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Now You Can Look Just Like Nedry From Jurassic Park Thanks To Drop Dead.

Nedry's Jacket

Drop Dead Release An Awesome Range Of Jurassic Park Clothes And Merchandise

We were recently contacted by Drop Dead who are well known for their stylish range of clothes and merchandise with an original hint of geekiness.  They told us they've spared no expense on this latest range which celebrates the Jurassic Park’s 25th anniversary and the release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Drop Dead is debuting their iconic Jurassic Park collection in partnership with Universal Brand Development.

I've headed over to their website and taken a look and wow!  They weren't kidding about sparing no expense.  I particularly like the Nedry attack yellow jacket, complete with dirt splash or is that Dino spray?  Watch the eyes!

Or what about Nedry's shirt?  Remember the one?  "Dodgson, Dodgson, we've got Dodgson here....See nobody cares."  Yeah!  Now you remember.  You can even get the shorts to match.

Nedry's shirt at Drop Dead

Anyway, here's the press release and make sure you check out their website for all their Jurassic Park range.  If you do purchase any be sure to send us a photo so we can post it on here and social media pages.

Press Release 
The capsule collection will not disappoint Jurassic Park fans with its ode to the film’s iconic storyline with references to dinosaurs, Isla Nublar and iconic characters. The collection includes padded Bomber Jackets with large reversible warning signs attached, Bags with hazard stripe straps, classic park Macs and your very own “Nedry” two piece.

Oliver Sykes, Founder and Creative Director of Drop Dead comments: “ Jurassic Park has been my favourite film of all time since I saw it in 1993. I was always into dinosaurs as a kid but Jurassic Park truly sent me into obsession. To be able to do a collaboration with the franchise has been a life long goal and dream. After producing many designs influenced by Jurassic Park for Drop Dead, being able to use the actual material for the real has been amazing and I couldn’t be more stoked on what we’ve produced”.

In classic Drop Dead style, the brand has taken inspiration from the Jurassic Park storyline and extended it into the products. Drop Dead has designed the collection focusing on the products being specimens created in Drop Dead’s own lab, Site D. Site D is apparent on all specimens through print, embroidery and patches.

The lookbook was shot in downtown Los Angeles and imagines a colourful and thrilling Site D laboratory with overgrown plants, discarded neon chemical jars and a decontamination zone. The models were styled with safety gear including rubber wellies and dust masks layered with collections macs, pullovers and hoodies.

The Site D laboratory theme will be reflected within the visuals of the London store. The Sheffield store will be opening its doors to its new barcade the same weekend , with a new vegan restaurant, bar and store.

Following the huge success of Drop Dead brand collaborations, the Jurassic Park collection is set to be the brands biggest licensed collaboration to date. The collection is now available online @ and in Drop Dead stores.

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