began playing Hooray for Hollywood which set the scene for the night's entertainment - a showcase of classic film clips on large screens to the sound of live music.

"When we see film clips, I think it reminds older viewers, as well as educate younger viewers, of the precious legacies of old films," Williams said.

The first half of the evening included scores from Sunset Boulevard, Spartacus and North by Northwest.

Then followed a tribute to Audrey Hepburn with various film clips while the orchestra played.

"She was a creature that descended from heaven, lived briefly, then return back to heaven," Williams said before the tribute.

After intermission, Williams walked back on stage and without introducing the next piece - started conducting the theme song to Jaws - much to the crowd's delight.

"It's brilliant," a woman summed up in a nearby seat.

Williams said this year marked the 35th anniversary since Jaws hit the silver screen.

He gave an insight into the experience of working with director Steven Spielberg on Jaws before talking about the music in the barrel chase scene.

"It starts off soft, it ends soft, but there is tremendous tension in the middle of the scene," he said.

The second half of the evening included music from hits such as Indiana Jones and Star Wars.

Hundreds of blue, green and red light sabers lit up the Bowl as fans showed their appreciation for the six scores Williams composed for all six Star Wars films.

Williams has composed the music and served as music director for more than 100 films.

His 35-year artistic partnership with Spielberg has resulted in many of Hollywood’s most acclaimed and successful films, including Schindler’s List, E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, Jaws, Jurassic Park, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the Indiana Jones films, Saving Private Ryan, Amistad, Munich, Hook, Catch Me If You Can, Minority Report, A.I. Artificial Intelligence and Empire of the Sun.

Williams composed the scores for the first three Harry Potter films, Superman, JFK, Born on the Fourth of July, Memoirs of a Geisha, Far and Away, The Accidental Tourist, Home Alone, Nixon, The Patriot, Angela’s Ashes, Seven Years in Tibet, The Witches of Eastwick, Rosewood, Sleepers, Sabrina, Presumed Innocent, The Cowboys, The Reivers, and Goodbye and Mr. Chips among many others.

Williams returns to the Hollywood Bowl Saturday night, August 28, for another performance with the Los Angeles Philharmonic at 8:30 p.m.

Allison Miller will follow Jason O'Mara (Life on Mars) as the second actor to join the upcoming Fox television series, produced by Steven Spielberg and Peter Chernin, according to Deadline.

O'Mara stars as Jim Shannon, the head of a family from 2149 who are transported back 85 million years to prehistoric Earth, where they join Terra Nova, a colony of humans with a second chance to build a civilization. Miller (NBC's Kings, 17 Again) will play a character named Skye, but no further details about the role have been released.

The series will premiere in the fall of 2011, with a preview of the first episode airing earlier in May.

 I found this post from pocketgamer this morning with this headline  
LucasArts assembling team for remastered iPhone and iPad version of Grim Fandango
Now don't get excited because as from the quote below there is no evidence.  Unfortunately.  Its only speculation.

Grim Fandango
There are a handful of adventure games that any self-respecting fan of the genre cherishes.

The Secret of Monkey Island and Broken Swordtop the list, and Grim Fandango is right there with them.

Calls for a remastered edition of Grim Fandango have been lodged with publisher LucasArts for years without avail, yet the company's success with the superb remakes of The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2 have piqued interest in another updated adventure.

While I can't confirm that development on an iPhone and iPad edition of Grim Fandango has started, there's a lot of talk.

It's easy to understand why: not only is it a great game, but it would feel right at home on iPad, in particular. The masterful work done on Monkey Island 2 Special Edition shows that LucasArts has a knack for remakes and there's no doubt the developer could do a bang up job with this title.


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 This video has become an internet sensation.  A lady was caught dumping a cat in a bin.  thankfully the cat "Lola" was discovered later by the owner and is well.  In fact it has been pampered by the press ever since.  As a cat lover myself I was shocked by this video and cant help  but think that the woman's journey to the dark side is complete.  I thought the video could do with a hint of Star Wars.  Its a shame Admiral Ackbar wasn't there to warn the cat.  ITS A TRAP!

And for an even bigger twist heres a video of a cat dumping a lady in a bin

Boy, when Steven Spielberg says he likes you, he really puts his money where his mouth is. Just three days after hearing that DreamWorks TV would be teaming with screenwriters-of-the-moment Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci (Transformers, Fringe, Star Trek) to produce Locke & Key for TV, Vulture has learned that DreamWorks will give Kurtzman his first big-screen directing job. The film is Welcome to People, an intimate dramatic script with no aliens at all that he co-wrote with Orci and Jody Lambert, the documentarian who made the 2008 documentary Of All the Things.
Welcome to People tells the story of a struggling twentysomething man who, after flying home to L.A. for the funeral of his estranged record-producer father, discovers that the will stipulates that he must deliver $150,000 in cash to a 30-year-old alcoholic sister he never knew existed, and her troubled 12-year-old son. Determined to keep the money to solve his own problems, he's nonetheless fascinated by his unknown kin and makes contact with the two without revealing who he really is.

