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BLOG: This Star Wars Dental Adventure Book From 1983 Has Chewbacca Hugging A Carrot

oral-b dental adventure book star wars


Star Wars toothbrushes from the 1980's are always a favourite with collectors, myself included.  The range of toothbrushes from 1983, to coincide with the release of Return of the Jedi were a favourite with kids and Oral-B enjoyed a successful campaign to not only sell their dental products but to also promote dental-hygiene and to make it fun at the same time.  As a result of their campaign, a 4" x 7" booklet was released to be placed in dentist waiting rooms.  The booklet included such things as a word search, puzzles and amusing artwork, often looking like Star Wars was shoehorned in to make the collaboration relevant.  I've taken photos of all the pages for you to enjoy and look out for Chewbacca hugging a giant carrot.
oral-b dental adventure book star wars
The first page shows us Darth Vader looking particularly pleased with himself having promoted "The Agents Of Destruction."  The second page challenges you to find the tooth demons and as mentioned it feels the Star Wars subject was included last minute.  A Tie-Fighter and Imperial Probe seems out of place.
oral-b dental adventure book star wars
The next two pages feature Threepio and R2 explaining what you are likely to see at your dentist.  Threepio holding a dental explorer.  The word search is a nice touch and a good way for kids to take their mind off their imminent dental procedure.
oral-b dental adventure book star wars
Here we see some rather quirky artwork with Leia and Han shooting the Tooth Demons with Luke just enjoying a pose.  Mr Toothpaste and Toothbrush are doing their bit in the "Land of Plaque Fighters."
oral-b dental adventure book star wars
Yoda stands behind a can of pop and what is my favourite piece of artwork in the whole booklet, Chewie hugging an equal-sized carrot.  I really hope this is canon.
oral-b dental adventure book star wars
Han and Chewie (minus his carrot) now need your help.  Can you help them find their way to good dental health?  The next page has no Star Wars references but instead has a comic-strip to show you how to brush your teeth correctly.
oral-b dental adventure book star wars
Finally, the back page boasts the range of Star Wars toothbrushes you can collect.  A nice photo even if they are not all aligned.  Who wouldn't want these and especially now for retro collectors? Today, on Ebay they average from as little as £5 to £20 depending on condition.  Oral-B, decades later still produce toothbrushes with the Star Wars brand and you can pick up an electric toothbrush with a Stormtrooper for around £25.

To find out more about Star Wars dental products, check out this fantastic article that our friend, Mark Newbold wrote for the official Star Wars website way back in 2014.  
oral-b dental adventure book star wars

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