Check Out These New Kylo Ren Star Wars sneakers by Po-Zu

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By popular demand, the KYLO REN sneaker has been revealed by Po-Zu today -
 the latest release from the Star WarsTM | Po-Zu co-branded footwear range.

He's the leader of the fearsome Knights of Ren and now you can walk in his shoes as Po-Zu launch the new Kylo Ren high top sneakers.

Introduced in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Kylo Ren - AKA Ben Solo, son of Han Solo and Leia Organa - masks his youthful features behind his black and silver-trimmed helmet, serving the will of Supreme Leader Snoke as system after system fall to the might of the First Order.

po-zu, star wars, kylo ren,

Po-Zu have taken that iconic design and tailored our own tribute to Kylo to create a striking high top to help you take on the galaxy one step at a time.

The new sneaker is the latest in the range of co-branded Star Wars footwear to be released by pioneering ethical shoe brand, Po-Zu, under license by Lucasfilm and Disney. The legendary mask, which features prominently in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, has been adapted to create a high top that is as much a fashion sneaker as a subtle homage to Kylo’s mask in the film. Launching for pre-sale today, for dispatch at the end of August, with global shipping.

po-zu, star wars, kylo ren,

Dubbed a game-changer for ethical footwear consumers and Star Wars enthusiasts alike, the new Sri Lankan ethical range will include unisex and vegan sneakers at a very affordable price point.

The high-top will retail at £69, with the design beautifully printed onto organic cotton and signature Star Wars | Po-Zu tongue detail. Available to pre-order with delivery in August at:

The sneakers, made with organic cotton canvas upper, a coconut husk and natural latex FootMattress™ and FSC certified Fair Trade rubber soles, follow the sustainability pillars on which Founder and CEO Sven Segal, began Po-Zu 11 years ago.

The new Sri Lankan ethical line will sit alongside Po-Zu’s Portuguese range, complamenting the current product offering of high-quality leather and non-leather premium products, inspired by the footwear of main characters in the films such as Rey, Finn, Chewbacca, and Poe.

po-zu, star wars, kylo ren,

The KYLO REN: Available for pre-order for delivery in August at £69 (approx. $90). Global shipping available with express USA 1-3 day shipping as standard & UK next day delivery when ready to ship:

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