Insiders tell us that that the script was written six years ago, but Kurtzman pulled it out of his drawer when he was starting to be offered the kinds of big-budget movies he and Orci have made their names writing. Not wanting to be labeled "only" an action director, Kurtzman made his case to direct Welcome to People — and found Spielberg and his studio receptive.

No word on cast yet, but one is expected to coalesce quickly. It's a hot script precisely because all three of its main characters — brother, illegitimate daughter, nephew — are such meaty roles: The title Welcome to People refers to a child anger-management program in which the nephew is enrolled after blowing up his middle school's pool with a sodium chunk stolen from chemistry class; the grown son is a damaged goods broker — a fitting metaphor for his emotionally crippled relationship with his father; and the illegitimate daughter is an alcoholic who tends bar at The Standard Hotel on Sunset Blvd. And none of them fires a single laser.
 Check out this property for sale by Skywalker Ranch.  It will only set you back about five million dollars.  Plenty of room for all your colllectables and perhaps you could get a job down the road somewhere.  Hope the neighbours are not noisy.  "Turn that skywalker sound down!!!"

from the lodge lawn california

LOWECHA is a private,exquisite 288 ACRE RANCH,great for HORSES. Gorgeous 4000 sf.Mediterranean home & second 900 sf guest house above 3 car garage & workshop, all green & off the grid.PLUS BUILDABLE 2 ACRE, almost level lot. Sun filled one level home with hand finished plaster walls and high ceilings. Breathtaking views from every room.French doors from living and dining rooms open to large decks for entertaining. There is a wonderful Guest Pagoda with full bathroom. Enjoy a Campground with it's own cabin!
 No PG&E bills—ever! Solar powered house, garage, well, etc.
 110 and 220 AC volts
 5-day battery storage (new batteries in 2009)
 Twin control systems provide deep backup (new in 2009)
 Propane powered 25KW auto-start electric generator for house and batteries provides additional backup (new in 2009)
 No water bills: excellent 110 foot deep solar-powered well produces 19 gpm in dry season
 10,000 gallons of water storage
 The well water is excellent quality, even so prior to entering the house the water is twice micro-filtered, passed through a water softener, and then a UV water treatment system
 The well is so good that it has been approved for both the existing house and for a single family residence on the 2 acre lot
 Satellite system provides TV, internet, and can provide telephone
 500 gallon propane system provides heat, cooking, hot water
 Ultra-efficient radiant floor heating and hot water systems through an ultra-efficient boiler and distributed hot water storage systems

Land Uses & Features
Residential • Agriculture • House • Ranch • Horse Farm • Undeveloped Land • Pond • Creek • Pasture • Wooded • Views • Gated • Mediterranean Home • Guest House • Buildable Lot • Private • Quiet • Off Grid • Custom Design • Gorgeous Views • Horses • Farming

Property Location
Address: 4000 Old Rancheria Road
City/Town: Nicasio
County: Marin
Zip/Postal Code: 94946
State / Province:   California
Country: United States
Property Location Map, GPS Coordinates & Directions  If you are interested then pop along to http://www.landsalelistings.com/usa/california/house-paradise-marin-skywalker-ranch/ for more details.  Let us know if you put an offer in and dont forget to invite us around for a cup of tea.

This image is Ralph McQuarrie's only contribution to the film Raiders of the Lost Ark. This pen drawing depicting the power of the Ark was used to create the illustration for the prop bible in the film. For the figures in the foreground, he took reference photos of several ILM employees. The staining on the right is where the oversized image was taped together, and no, the text on the page doesn't actually translate into anything. At the time it was created, Ralph never could have imagined that people might someday have the opportunity to stand within inches of the drawing to actually try and read it.
Seen at A Gallery of Imagination: The Star Wars Art of Ralph McQuarrie at Celebration V.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Informative article over at http://news.cnet.com/8301-13772_3-10419046-52.html where it was revealed that ILM were called in to help on the special effects on Avatar.


What followed was months of coordination between ILM, Weta, and Cameron's production company, Lightstorm Entertainment, with a primary goal of ensuring that the two visual effects teams, one in San Francisco and the other in New Zealand, avoided any unnecessary duplication of effort, even as both sometimes found themselves working on effects for the same movie sequences.
For ILM, this wasn't the first time it had been called in to help aid another effects house, but it may well have been the first time it did so for one as big and as accomplished as Weta. To be sure, ILM's overall contribution to the finished film was minor compared to Weta's, but nonetheless critical in helping get the film to its final, finished state, Knoll suggested.
For Knoll, the challenge of working alongside Weta was about identifying a body of work that limited the number of assets the ILM team had to develop and which would allow them to be the most helpful. Ultimately, they were handed the keys to creating the visual effects for many of the specialized vehicles in the film, including the Valkyrie, a large shuttle used to move people and equipment, and several different types of helicopters, as well as the landscapes those vehicles lived in.
ILM was mostly given responsibility for doing the visual effects on the film's aircraft, notably its helicopters and the Valkyrie, a large-scale shuttle.

