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Jaws: Resurface Is A New Fan Made Trailer That Actually Looks Pretty Good


JAWS: RESURFACE Trailer Is A Must Watch

Clever Youtuber, Tommy Ross has put together a rather convincing fan trailer for a new Jaws movie.  It's called JAWS: RESURFACE and to be honest, I would watch it.  It would star Richard Dreyfuss so that's okay in my books and it kind of looks fun.  Of course, it's not real, which is a shame but should there be more Jaws movies?  Before you answer with a "hell, no" let me share Tommy's thoughts and he does come up with some valid points.  You can watch the fan trailer for Jaws: Resurface at the end of this article.  Please do let us know your thoughts on the trailer and whether you would like to see another Jaws movie

Despite what some people say, this really needs to happen for a number of reasons. First of all, I believe it's important to keep beloved, iconic properties alive, relevant and thriving. We should celebrate certain films in big ways and always allow new audiences to discover these films. Jaws should never get a remake, but a reboot/sequel in the vein of Jurassic World? Yes please. It's not like a new film will ruin the original (Jaws has had plenty of awful sequels).

Secondly, there surprisingly aren't that many great shark films out there. Especially ones that are accessible to modern audiences (realistic visual effects and such). The 2016 horror film The Shallows is by far the best shark movie that has come out since Jaws (mixed-bag movies such as Deep Blue Sea and Open Water were really the only competition) and the upcoming Jason Statham megalodon thriller entitled The Meg also looks like a fun, well-crafted movie--it literally looks like if a SyFy Channel movie had a big budget, realistic effects, and was actually well made. But nothing has quite reached the heights of Jaws. I need a new Jaws-esque film that is well-crafted,  high brow, sophisticated, and has a feeling of dread, yet still maintains a fun, charming Blockbuster vibe.

Also, I think it's VERY VERY important to sort of undo the damage to sharks that Jaws caused back in 1975. A new film should address the fact that sharks aren't monsters or mindless killers, but are just animals trying to survive. And the chances of one actually attacking a human are HIGHLY unlikely. A new Jaws film should revolve around the idea that people are disrespecting sharks, their home (the ocean), and are acting upon prejudice ideas of them.

I'd love if Amity Island became an even bigger tourist spot (a theme park?) due to the infamous shark attacks in 1975 and they even glorify the attacks in a way (T-shirts with Bruce the shark on them and little Bruce plush toys, merchandise, etc.). When new shark attacks start to occur, it's due to the fact that the shark feels threatened, and is trying to either defend its home or even its babies. It's not killing because it's hungry, it's killing because people are taking advantage of the shark's home and are not being cautious. The shark is just trying to fight back to survive.

This concept trailer doesn't really support my vision of the film and is a bit more silly than intended, but I worked with what I had. I also brought back Richard Dreyfuss as Matt Hooper and threw Patrick Wilson in there just because it's Patrick Wilson.

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