New Ready Player One Promo Comes With Real Prizes

join the leaderboard ready player one

There's a new Ready Player One promo with a few extra juicy bits of footage.  But the best bit of the new promo is it brings with it a new competition.  Just like in the story by Ernest Cline, the studio is inviting you to 'join the leaderboard.'

By signing up on their dedicated website you can score points by tweeting posters and trailers for the movie.  The more you tweet the more points you get and the further up the leaderboard you go.  The prizes are pretty good too:

Copper Key: Atom Tickets – Enjoy movies on the big screen for free until 2045.

Jade Key: Spotify – Win codes for 27 years’ worth of Spotify Premium.

Crystal Key: Lyft – Let Lyft take you where you need to go until 2045.

You can enter each day to increase your chances of moving up the leaderboard and gaining one of the keys.  The contest ends on March 12th with the winners being announced in three stages: March 19th for the Copper Key winner, March 21st for the Jade Key winner, and March 26th for the Crystal Key winner.

Good Luck.

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