Jurassic Park Ride Breaks Down Just Before 98-Foot Drop

jurassic park ride breaks down

Jurassic Park Ride Causes Chaos In Japan

What's worse than a 98-foot drop on a roller coaster?  How about being stuck face down JUST before the 98-foot drop?  Well that's exactly what happened to thirty-two riders at Universal Studios theme park in Osaka, Japan.

A faulty safety mechanism on the Jurassic Park flying dinosaur roller coaster caused the cars to stop and just hang there just before the terrifying 98-foot drop.  How long were they up there?  Two hours!

Rescuers got to the cars from a maintenance platform and then had the unfortunate task of having to descend the maintenance stairs.  I hope they all walked, after all, come on, "it's not a race."  See what I did there?

Life will find a way...Eventually

Rob (I hate roller coasters) Wainfur

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