Track Listing For Alan Silvestri's Soundtrack To Ready Player One Released

ready player one soundtrack track listing

The track listing for Alan Silvestri's soundtrack to Ready Player One has been released.  The two disc CD is released on 30th March, one day after the movie.

Here's the track listing.  As always be on your guard regarding spoilers and track listing titles so read on at your own risk, after all remember "Qui-Gon's Noble End"?

1 The Oasis
2 Hello, I'm James Halliday
3 Why Can't We Go Backwards
4 An Orb Meeting
5 Real World Consequences
6 Sorrento Makes An Offer
7 Welcome To The Rebellion
8 High 5 Assembles
9 Orbof Osuvox
10 Sorrento Punked
11 Wade's Broadcast
12 Arty On The Inside
13 Looking For A Truck
14 She Never Left
15 Last Chance
16 Get Me Out Of This
17 Hold On To Something
18 This Is Wrong
19 What Are You
20 There's Something I Need To Do
21 Ready Player One - Main Title
22 Ready Player One - End Credits

Label: DECCA
SKU: 0602567504009

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