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 From http://news.cnet.com/8301-13772_3-20013671-52.html

ORLANDO, Fla.--You'd think, with all the resources at his disposal, "Star Wars" creator George Lucas would be pleased, if not all that impressed, to see the flood of life-size and (nearly) fully functional droids that fans of his films have created over the years.
In fact, though, Lucas sees those droids--which were out in force at Celebration V, the huge "Star Wars" fan fest here this week--as a bit of a "tragic" reminder of the struggles he and his team had trying to get their own R2-D2s to work properly back when they were shooting "A New Hope," the first film in the monumentally popular saga, back in the 1970s.
Indeed, Lucas told a capacity crowd of several thousand here Saturday, he labored for eight years trying to get the group of R2-D2s his production had to work with to go in a straight line, and in the end, he said, they had to fashion a sort of fiberglass model, put it on sticks and use wagon wheels to achieve their goal.
"Here, they have the most beautiful R2 units you can possibly imagine," Lucas said, adding, to a huge cheer, "They're magnificent. If only I could make another 'Star Wars.'"

It was a wistful beginning to what turned out to be a fun, and funny, hour-long discussion onstage between Lucas, certainly one of the most successful filmmakers of all time, and "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart.
Billed as the "Main Event" of Celebration V, there's no doubt that the conversation kept the thousands on hand entertained--and educated. Stewart demonstrated his bona fides as a well-informed "Star Wars" fan, and Lucas didn't disappoint with his illuminating answers, and willingness to fill in some gaps in the 33-year-old "Star Wars" universe. The often stolid Lucas even opened up and laughed several times, cracked a few jokes, and showed a relaxed, human side he doesn't always display in public appearances.
And, committed to keeping the audience interested, Lucas and Stewart sprinkled a series of surprises throughout the hour, including unexpected appearances by Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher, who played Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, respectively, in the original three "Star Wars" films. Plus, Lucas excited the crowd of true believers by announcing that all six of the series' live-action films would be released on Blu-ray in 2011.
The origin of the names
I was fortunate enough to be sitting in the front row for the Lucas-Stewart tete-a-tete, and for me, it was a fun and fitting last bit of reporting on Road Trip 2010. Having traveled up and down the Northeast, and flown to Orlando for Celebration V, this was a big-league end to more than six weeks of interesting, educational, and often exciting destinations to write about and photograph.
If I'd had the unbelievably rare chance to be the one interviewing Lucas onstage, I'm not sure what I would have asked him. Stewart got around that conundrum by catering to the crowd and asking many fan-submitted questions, and simply following up with his own inquiries.
As any "Star Wars" fan knows, the saga is filled to brimming with a collection of creative names for characters, races, planets, starships, and more. Stewart asked where those names came from, and whether Lucas had a process for coming up with them.
A group of Stormtroopers guards the stage as Lucas and Stewart prepare to arrive for their interview.
(Credit: Daniel Terdiman/CNET)
Lucas joked that he often would come up with those names during the long parts of his work days when he was avoiding the task of writing, but eventually allowed that many of them, such as "ewoks," were derived from the name of elements in his life, such as the Miwok Indians, who had lived in the area of Northern California where Lucas resides. Asked where Darth Vader's name came from, Lucas said it was a term that, loosely, means "dark father" in Dutch.
Stewart then asked about what must have been difficult days while Lucas and his crew were making "Star Wars," when money was tight, when believers in his vision were few, and when the technical challenges were daunting.
"Well, it helps to be nuts," Lucas replied.
"I think we've just written the title to your autobiography," Stewart responded.
In all seriousness, though, Lucas said that the real secret to overcoming those long odds was a combination of a fondness for building things, an obsession for not letting others get in the way of his goals, and an unwillingness to care what the rest of the world thinks.
Even after the success of the first "Star Wars" film, "Episode IV," Lucas said, things were difficult as he prepared to make "The Empire Strikes Back." Many times, he said, it looked like the film wouldn't happen, and in the end, it may only have been because Lucas was firmly committed to the project, and remote from Hollywood--he lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and shot the movie in England--that he was able to move forward successfully.
Looking back at the struggles of making the original "Star Wars," Lucas said it may not have happened without the help of Alan Ladd, Jr., a producer who didn't really understand what Lucas was trying to get at with his odd space opera, but who believed in Lucas after the success of his previous film, "American Graffiti."
But even with Ladd's stewardship, Lucas said, he still had problems making "Star Wars." He ran out of money, and had to dispense with a Jabba the Hutt scene and some of the special effects he wanted, both of which were added to the film when Lucas put out the new editions of the three original movies in the late 1990s.
The first act In the beginning, Lucas told Stewart, he had planned on making one big movie that spanned much of what eventually became the entire six-film saga. But "it was too big," he said, and "I couldn't do it."
That's why "Star Wars" started as a single movie, released in 1977. Lucas called that film "the first act."
Part of the problem was that much of the back story he wanted to tell wasn't filmable at the time, given that the biggest technical achievement in "Empire Strikes Back," he said, was creating Yoda as a muppet that people believed, and wasn't "just a sock."
But again, Lucas believed in his project, and because he was in control of the rights to make a second, and third film, he decided to make his story into a trilogy, rather than attempt to jam everything into a single film. "If the studio had owned the property, it would never have happened," Lucas said.
He also talked about the deal he made with the studio, the deal that could go down as one of the best in movie history--at least for Lucas. Because he knew he wanted to make a sequel--and that the studio wouldn't--Lucas offered to give up his salary on "Star Wars" in exchange for the rights to any sequels. The studio, believing it was a good way to save money on the first movie--and that there wouldn't be a sequel anyway, agreed. Billions of dollars later, it's clear who got the last laugh on that one.
A misconception?
Because this is a fan convention, Lucas addressed one of the most interesting dynamics of "Star Wars" and its ecosystem: the fans, and the fact that new generations continue to flock to the universe Lucas created.
Lucas said he sees an odd dichotomy: Those 40 years old and over love the original three movies but hate the prequels. And those 30 and under don't like the original three movies and love the prequels. More to the point, he said, those under 30 "love" Jar Jar Binks, that character everyone seems to love to hate.
To which many in the audience yelled out, with love, but forcefully: "No we don't!"

