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Diverse Fan Reactions to Rogue One - Guest Post By Patty Hammond

Diverse Fan Reactions to Rogue One - Guest Post By Patty Hammond

It has been almost a week since Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has been released and many reviews have been posted by a variety of media outlets.  Today, I want to share with you a variety of reactions to Rogue One from fans I know via social media.

I asked for short reactions, limited to two sentences, and will present them by their first name, their profession and what Generation they belong to.  Hopefully, you will enjoy these diverse reactions from my social media friends about Rogue One.

Greta, Retired, Baby Boomer Generation
Rogue One is a great addition to the Star Wars story, giving much more depth and urgency to ANH. But (sorry) it didn't grab me the way The Empire Strikes Back did.”

Kate, Marketing Professional, Millennial
“After the initial shock of a saga-less Star Wars I became increasingly more captivating by Rogue One. The emotional intensity, dazzling special effects and climactic ending cemented this film into a solid start for the first of many Star Wars stories to come.”

Amy, Mother/Direct Support Professional, Millennial
Rogue One was visually stunning, but some of the choices that the story made did not resonate with me. This film left me feeling defeated and emotionally exhausted and multiple viewings aren't going to happen for me.”

Pippa, Author, Generation X
Rogue One is a must-see for even non-Star Wars fans, but be prepared for gritty realism and tragedy. Dark, action-packed and no sugar coating: this is a true war film and will change your view of A New Hope forever.”

Viv, Writer, Generation X
“Rogue One was the prequel I wanted all those years ago, a story more about characters and struggle than set pieces and silliness. It is one with the Force.”

Christina, stay-at-home-mom, Millennial
“Rogue One was the prequel I always wanted because it answered all the questions I had at the beginning of A New Hope, but soon forgot because that story didn't require them. While not my favorite or least favorite Star Wars movie, it does fit perfectly with all the rest.”

Stewart, Marketing Manager, Millennial
“Rogue One mostly eschews the mythological and ramps up the reality, yet maintains that sense of Star Wars wonder. I felt as if I was living Rogue One in the cinema; I'm still living it after multiple viewings as I mainline Michael Giacchino's score and consume the related books.”

Connie, Teacher, Generation X
"I love all the nuances of Rogue One and believe that it's a worthy addition to the Star Wars mythology. My perspective of A New Hope is forever changed for the better because of Rogue One. 9/10 😊"
·       So what is your short opinion of Rogue One?

·       Can you boil all your feelings and emotions for this film down to two sentences?

You can add your short reviews to the comments!

Thanks to for hosting me again so soon! May The Force Be With You!

Patty Hammond (@pattyBones2) is the Everyday Fangirl from Michigan who has a disguise as a mild mannered data analyst.  Patty is very active in the Star Wars community. You can find her posting about Star Wars and much more on her blog and of course on Twitter @Pattybones2.

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