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He Made Me Do It Films announced today that they are launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund
their documentary about the life and career of legendary Hollywood art director Joe Alves on November 2022

Co-directed by Jamie Benning ( and Patrick Tyndall, ‘Not Your Average Joe” will tell the story of Joe Alves (FORBIDDEN PLANET, JAWS, CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK ETC) who spent more than four decades working as a set designer and art director on some of the biggest and most successful movies in cinema history.
With interviews from some of the most prominent names in Hollywood, we will look at the influence and impact that his incredible archive of work has had. Joe has connections to just about everyone, including Elvis Presley, Alfred Hitchcock, Audrey Hepburn, James Stewart, Marlon Brando, James Dean, Goldie Hawn, John Carpenter and even… Herman Munster! He designed the Shark from ‘Jaws’, discovered Devils Tower for ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ and provided the dystopian world for ‘Escape From New York’. Joe worked in a pre-CGI “golden age” of set design and art direction, and he designed and built some of the most iconic and well-respected sets in cinema history. 

“We are confident that this film has the potential to be entertaining and informative to a wide audience. From movie fans, film students, film historians, to current and former film crew... In fact, anyone that loves and appreciates what it really takes to make movies.” said directors Jamie and Patrick.

He Made Me Do It Films are a start-up production company founded by Jamie Benning and Patrick Tyndall. Jamie and Paddy have worked together for years on live broadcasts of Formula One and other international sporting events. They have collaborated on previous short films for, profiling prominent people in the movie industry.

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