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

So this is going to cause some bad press on the interweb.  Why go to the cinema again (because we all went the first time) to watch an extra eight minutes when you can wait for the Blu-Ray which is going to have an extra sixteen?  "Its the film studio getting every last drop out of us" are the cries.
Personally I think its great.  We don't get a chance very often to watch a damn good movie a second time in the cinema and so what if there are more deleted scenes on the Blu-ray.  You should get more on the disc.  When you pay for a Blu-ray you expect the works.  So this is it!  No one is forcing us to watch it in the cinema and on Blu-ray.  We have a choice and the more choice we have as a movie fan the better if you ask me.
People often say to me that George Lucas has messed around with Star Wars too much and that James Cameron is going the same way.  I remind them that without George Lucas we wouldn't have Star Wars.  It was his idea, his vision and his frustration that he couldn't do what he wanted to do at the time of making the movies.  James Cameron's Avatar is the same.  It is his vision.  If he wants to change it then let him.  We don't have to buy all the different versions but if you are fan then like me you will be glad of the choice and new material.

Rant over.  Here's a relaxing scene.

Now come on.  Look at them!  If you don't want to buy the game after seeing these then your feelings deceive you.  Join us!

Now this is good - A conversaion with Matt Wood supervising sound editor at Skywalker Sound and the man who gave General Grievous that hacking cough in Revenge of the Sith and continues to work on both sound and voices for The Clone Wars cartoon series. Some may even know he played Bib Fortuna in The Phantom Menace and earned two sound editing Academy Award nominations for There Will Be Blood and Wall-E.

Pop over to
to read the full article.
Wired.com have an interesting interview with Clone Wars Supervising Director Dave Filoni

GeekDad: You’re a first-generation Star Wars fan –
Dave Filoni: I was about four when it came out.
GD: – so, what’s it been like creating something that works in that gap that when we were kids, there’s this passing mention of The Clone Wars, and now you are filling in that gap, you’re playing in that playground.
DF: Very bizarre. It’s hard to comprehend. When I watch that scene now in A New Hope, it takes me a moment to realize, “Wow. That’s my job.” My job is describing in great detail what Obi-Wan Kenobi is actually talking about.
The reason I can actually deal with it is that George Lucas is the one that’s working with me to come up with the stories and guide everything that we do. I know it sounds strange, but I wouldn’t be as thrilled about it if it was just me doing it on my own. Because I grew up with the respect for Lucasfilm and for everything George has accomplished, I’m so glad that he’s so involved in this show. Star Wars is his, and I firmly believe that he’s the only one that knows that secret formula for getting that effervescent action feeling of comedy, drama, and thriller that Star Wars really is. I’m just trying to learn from him as much as I can about how to get that feeling so that I can pass on to kids and families now what it was that, when I sat in that theater in ‘77, just grabbed all of us.
And remember: We didn’t know what the Galactic Empire was. We didn’t know what Jedi were. An X-wing, a TIE fighter, a Rebel Alliance – none of it really meant anything other than Good Guy and Bad Guy.
Well done to Casey Pugh and the team who brought us Star Wars Uncut.  They walked away with the gold statue for Creative Arts in Interactive Fiction.  Well deserved too if you ask me.  Very funny.  I just hope they do a deal to release the full version.

