10 Celebrities with Cats

Celebrities with Cats

10 Celebrities with moggies

I love cats.  Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you I'm at my happiest when I'm sat in my favourite chair, watching my favourite Spielberg movie and my Bengal cat by my side.  Today on Twitter I noticed the word '#Caturday" trending so this inspired me gave me a purrfect opportunity to post something to do with the feline kind.  Anyway, here are ten pictures of celebrities that are in some way related to The Bearded Trio and at least one cat in the photo.

Have I missed any obvious ones?  Let me know and I'll add them here.

1 - Steven Spielberg with cat

1 - Steven Spielberg preparing for the best shot on the set of The BFG.

cat with Stanley Kubrick

2 - Kitty cuddles with Stanley Kubrick 

Michael J. Fox with a cat.

3 - Michael J. Fox with a worried looking cat.  Probably wondering where Einstein is.

Anthony Hopkins with cat

4 - Welsh legend, Anthony Hopkins and a cute ball of fur. 

cat with Drew Barrymore

5 - Casual cat with a startled looking Drew Barrymore

Samuel L. Jackson with cat

6 - Samuel L. Jackson with a mother fudging cute cat.

Morgan Freeman with a cat

7 - Smooth Morgan Freeman made smoother with a cat.

Michael Jackson and a cat

8 - Legend, Michael Jackson definitely not telling this cat to beat it.

Carrie Fisher and a cat

9 - Carrie Fisher and a space cat.  

Indiana jones cat hat

10 - ...And finally, the real reason Indiana Jones always goes back for his hat.

(Me with my best pal, Mia the Bengal.)

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