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Indiana Jones: Connecting Generations

Indiana Jones: Connecting Generations by Tom Gross

A few weeks back, I sat down to introduce Raiders of the Lost Ark to a new generation of my family: my thirteen-year-old daughter.  While I have seen the film probably a couple dozen times in my lifetime, I haven't watched it myself in probably ten years.  So, I was excited for another viewing after quite some time, and I was excited to see the film with my daughter who was experiencing it for the first time.

I had forgotten how wonderful this movie is with the cinematography, the music, the story, and of course the acting.  But, what really made this movie for me during this viewing was one moment.  The moment is in the scene where Marion is taken while she is hiding in a basket.  Indiana is running through the street trying to follow her screaming voice.  A great moment when Indiana runs into the market and sees all the same baskets, but that wasn't the moment. It is the set-up for the moment.  I really wanted my daughter to experience the moment the crowd splits to reveal the "swordmaster" the same way I did when I was her age.  This moment captivated me as a kid.  The moment Harrison Ford shows Indiana's exhaustion for one more obstacle in this chase then reaches to his side to easily draw his pistol to eliminate the "swordmaster" who is swinging that sword around so dramatically, just caught me off guard with pleasure and theater fun. Who in the theater didn't laugh and clap?  
As the moment approached in the movie, I kept watching my daughter's face to see if she was following the tension of the chase as I had as a kid.  She smiled and rolled her eyes when he runs into the market with the hundreds of other baskets just like the one he was chasing with Marion in it.  She saw the humor in that, I thought.  I was on the edge of my seat as Indiana comes around the corner to the crowd splitting.  I saw her eyes focused on the opponent who was swinging the sword around so threateningly.  The moment I'd been waiting for, Indiana Jones reaches for his pistol and fires.  I held my breath as she smiled, chuckled, and started to laugh at the moment.  She looked at me to see me smiling and laughing right along with her.  Success!!!

I was relieved.  The movie had pleased her in that moment just as it had me at the same age.  I was so happy that I sat and watched the rest of the film in complete satisfaction.  She enjoyed Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, just as I had.  

These are the moments that we parents look for when raising our children.  The moments we get to share; the moments that connect our past with the present through our children's experiences.  I am thankful for Indiana Jones and all the other stories that help to make those connections between generations. 

Tom Gross
Some know me as the Cycling Librarian or the CWK newsman.  Others call me Dungeon Master and a couple call me #GymnastDad.   As one may guess from my many titles, I love a lot of stuff, and I like to keep busy.  I make my living as a high school librarian which gives me a great opportunity to promote reading and storytelling!  Outside of the library, you might find me riding the rural roads on my road bike or cheering on my children in gymnastics competitions.  Four years ago, as a life long fan of the Star Wars saga, I  joined the Coffee with Kenobi family.

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