Star Wars Uncut "The Escape" from Casey Pugh on Vimeo.
Directing the English dubbing of "Tales From Earthsea," Goro Miyazaki's animated adaptation of Ursula Le Guin's "Earthsea" book series, called on both Gary Rydstrom's talent with sound and his skills as a filmmaker.
"It was good for me because a lot of it is editing and mixing. A lot of it was sound process," Rydstrom says in a recent conversation at Pixar's Emeryville headquarters. "We recorded the dialogue like you would in sound. There's a lot of editorial. Then mixing, you're trying to set the voices into the existing mix, so we've got the mix with the sound effects and the music that's been done in Japan. We're taking our new voices and putting them in there, adding echo and doing other things. That I knew really well, so that part of it was comfortable for me."
What was new for highly respected soundman Rydstrom, who has seven Oscars, was directing actors. At 12, it was Charlie Chaplin's 1925 classic "The Gold Rush" that inspired Rydstrom to become a filmmaker when he saw it on television. His debut film, the basically dialogue-free Oscar-nominated short "Lifted," celebrated Rydstrom's love of visual comedy with its slapstick antics of a teenage extraterrestrial trying to pass his alien abduction test. "Tales From Earthsea" and a voice cast that includes Willem Dafoe, Timothy Dalton, Mariska Hargitay and Cheech Marin offered Rydstrom his first opportunity to direct performances.
"I hadn't worked with that level of actor in this capacity," says Rydstrom, who moved from Skywalker Sound to Pixar several years ago. "It was great for me to see how that works, to see how that dynamic works, and how you communicate with the actors, what they can bring to it. I learned a lot."
The process of taking a film made in one language and dubbing it into another is what he describes as surgery. "You're taking the new English lines and you're trying to make them work as best as possible with the Japanese animation."
The challenges are myriad. It begins with the translation, in which it is vital to both be true to the tone and content of the original and also match as closely as possible the timing between the acting and the animation so that the words fit what is on screen.
"When you translate, from the very beginning, you have to keep in mind, how many syllables, how long is it," Rydstrom says. "It's kind of mathematical. At the same time, you're trying to keep creative control over what the lines are.
"Then the poor actor, they're acting these roles and they're watching this movie, and they are paying attention to different degrees to try to make it match that visual performance. There's a rhythm to it."
After "Lifted" and "Tales From Earthsea," Rydstrom was set to direct his first feature, "Newt," but that project has been canceled, at least for now. He also brought his sound design talent to "Artscape," the widescreen projection unveiled at New York's Museum of Modern Art in 2005 that has been expanded and updated for "Pixar: 25 Years of Animation," the Oakland Museum's current show. He's also been working on something he describes as "really fun."
"I wish I could tell you what it was, but it hasn't been announced," he laughs.
"One of the reasons I came here is because I wanted to be open to trying different things in my career," Rydstrom says of his adventures at Pixar. "I'm keeping that mind-set now. I'm open to whatever possibilities happen of what I can do. I still love the idea of making films and I love the idea of doing sound, so everything is possible."

-- "Tales From Earthsea" opens Aug. 13 at Bay Area theaters.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Bearded Trio were fortunate enough to ask Jeremy Bullock some quick fire questions on himself and his career. Here's what he had to say.

What was your favourite Star Wars moment?
The first day on the set was very exciting

What was your least favourite moment?

The last day when it was time to say goodbye.

What is the most unusual thing you have been asked to do by a fan?

To sign my name on their arm before going to get it tattooed

Although you have worked with so many superstars over the years, is there still someone you would love to work with?

Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, Gene hackman & Clint Eastwood

What is your favourite soundtrack?

Star Wars & Dances With Wolves

What is your favourite Food?

Indian food or anything made by my wife because she is a wonderful cook.

Favourite Drink?

A good beer or a glass of wine

Favourite TV Programme?

The CSI shows

Do you have any Star Wars collectables? If so what is your favourite?

I have a few Star Wars collectables and the bronze Statue is my favourite. I will be selling most of the stuff I have bought but will keep anything I have been given.

If you could go back to the beginning of your career would you do anything differently?

I wouldn't change a thing. I think you need to go through the tough times or you wouldn't know what it is like to go without work for lengthy spells.

What would be the perfect evening for Jeremy Bulloch?

Having a Sunday lunch with my family especially with the grandchildren.

What is the most important thing in your life and why?

My Family because they are always there. I wouldn't like to grow old and have no little ones to have fun with.

