10 Tracks You Should Listen To During Rush Hour

From the world of movies and TV here are ten pieces of soundtrack music I think you should listen to during rush hour. So if you're in your car driving to work or walking through crowds of people block after block then the following music will fit the setting and help you beat the traffic. Just don't speed.

The Chase, Hans Zimmer - The Rock
Using his signature drum and base beat the track starts slow but builds into a frantic fast moving track that would be ideal moving between traffic. Just don't chase any Hummers through the streets of San Francisco.

Rush Hour, Mark Macina - Speed
Couldn't have a rush hour playlist without at least one from the movie Speed and its called Rush Hour. Like The Chase this uses a fast tempo and builds tension and brings a sense of urgency. Perfect if you are late for work.

London Chase, Trevor Rabin - National Treasure 2
This has the fastest beat of the entries so far and is a perfect piece of music to go with a chase scene. Now I hope you're not being chased but if you are then play this first to help you concentrate and don't steal the Declaration of Independence...Please.

Chase Through Coruscant, John Williams - Attack Of The Clones
I couldn't do a list on here without an entry from the master John Williams. From Attack Of The Clones, the scene is Anakin and Obi-Wan chasing a bounty hunter through the busy flying traffic of Coruscant. Another track with a slow build up but soon becomes frantic. Great use of the full orchestra as always from Williams and a nice touch half way through where the only instrument being used are the drums. Clever stuff.

A Pressing Need To Save The World, Murray Gold - Doctor Who Series 4
Moving away from the big screen now and our first visit to the small screen. This ones from Doctor Who and the excellent Murray Gold and the BBC National Orchestra Of Wales. This one is really worth listening to on a Monday morning. By the time its finished you will be fully awake and ready to tackle this timey wimey stuff. It also has a nice uplifting feel to the music so will put you in a good mood at the same time.

The Chase, Murray Gold and Ben Foster - Torchwood
Staying in the Doctor Who universe with the excellent spin off series Torchwood. This one is called The Chase and you can see why this is a perfect entry for this list. Now go find a black Range Rover and pretend you are following the Torchwood team. Another great piece where Murray Gold teamed up with Ben Foster. Fast paced and full of action, just like the show.

The Hunt: Going Green, Mark Macina - Twister
Back to movies now and Twister. Full of action packed scenes and storm chasing.  Of course the soundtrack was going to be quick paced so this was my pick from an excellent score by Mark Macina who, like Hans Zimmer seems to thrive on fast paced themes. Nice use of the electric guitar in this one track.

The Skateboard Chase, Alan Silvestri - Back To The Future
Now this is a classic that most movie fans will recognise instantly. A perfect track if you're avoiding pedestrians on your skateboard through a busy street.  Just watch out for carts full of manure.  I hate that stuff.

Hyperspace, John Williams - The Empire Strikes Back
Another classic and our second entry from John Williams. Hyperspace has a fast string tempo that really fits the thought of flying fast in your Falcon. Play this on your way to work and avoiding traffic just like asteroids.

Fratelli's Chase, Dave Grusin - The Goonies
Finally we have a classic piece of music to accompany a classic car chase scene. The Goonies. Need I say anymore? The Fratelli's chase scene at the beginning of the movie still brings a smile to my face every time I see it. Another perfect piece of music to listen to in your car while breaking out of prison.

Bonus Track
Desert Chase, John Williams - Raiders of the Lost Ark
Come on, it has to be included in a list like this.  A classic piece of music that is a perfect fit for rush hour.  Just don't go crawling under any trucks okay?  I'm not going to be held accountable for your actions.

There you have it.  Ten tracks plus a bonus one to get you to work on time.  Have I missed any out?  Which track would you recommend for rush hour?  Let us know in the comments.

Rob Wainfur