Happy 76th Birthday Harrison Ford. Enjoy These Photos And GIFs To Celebrate His Birthday.

rare Harrison Ford

Han Solo and Harrison Ford turns 76

Here's a bunch of photos and gifs to celebrate Harrison Ford's 76th Birthday. It's not the years, it's the mileage. Lets hope there's plenty of mileage left as the recent news that Indy V has been put back to 2021, that will make Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones) 79 years old. Keep eating those dates Harrison, just not the bad ones.

Harrison Ford on holiday - Wales 2004
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Look closely and you will see Ford wearing an E.T. badge.
Eric Idle with Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford
Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford

Halloween 2012
Halloween 2009
Halloween 2011
Halloween 2010
Halloween 2008

Harrison Ford at his home, 1984.
Here's a spectacle wearing Harrison Ford practicing with his whip on the back lot Raiders of the Lost Ark. Is that a Rover P6 in the background?

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