Big thanks to Jeremy for taking the time to answer our questions.  Check out his website http://www.jeremybulloch.com/ for more info on Jeremy.
Battleship - A fleet of ships is forced to do battle with an armada of unknown origins in order to discover and thwart their destructive goals.  Due For Release 2012.  So it looks like the special effects will be from Industrial Light And Magic
Imperial Agent - Operative (uses blaster rifle or energy blade, stealth, burst ranged damage) & Sniper (sniper rifle, dps - counterpart of Gunslinger)
Sith Inquisitor - Sorcerer (force damage, single bladed lightsaber) & Assassin (double bladed lightsaber, stealth, burst damage)
Bounty Hunter - Powertech & Mercenary
Jedi Consular - Shadow (double-bladed lightsaber) & Wizard (healing / single lightsaber)
Trooper - Commando (heavy armor, tank) & Vanguard (dps)

More information about the Jedi Knight advanced classes:

Sentinel: Dual Light Sabers; Saber Fighting Specialist; Melee
Guardian: Single Light Saber/ Heavy Armor; Leadership/ Party Buffs; Tank

New Finnish research lab will focus on real innovations such as MeeGo, as well as exploring the realms of science fiction, say Intel and Nokia

Fans of George Lucas’ Star Wars films could one day see the hologram-style communications depicted in the movies made real, thanks to a tie-up between Intel and Nokia.

The companies announced the next step in an ongoing deal which dates back to 2009 with the establishment of a new research lab in Oulu, Finland. As well as continuing to develop the open source software platform MeeGo, the companies also stated they are working towards the potential development of a holographic user interface.
“Another potential area of research could look into technologies that allow displaying a 3-D hologram of the person you are talking to on the phone, a capability only found in science fiction movies today,” the companies said in a statement. “Consumers will feel more involved and engaged with their mobile experience than with current methods.”
More Compact Than R2D2

Fans of Star Wars will be familiar with such holographic user interfaces as depicted in the 1977 film A New Hope where heroine Princess Leia places a holographic message inside the robot R2D2. Presumably, however, the devices Nokia and Intel devise will be more compact than a three-foot robot on wheels.
Intel and Nokia announced their partnership in June 2009, with the development of MeeGo as the main result of the collaboration so far. MeeGo is a Linux-based open-source mobile operating system project that debuted in February as a joint project of Intel and Nokia. The project aims to merge the efforts of Intel on Moblin and of Nokia on Maemo into one project.
A preview of MeeGo was made available to developers last month. The release gives developers access to Meego V1.1 for handsets expected to be released in October.
Around two dozen researchers will be based in the new lab which will focus on using the open source foundations of MeeGo as a platform to develop 3D interface technology that could eventually lead to the hologram-based systems, the companies said.
Immersive Experience
“3-D technology could change the way we use our mobile devices and make our experiences with them much more immersive,” said Rich Green, senior vice president and chief technical officer at Nokia. “Our new joint laboratory with Intel draws on the Oulu research community’s 3-D interface expertise, and over time will lay down some important foundations for future mobile experiences.”
The lab will be located at the Center for Internet Excellence at the University of Oulu, and will work closely with the Oulu Urban Living Labs, which focuses on research into “social innovations”, the companies said.
Nokia and Intel aren’t the only mobile players exploring innovative technology. Earlier this week Apple filed a patent for a heartrate monitor to help with the recovery of stolen and jailbroken handsets.
Head over to http://www.helium.com/items/1931295-the-history-of-pixar-animation-studios where they have done a rather nice article on the history of Pixar

Giving us the memorable characters of Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Wall-E and Lightning McQueen, Pixar Animation Studios has become a leader in the entertainment industry.  Offering heart quality family films and state of the art animation, Pixar has produced over eleven animated features, won 24 Academy Awards, six Golden Globes, and three Grammys. While Pixar remains a leader in family entertainment, its rise to prominence could have been expected even its auspicious origins.

Steven Spielberg, via DreamWorks TV, is teaming with mega-hyphenates Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (Transformers, Hawaii Five-O, Fringe) and writer/exec producer Josh Friedman (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) to turn Joe Hill's Locke & Key comic series into a major TV franchise.

First released in 2008, Locke & Key revolves around three kids who end up watching over a secret, spooky New England mansion filled with mystical doors that transport them to different worlds and give them special powers
Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese (Pic:Getty) 
Hollywood legend Steven Spielberg has joined attacks on the ConDem decision to axe the UK Film Council.
A letter from his Dream-Works Studios, whose films include Gladiator and Saving Private Ryan, warns that the move will backfire.
DreamWorks boss Steven Molen told of his "extreme concern" in a letter to Chancellor George Osborne - hinting the UK may no longer be "first consideration" for films made outside the US.
Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has argued that the council's budget is unjustifiable at a time of major cuts.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Click twice for larger image
The Pacific, Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg's epic miniseries followup to 2001's Band of Brothers, served early notice that it will be the program to beat in the overall Emmy tally. The Pacific won seven Emmys Saturday: for casting, makeup, prosthetic makeup, art direction, visual effects, sound mixing and sound editing.
Report from The Laughing Place said that Michael Giacchino, the Academy Award winning composer of Up, LOST, will be doing an original score for the revamp of Star Tours.
Williams declined to create new music for both the original Star Tours and Indiana Jones attractions, cues from the original soundtracks were recycled.

