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The Bearded Trio Christmas Gift Idea - Star Wars Inspiration Books - Be More Leia & Be More Lando

Feel Inspired - Be More Leia and Be More Lando

Our latest Christmas gift idea are two books that will help any budding entrepreneur and Star Wars fan.   "Be More Lando" and "Be More Leia" are full of wise words and hopefully will inspire the reader with advice that will help them in their career or just in everyday situations.

These easy to read books can sit on someone's desk and be read on a daily basis.  You could say they are kind of like the Rules of Aquisutions for Star Wars fans but instead of being centred around greed the books are centred around improving yourself and appreciating life.  Lets take a look at some of the advice in the "Be More Lando" book.

Be More Lando is split into five sections, Getting Started, Perfecting Your Business Persona, Networking, Winning the Best Deal and Enjoying Your Success.  Lets take one example from the first section, Getting Started.  In fact this is the first bit of advice if you want to be more like Lando:

Go all in.
You're just beginning, and the possibilities are endless.  Total commitment is required.  Half-measures mean your business's growth never makes the jump to hyperspeed, and you'll never achieve hyperwealth.
Put everything on the line - even if that line is the edge of a black hole.  Don't hedge your bet: whether at the sabacc table or in the boardroom when you're trying to get someone to sign on the dotted line.  Lots of hard work is ahead, and the hardest part will be trying to make it look easy

There are 64 pages with similar Lando inspiration quotes and actually there are some rather good advice for example, being more approachable and appreciating your good times.

But what if you want to be more like Leia? Well, fear not because there's a book just for that too.  "Be More Leia" will inspire any budding rebellion leader.  There's plenty of advice on leadership and activism throughout the 64 pages.  A good book for guidance on taking action and positive change.  Just like the Lando book, this one is also split into five sections but the subjects are, Defining your Goals, Taking Your Own Path, Forging Your Own Path, Building A Community and Leading With Confidence.  The first bit of advice in the book:

Choose Your Path
If something is wrong - a friend has suffered an insult for being different, your boss refuses to listen to any ideas but their own, a masked warlord has blasted your home planet into atoms - you have a choice: do nothing, or try and make a difference.  The road to change is not easy.  No one can force you to be a rebel; you alone must decide to fight for what's right.

Actually, you know what?  I said at the beginning that these books would appeal to any budding entrepreneur but having actually read through the advice inside, I believe these would appeal to everyone.  Who doesn't want some wise words once in a while that could improve our quality of life?  These are a perfect and more importantly, a thoughtful stocking filler.

The books are hardcover with colour pages throughout.  They are selling for $6.99 on Amazon US and £5.27 on Amazon UK

Trust your instincts.  (That's in one of the books too.)

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