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20 Little Known Facts About Star Wars The Rough Drafts

George Lucas went through many drafts for Star Wars before coming up with the final version we know and love today. Here are 20 facts about the Star Wars rough drafts and preparation for filming you may not know.

1 - In George Lucas' rough draft of 1974, the first occurrence of "May The Force Be With You" was uttered by King Kayos of Aquilae. He actually says "May The Force Of Others Be With You All." In fact, the force was known as the force of others.

2 - Han Solo resembled a "swamp creature" again in the rough draft.

3 - Chewie was a nickname for Devil Two, a hot shot pilot, later changed to Wedge.

4 - The Death Star was originally referred to as just a space fortress.

5 - Skywalker decided to train Wookiees to fly ships to help destroy the flying fortress.

6 - In the second draft Han had changed to human. He was teamed up with Chewbacca and also in debt to an enormous fat character called Oxus.

7 - A pirate ship makes a jump to "hyper-skip" in the second draft.

8 - In the third draft, Ben explains to Luke about the force. It can be collected and transmitted through the use of a kiber crystal. Ben explains his was taken at the Battle of Condawn.

9 - It wasn't until the third draft that the term light sabre was used. Up until then it was laser sword.

10 - Han Solo built his own ship in draft three, which Jabba paid for.

11 - At one point, George Lucas had considered doing the whole movie in Japanese with English subtitles.

12 - Much work was done on the front part of the X-Wing's nose so it didn't look "obscene."

13 - In the original fourteen page treatment way back in 1973, the planet Yavin was a jungle planet for Wookiees.

14 - In the opening shot of the first rough draft, a ship orbits the fourth moon of Utapau in the Kessil system.

15 - Originally DaiNoga was a name for a Jedi in the first draft.

16 - In the second draft the story opens with a prophecy - "And in the time of greatest despair there shall come a saviour, and he shall be known as The Son Of The Suns" - Journal of the Whills 3:127.

17 - The evil (dark) side of the force was known as Bogan.

18 -Luke told Biggs about a young Padawan who ran away and taught the Bogan to Sith pirates. His name was Darklighter.

19 - In the second draft, Chewbacca was described as an eight foot tall, savage looking creature, resembling a huge grey bushbaby monkey with fierce "baboon-like" fangs.

20 - Han agrees to take Luke and the two robots to safety (Ogana Major) for a million credits. He, however, doesn't have a ship, so fakes a reactor leak on the ship he's serving on, causing the crew including Jabba to flee in terror.

Know of any facts I may have missed? Let me know in the comments below.

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