Cary Elwes Talks Tintin And Spielberg

Yes its true.  Actor Cary Elwes was in a grocery store buying his weekly shopping when he spotted none other than Spielberg himself and got offered a part in Tin-Tin.

“It’s a funny story if you’ve got a second. Steven Spielberg came down to the set of A Christmas Carol because he’s friends with Robert Zemeckis and was there while I was filming a scene - no pressure! He came over afterwards and said, 'I’m shooting Tintin. It’s got Jamie Bell and Andy Serkis and it’s going to be a lot of fun.' And I said, '[Stutters] Mr... Mr... Spielberg, I’m a really big fan of Tintin. I have to be in it.' He did that Hollywood thing: 'Yeah, yeah, we’ll see.'"

"Then two weeks later my wife and I are in a grocery store, and my wife says, 'Honey, that’s Steven Spielberg.' I say there’s no way Spielberg is grocery shopping on his own; he has people to do that for him. But there he was, shopping for cereal by himself. So I went up to him and said, 'Steven... er, Tintin?' [Laughs] He said, 'You know what, I think I have one part left. Do you speak French?' and I said [adopts best Clouseau impression] 'But of course!'”

So there it is. If you fancy appearing in War Horse, try the Tesco's nearest Dartmoor. Cereal aisle.  Thats two stories today about Spielberg and shopping.  Anyone got a third?
The Goonies - Faratelli Chase (Remastered Version)

 Live during the International Music Festival of Úbeda. The orchestra is Malaga's Philharmonic Orchestra

Ever since "Star Wars" hit theaters in 1977, fans have felt passionately about the series. For many, it broadened their horizons, excited their imaginations and provided new friends. Lucasfilm, George Lucas' production company, has started a project aimed at capturing - and promoting - the ongoing obsession with the "Star Wars" brand. Called the "Stories Project," the effort consists of videotaping fans' memories of how the six-film saga has touched their lives.
"Everyone's got a story; we've been hearing them from fans - and sharing them amongst ourselves internally - for years," said Josh Kushins, 32, the head of Lucasfilm communications, who was born a year after "Star Wars" debuted. "We are dedicated to collecting as many as possible. ... It's really eye-opening to see how 'Star Wars' has affected people's lives throughout the years."
Kushins will be taping at the mega-"Star Wars" convention Celebration V, Aug. 11-15 in Orlando, Fla.
Lucas, the creator of the series, recognized what an icon "Star Wars" has become in the prologue of a new book, "Star Wars: Year by Year."
"'Star Wars' has become so ingrained in the cultural psyche that world leaders have defined themselves with reference to it," he said in a statement that would seem egomaniacal if it weren't true.
Some fans remember vividly when the movie first came out.
"I saw it in June 1977, saw it on a Saturday," said Brian Mix, 49, then of San Diego. He became a huge fan with "The Empire Strikes Back," the 1980 sequel. He used to take days off work to watch the filming of the sand barge scenes of "Return of the Jedi" in 1983.
Some fans, such as the late Bev Clark in Seattle, published fan magazines that Lucasfilm collected. Some editors even framed the checks Lucas sent them instead of cashing them to pay their sizable printing costs.
Christopher DeGrazio, 35, an online support specialist at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Fla., which specializes in entertainment media, was 6 when he first saw "The Empire Strikes Back" in a theater. He first saw "Star Wars" on a laser disc. He's shared his enjoyment of the series with his two children, though he hasn't shown his son, Bryant, 9, the darker "Revenge of the Sith."
"I just felt it was a bit too much with all the 'good' characters ... being executed, and our 'hero' turning so violently into a killer," DeGrazio said.
His son is a fan of the animated "Clone Wars" series, the latest from Lucasfilm. "The clones look cool," Bryant DeGrazio said.
For younger fans steeped in all six "Star Wars" films, the slowly unfolding storyline has an otherworldly quality. Mix recalls the reaction of the younger set when he was standing in line in 1999 to see a rerelease of the original "Star Wars."
"There were kids in line doing video interviews asking us, 'What was it like not knowing that Darth Vader was Luke Skywalker's father?' They've spent their whole lives knowing it."
Why, three decades later, is the series still a great attraction?
"I think it has to do with how old you were when that movie crossed your life," Mix ventured. "If you were between 14 and 17, that's when you got the big whoosh; that's probably the movie you're going to like the best."
Kushins said that Lucasfilm hadn't decided yet what it intends to do with all the video it was collecting of fans.
"The project's still very much in its early stages," he said. "Right now, we are focused on speaking with fans and gathering their stories."
There's little doubt, however, that there will be a market for their stories, if only among those serious fans for whom anything "Star Wars" is worth both time and money.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

It's an opinion and can't be substantiated but flicksided think super 8 is going to be a cross between close encounters and blair wItch. That didn't take a big leap of imagination but let's wait and see.


