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Fan Favorite Hondo Ohnaka Moments by PATTY HAMMOND

star wars rebels hondu
Hondo Ohnaka (from top to bottom) makes an appearance in Star Wars: The Clone WarsStar Wars Rebels and LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures.  Image credit Lucasfilm Ltd

Since his introduction in the episode, Dooku Captured, Hondo Ohnaka, in true pirate fashion, steals EVERY scene he is in. Through Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels and LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures this tough, pragmatic, but honorable Weequay pirate has been a favorite among Star Wars fans. I asked some of these Star Wars fans what their favorite Hondo moments are. 
When Hondo captures Count Dooku, Anakin, and Obi Wan
star wars rebels hondu
Hondo talking to a captured Anakin, Dooku and Obi-Wan.  Image credit:
Chickaphant ‘s parental units via Facebook say it was a scene fromThe Clone Wars episode Gungan General that really helped Hondo become one of their favorite supporting characters in Star Wars.

 “While holding Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Dooku as hostages, Hondo shares a life lesson that he learned from his mother. She taught him that having one hostage is good, two is better, and three, well, that’s good business. It’s a reminder that no matter what good Hondo does for others, he’s still a businessman and pirate at his core.”

When Hondo meets with Plo Koon and Ahsoka
star wars rebels hondu
Hondo welcomes Plo Koon to Florrum.  Image credit
Blogger Eric Gijsbertus Onkenhout says the one moment that stands out is when Plo Koon and Ahsoka arrive on Florrum.

“Hondo tells them they’re walking into a trap and Assassin Aurra Sing is waiting for them in the bar. Hondo wants them to understand that he has nothing to do with whatever she has planned. This scene shows that Hondo actually has some humanity in his Weequay body.”

When Ahsoka and the Younglings rescue Hondo from General Grievous

star wars rebels hondu
Ahsoka and the Younglings with a captured Hondo. Image credit

Christopher Marino and Joe Pulford both agree that one of Hondo’s greatest moments is in The Clone Wars episode, A Necessary Bond. In this episode he went from planning to sell Ahsoka and the Younglings to the highest bidder to becoming allies in the face of an attack by General Grievous. Hondo not only allied with them to escape from Grievous and the Separatist Forces, but even helped one of the Younglings complete their first lightsaber.

Hondo vs “Crime Lords”, Maul and Savage Opress

star wars rebels hondu
Hondo conversing with ‘Crime Lord’ Darth Maul via hologram | Image credit
 Missy Ky’a believes that one of the BEST moments is when Hondo encounters Darth Maul and Savage Opress.  Maul was trying to use intimidation to take over Hondo’s pirate organization in The Clone Wars Season 5 episode, Revival. Hondo is defiant and goes out of his way to make things difficult for these two ‘Crime’ Lords during the attempted take over. 
When Hondo meets Ezra

star wars rebels hondu
Hondo talking to Ezra aboard The Broken Horn | Image credit
Laura Bryce via Facebook says that her favorite moment is when Hondo firsts meets Ezra in the Star Wars Rebels Season 2 episode, Brothers of the Broken Horn.

“He’s like a comedy actor in the ‘40’s, talking fast and slipping in little jokes that almost go by too fast. 

Hondo talks about Obi-Wan

star wars rebels hondu
Hondo talking to Ezra about his Jedi friend.  Image credit Netflix screenshot with CC on
Raynald Gobeil via Facebook says that his favorite moment is when Hondo tells Ezra about being friends with Obi-Wan…

“One of my best friends was a Jedi. I’m pretty sure we were friends.”

Hondo and Azmorigan fighting over treasure

star wars rebels hondu
Hondo and Azmorigan look upon their ‘treasure’
One of my favorite recent Hondo episodes is from the Star Wars Rebels episode The Wynkahthu Job.  The entire episode is about Hondo and Azmorigan fighting over the ‘treasure’ they found. The actual scene where the ‘treasure’ they acquired was opened is just priceless!

Too Many Hondo Moments

Patty meets Hondo at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.  Image credit Ryan Stämpfli
My husband, Michael, is unable to choose just one moment of Hondo. He says that the problem with picking one moment is that any scene or moment is a favorite Hondo moment.

“This character never fails or disappoints to bring humor whenever he is on screen.”

So are you a Hondo Ohnaka fan?

What are your favorite Hondo moments?

Note: This is an update to an article originally published on TheCantinaCast blog.

Patty Hammond is the Everyday Fangirl from Michigan. You can find her on Twitter @PattyBones2 or blogging at and a few other places, talking about Star Wars and much more!

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