Amazing artwork - Makes a great wallpaper for your laptop or PC


Lucasfilm Poster by ~tanman1 on deviantART

Thatvideogameblog are reporting that Lucasarts will be releasing a demo of The Force Unleashed II before the game comes out.

Star Wars fans won’t have to wait until The Force Unleashed II‘s October 26 release to get a taste of the sequel. That’s because LucasArts will be releasing a pre-launch demo that will give a similar hands-on preview to the one attendees of Gamescom in Germany got.
The demo will let players control Starkiller and his multitude of force powers as he escapes clone headquarters on Kamino via a TIE Fighter hijacking. If you’ve seen Attack of the Clones, you know that an escape from Kamino would likely give Starkiller quite a few Jango Fett clones to battle. Let’s hope they’re not fully trained by the time the demo is released in the near future.
Star Wars: Uncut project took the first movie, broke it up into nearly 500 15 second long mini-scenes, and then got fans to recreate them any way they saw fit. Some used animation, some acted out their scenes, and more than a few used Lego or action figures. The result is a charming and quirky tribute to one of the most important sci-fi movies of all time. At the moment it's individual clips, although a full length version does exist.

Head over to http://www.starwarsuncut.com/ to see loads more.  They really are good.

Star Wars Uncut "The Escape" from Casey Pugh on Vimeo.
She is a CG character animator, story and concept development artist as well as a professor. Currently working on Star Wars - The Clone Wars as a 3D story artist.Visit her website to see her amazing artwork and her exhibition.  Click here to view her blog.

 Spielberg Spotted In Shop - Shocker.  Its not a slow news day, after the excitement of Star Wars on Blu-Ray we thought it was time to bring it down a bit.  So heres a story about Steven Spielberg walking into a shop.

BBC Devon

Base camp War Horse Dartmoor
Something's going on...

You know those special blue plaques they put up on buildings to commemorate the place where a globally significant person once lived, or stayed or had an earth shatteringly profound thought?
I wonder if an unassuming, single-storey branch of the Co-op in a damp Dartmoor village will qualify in years to come?
Why? What would it say? How about: "Hollywood super director Steven Spielberg bought a pint of semi-skimmed milk here in August 2010".
Yes, it's alleged that till staff at the little convenience store had a close encounter of the very famous kind with the man behind screen classic such as, Jaws, ET and now First World War weepie, War Horse.
Michael Morpurgo talks to BBC Devon about War Horse
David Vernon - a local dad of two little girls - lives just down the road from the aforementioned celeb hang-out.
"I saw Steven Spielberg walking towards the Co-op," he said.
Imagine, he'd just taken the kids for breakfast at the local cafe when a man in a baseball hat with a beard caught his eye.
Mats on Dartmoor
Big green squidgy pads were dotted on verges and in fields
"He didn't look familiar to the area, he looked like he was going to buy the Co-op rather than buy a sandwich.
"It's a bit of excitement for all of us at the moment - the shops, the cafes, the pubs with the crew coming in."
Well, David was a real find, most people I spoke to on my hunt for Steve said I should have come a couple of days ago.
I drove around the narrow single-track lanes looking for clues that could lead me to the great man and his crew.
Then, on a windswept hillside, I spotted the War Horse base camp.
Trucks of props and lighting and the kind of kit you need to make a Hollywood blockbuster were lined up in a farmer's field - all guarded by two beefy, grim-faced security guards in fluorescent jackets.
I snuck up on them feeling very naughty - like paparazzi.
Steven Spielberg
Steven Spielberg is rumoured to be returning in September
They denied all knowledge. I knew different. As I started to leave a mum and two excited little red-haired girls rolled up in a muddy car asking if this was War Horse base camp.
They were clearly horse-mad.
They'd come over the Tamar from Harrowbarrow hoping for a brush with Hollywood greatness.
"We even went to the New Forest and saw the Devil's Horsemen being filmed."
They took a couple of photos and went home happy-ish.
I went on looking for clues. Big green squidgy pads were dotted on verges and in fields. The crew use them to protect the moor from damage when they park their heavy trucks close to the set so the land isn't damaged.
I soon happened upon a couple of walkers in their 60s.
They turned out to be like a walking, slightly damp and crumpled Heat magazine in an anorak.
They could barely contain their glee: "We've been speaking to the location director from California.
"He told us how they'd used a helicopter and that War Horse started out as a play and a book and Steven was so impressed he wanted to make a movie.
"They were auditioning a thousand people in the next town the other day as extras, it's so exciting."
Ok, so I didn't get to meet Steve but the Hollywood stardust sprinkled on this little bit of Dartmoor's rubbed off on an awful lot of people.
But rumour is the big man and his crew are returning to the county in September - I still might get my chance!

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